Diary Of A Wimpy Kid Dog days

Danielle Palin



The main charter, Greg isn't an out doors person he'd rather spend his time inside playing video games. When summer vacation starts his parents want Greg to start a sport and be outside more, But soon Greg finds a way he and his parents could both be happy. Greg starts going to a country club with his friend Rowly to start getting out more. what does Greg come up with to make him and his parents both happy?.. Does his plan work? or will it backfire on him?

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Two charters description

Greg Heffley is the main character and protagonist of the book. He worries about how popular he is and how he looks.

Rowley Jefferson is Greg's best friend. He has overprotective parents who dont like Greg's behavior, and think hes a bad influence. He usually does nonsense things that get Greg into trouble.

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This book takes place mainly at a country club that Rowley invites Greg to one summer day.


The conflict of this book is Greg thinks of summer vacation as a rules and care free summer, but his mom thinks of summer as activity filled and family time. Greg tries to find a way for his mom and him can both enjoy their summer. Greg looses trust in Rowley and his parents by lieing, and causing trouble. Greg's dad soon includes a new family member that isnt very well behaved. Greg's mom thinks Greg and his dad should bond more, so Greg's dad decides to take a interesting trip. Does the trip bring them closer? or does it pull them further apart?

About the author

The author is Jeff Kinney.Born on February 19, 1971, Jeff Kinney is an American writer. He is also a cartoonist, producer and game designer.Jeff grew up in Fort Washington, Maryland, United States where he attended the Bishop McNamara High School. As a kid he loved reading. He started working on The Diary of a Wimpy Kid sometime during 1998. But, it wasn’t published until 2007.
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