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Digital Flyers at a New Level


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What is Smore?

Smore (www.smore.com) is a way to create an online flyers and more. These flyers are dynamic and changeable. Smore flyers can include many types of media including videos. Smore allows its users to delete and add elements by simply dragging and dropping elements on or off your page.

Smore in Education

  • Extra curricular flyer
  • Announcements
  • Newsletters
  • Student report

What is Tackk?

With Tackk (www.tackk.com) you can engage students, improve collaboration and spark creativity. This web tool lets you create online flyers to communicate with video, images, and written content.

Tackk in Education

  • School/Teacher Newsletter
  • Class Assignment
  • Student ePortfolio
  • Book Report
  • Presentation


Gerjuan A. Gregory



Bridget Robinson



tiny.cc/tcea2016 (notes and ideas from sessions)