Trigonometry Project

Shona Swartz

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The photo above is the data collected from of weather from three cities. The three cities are Sydney, Australia; Marion, OH; and Nuuk, Greenland. Above America is expected to be cooler, while below is seen to be warmer. The information proves this claim.


1. The city with the lowest temperature is Marion and the city with the highest temperature is Sydney by 1 degree!

2. The cities have the lowest and highest temperature at different times because the seasons start differently depending on the earth's axis. Sydney's highest was in October, Marion's highest was in September, and Nuuk's highest in August.

3. The city with the most change in temperature would be Marion, and the least amount of change is in Sydney.

4. The graphs are the similar by the way the x and y axis are labeled and set up. They all have similar equations

They are contrasted because the three have different averages and temperatures.

5. They are different because of the distance from the equator and the tilt in axis, making temperatures vary. Therefore, the graphs will look different.