George Balanchine

Contemporary choreographer


George was born in Georgi Melitonovitch Balanchivadze in Russia. He was accepted into Inperial Theater School for ballets at nine years old. He graduated in 1921 and went to corps de ballet of the Maryinsky. He had a head start with music in his life with his dad as a well known composer. He then went to the Petrograd Conservatory of mMusic. There, he began composing music for three years. This musical experienced helped him as a coreographer. He began choreographing many dances as a teen which continued as he grew. Diaghilev hired George as a ballet master after he left Bronislava Nijinska. When Diaghilev died, Gerge made nine ballet school which included Apollon Musageté and Prodigal Son. He made a movie, directed plays and me many talent agents. He has done many things that have influenced modern dance of today.

Modern Dance

Modern Dance was starting in America before the 20th century. This was started when people went against the two traditional dance styles: ballet and vaudeville. Loie Fuller, Isadora Duncan, Ruth St. Denis and Ted Shawn are called the founders of American modern dance.

George at work

Dances Choreographed

- Symphony In Three Movements

- Waltz and Adagio

- Prodigal Son

- La Sonnambula

- The Nutcracker

And more!