The Gompers GATOR Bulletin 11/11/19


Service to our Country and Community...Thank you Veterans!

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Thank you to all the local Lakewood Veterans who came out to our school acknowledgement of service you are appreciated!

This week's schedule times reminders.................

11/12 - Parent-Teacher Conf. - Minimum Day - all Grades (Last Day)

11/13 - Regular Schedule Times Resume

11/14 - Early Release for K-5 (only) Middle School On Regular Schedule

11/15 - Regular Schedule Times Resume

As a 70's child..I learned to be kind and humble from watching my friend Mr. Rogers.

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GATORS "create" new learning understandings with Technology

Throughout our school district, Superintendent Steinhauser has made available to all schools a process for giving away "refurbished Chromebooks" to families to use at home supporting their child's access to the technology online programs that are used at school. Technology is used daily for all content areas at Gompers.

1. Every family may enter through the google form below. **ONE form ENTRY per family***

2. Every family who attends their child's parent conference will receive an "additional entry" into the raffle for the opportunity to receive a "FREE CHROMEBOOK" to use at home.

11/12 - Girl's Basketball - Middle School Sports

When: Tuesday, 11/12

Where: Lindbergh Middle School

Time: 4:30pm

(Scrimmage Game)

Cookie Dough delivery is Wed. 11/13!!!

Check your child's backpack for specific pickup instructions!!

11/14 - PTA Meeting @ 6:00 - Library

Class of 2020 - 8th Grade EOY Activities - 1st Payment & Form Due 11/18

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Project Shepard....supporting our community in need

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11/22 - Achievement and Student Success Celebration

Students will be recognized in two areas:

1. Academic achievement (3.0 GPA) & progress in core content areas(Most Improved)-Quarter

2. Student of the month connecting to Guideline for Success: Responsibility Trait

9:00 - Grades K-5 (Grassy Area)

3rd period - 6th grade

5th period - 7th grade

6th period - 8th grade

Parents will receive notification from their child's teacher if they are being recognized.

Be in the Know as a Gomper's GATOR PARENT!!!

Did you access your middle school student's Report Card???

Parents may access the Report Card via PARENTVUE on November 8 for Quarter 1 progress.

PTA Membership "Grand Slam" Class Winners - 1st Incentive Membership Drive

Winners of our October Grand Slam membership contest are....




Thank you, families, for supporting PTA and Gompers school!

#PTASTRONG...We need you: join the PTA!!!

Did you know the GOMPERS PTA is one of the strongest in LBUSD and is seen as a model for other schools?

PTA Memberships:

$10 per member.....our goal is 600 memberships

PTA news can be found on:

1. Gompers PTA website

2. Gompers Facebook Page

3. Gompers email:

Our school functions GREATER for students when we are all working COLLABORATIVELY for its SUCCESS!!

Support our PTA through MEMBERSHIP DRIVE $10

Click the link to do the online process in 1, 2, 3 easy steps

Scholarly Dress Expectations - Notices to Non Adherence Begin

Scholarly Dress is the expectations for students at Gompers.

As discussed in August at the Orientations and Back To School Night, Scholarly dress is the expectation for Gompers Students.

I am saddened that the number of students not in the daily scholarly dress expectations is increasing. LBUSD is a uniform district for students in grades K-8, since 1994.

Please ensure your student(s) are in scholarly dress each day as they walk through the "gates of success".

Notices for noncompliance will begin.

CROSSWALKS are to be used at all times for pedestrain safety. Use them it is not safe to cross without

Eat Lunch with your child on Fridays

Come one and share some smiles with your child over lunch.

1. Sign in at the office

2. Receive a visitors sticker

3. Wait for your child at the benches with the lunch

4. Lunch Times:

1st - 11:25, 2nd & 3rd grade 11:35, 4th grade -11:45 and 5th grade 11:55, MS - 12:46

Please, No drop off of "special" lunches on Fridays, parents with the child for lunch..thanks!

Gompers and LBUSD NEWS

Parent-Teacher Conferences - Minimum Days

11 - November, Veteran's Day Holiday

13 - Cookie Dough

14 - Vision/Screening w/ Nurse (select grades)

16 - Track Meet/Middle School's Boy's Track @ Wilson HS

14 - PTA General Meeting

19 - PTA Board Meeting

22 - Kinder Native American Celebration - 10:45 - 12:15

22 - Student of Month & Q1/Progress Awards - all grades(assembly schedule)

25 - 29 - Thanksgiving Recess


2 - School Resumes

5 - Coffee Hour w/ Dr. Miller - Come here about all the 1st 60 Days of Progress in #GatorNation!

20-Last Day of School

Friendly Reminders....

No Phone ZONE - Once students walk "into the learning zone" of Gompers campus, electronic devices including cell phones are prohibited for USE at Gomper K8 Community. Students are asked to leave all such devices at home. If students need to use a phone in an emergency, they may use the office phones.

Phones are out they will be confiscated by the teacher and returned to parent ONLY.

*Food Deliveries

  • Deliveries

  • Students Are Not Permitted To Bring Balloons, Birthday Signs, Cakes, Gifts, Toys, Stuffed Animals, Etc.

  • Classrooms will not be permitted to do birthday celebrations during the instructional day

  • Students Are Not Allowed To Sell Snack Items, Such As Chips, Chocolates Or Any Other Candy On Campus.