The School For Good and Evil

The Last Ever After


In the School For Good and Evil the Last Ever After, by Soman Chainani, the plot revolves around Sophie and Agatha battling for the one thing they both want most... Love. In the School for Good and Evil trilogy, than Sophie and Agatha, best friends from the Reader World, are snatched away to the School for Good and Evil. They expect Sophie, with her beautiful blond hair, blue eyes, kindness, and obsession over princes, to go to the School for Good, and Agatha, with her greasy black hair, bug eyes, and the fact that she lives in a graveyard and doesn't talk to anyone, to go to the School for Evil. But Sophie ends up at the School for Evil learning Uglification and Curses, while Agatha ends up learning Beautification and Good habits. In the second book, then the School Master comes back, ending up to be evil, and steals Sophie away to be his queen. In the beginning of the the Last Ever After, then Sophie is having doubts about being the school master's queen. Meanwhile, Agatha and her Prince, Tedros (Who Sophie also loves), Son of KIng Arthur of Camelot, are cramped up in Gavalodon, the Reader World. They aren't supposed to be there, so they have to hide out with Agatha's mom. The School for Good and Evil the Last Ever After is a great book, filled with action, love, friendship, and promises.


My favorite part of the Last Ever After is when Agatha, Tedros, Sophie, Hort, Hester, Anadil, Dot, and the League hide out and practice training with Merlin. I like that Cinderella is a lot like Agatha, because she actually didn't want to go with her prince. Instead she wanted to be with her stepsisters because, like Agatha and Sophie, they loved each other, and didn't want boys to get in the way. I also like how Sophie calls Agatha "Aggie" and how Dot can turn things to chocolate.


I didn't like how Rafal could be so tempting to Sophie, or how Aric was going to be allowed to kill his mother just because she loved him. Personally, I would like to know who my mom was if I were him, rather than spend his whole life wondering who she was and why she left him. And I really didn't like how Sophie could be taken into Rafal's grasp of love so easily. I think she should realize sooner how bad he is. Sophie's smart enough to know that what she and Rafal have isn't love because it's cold, not warm like Good love.

Favorite Character

My favorite character has got to be Dot because, for one, she can turn things to chocolate! Dot also finds courage when Hester is making fun of her for being fat. She tells Hester that she only makes fun of her because Hester feels bad about herself. Fortunately, Hester treats her better after that. My other favorite character is probably Agatha because she has to make some tough decisions and she always chooses the right thing.


My connection was a text to self connection. When Agatha and Sophie discover how deeply they're really related, then I thought about me and my twin. Even though we're not futernal, we're still twins just like Agatha and Sophie discovered they were.

Why Would You Recommend This Book To Another Reader?

I would recommend the School for Good and Evil the Last Ever After to someone if they like stories packed with action, friendship, love, and adventure. Don't read this book if you don't want to read every spare second of your time to reading to find out what happens next.