Canada in 2060

what will Canada look like in 2060

Canada is a very diverse country it houses many people with different belifes and cultures. But as Canada grows older many people will grow older and move on in their lives while others will have an adventure ahead of them. This raises a question. What will Canada look like in 2060?

current state in canada

Canada is one of the most diverse country's in the world. This allows Canada to have a good reputation and it allows people to come to Canada as immigrants. Canada is allowing 250,000 immigrants this year. Canada has also started to let in reffuges. These immigrants come from many country's. The 3 main immigrants come from China, Philippines and india.

Canada's population in 2060 is estimated to be 45,530,000 people.


Canada has had a lot of immigration over the past 25 years but mostly from parts of Asia and Africa since there are a lot of developing countries int those continents. Canada has many different type of immigration. But most were economic immigrants which were 24,286 in 2014.


Canada has more girls then boys in almost every age group in 2014.

  • Canada population has increased only by 2.3 million in 6 years
  • Canada's population will grow 25 million more at the rate right now.

2060 population and technology.

Using information from the present we can make an guess that. Canada's population will grow. And that the death rate and birth rate will stay stable and won't go into a dramatic drop or high. The technology of 2060 will most likely help stop the population from decreasing. Because new technology is being used and many more things are being discovered.


In conclusion Canada will look better in 2060 due to population growth and technology advancing