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You can't move forward with the weight of clutter holding you back.

There will always be change in life. WOW Organizing helps you make sense of change. Joining two lives together in marriage or adding children to the mix may require some attention to combining stuff. Separating the stuff happens with children leaving for college, divorce and even death in a family, and the emotional difficulty when faced with shedding of stuff.

It's all in a day's work for the WOW Organizing team! Owner and Chief Organizing Specialist Ann Custer works directly with clients to create a custom plan for their space. Then, the WOW Organizing team comes to work and transforms the overwhelm into a comfortable, easy to manage space. Packing before a move or unpacking to create a perfect start in a new home, the WOW Organizing team provides the support and professionalism for success.

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Our services are in your home or office and completely confidential. We serve southwestern Virginia from Lexington to Bristol, Lynchburg to Blacksburg. We also travel to Greensboro, North Carolina and west to Johnson City, Tennessee. We do our best to accommodate any schedule requirements, providing services 7 days a week, during the day and some evening hours.

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