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- Yoga meditation is compared with immersion

Some thoughts can be compared with the clouds floating in the sky, which are sometimes snow-white and beautiful, sometimes-threatening and scary, but do not have to do with you freed from the power of thinking also helps to focus on a certain way, such as candles.

When the mind becomes silent, you will feel an incredible bliss, because the brain is at rest, and the entire nervous system relaxes, but while you are awake. Such a state is without meaning effectively promotes spiritual growth.

Meditating in the woods, under his care and protection, you will feel the passage of time. Yoga meditation is compared with immersion in that gap of time when you are not awake, but not yet asleep. It is in such a condition may have pre-feeling, anticipation - Providence. At this time, people visit every possible insight. Indian yogis notice that civilized man is extremely difficult to achieve a state of meditation.
After all, the modern world is overstrained and overloaded with unnecessary information, as people lose sensitivity to them, do not know their true desires and intentions.

Today, a person cannot exist in a state of rest, because I'm used to live in constant stress. In a comfortable and relaxed state of meditation, he immediately falls asleep. State of wakefulness is unusual for him, and in fact it is optimal for health, vitality and performance.