The Four Men Gold Crazy

gold kills

The bottom of it all

The man has explained to the FBI what happend at noon yesterday he said that he had found a golden ball the size of a basketball . he showed it to the other men and they all said they wanted it the man said should i give it to the man who has more money the man said thank you an reached for it and then he said or should i give it to the man with more cloths. That man reached for it and then the two men got into a fight the last man said give it to me the man with the gold ball twisted around and the man who reached for it fell off of the side of the mountain that explains man one man two was killed by the man who was fighting with him .Man three was killed by the gold ball the FBI said how did that happen he said i just gave him the ball and he raised it above his head said i am the man three times and then i hit him in the stomach witch caused the man to drop it on his head. The man said i can not possibly go to jail for hitting a man can I