December 16, 2021

Wildcat Adventures

Celebrating Our Habit Heroes

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A Note of Thanks from our PTO

Our Stettin Elementary school community is amazing! Thank you so much for everyone's kindness and generosity this holiday season with our Toys for Tots donation drive. Thanks to you, children in our community will receive these toys and help them enjoy the holiday season. Happy Holidays Everyone!
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In Place of Traditional Snow Days

Earlier this week you received a message from the WSD with regard to our plans for Inclement Weather Days. The message can be read by clicking on the button following this text section.

Here are a few additional specifics as related to Stettin:

*We will do our best to be proactive should inclement weather be predicted and send home all necessary materials including student iPads and classroom materials. This is also why we will be sending student iPads home on a daily basis for all students.

*All students should plan to attend a classroom google meet at 9:00 am and 1:00 pm. Each google meet will last approximately 15 minutes. Google meet codes for each classroom will be shared through your class Seesaw.

*During the live google meet, classroom teachers will check in with students, explain the learning activities that students will be completing for the day and answer any questions that there may be.

*Each grade level will be assigned one encore activity through Seesaw. The grade level the child is in will determine what encore activity will be assigned. This activity will be something that students can complete on their own and should take about 15-20 minutes to complete.

*Depending on the child’s grade level additional learning activities will be assigned by the classroom teacher that a child should complete asynchronously/independently during the day. For K-2 this will be approximately an additional 15 minutes and for grades 3-5 this will be about 75 additional minutes.

*We understand that on inclement weather days, internet connections may not always be working. Please do your best to connect to the google meet, when possible. Also, if you are in need of a hot spot, you may check one out through our library. Please contact Ms. Gaskey, our librarian for more information.

Virtual Learning Days in Place of Traditional Snowdays

Click here to read about the Virtual Learning Plans for Inclement Weather Days.

Let's Have Some Fun Together!

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Vision Screening at Stettin

Our WSD Health Aides have been trained and will be conducting Vision Screening for all of our students this year. Our Stettin Health Aide, Mrs. Dallman, will begin the screening process with one class at a time.

If you wish to exclude your child from this free screening, please contact Mrs. Dallman in the Health Room at 715-261-0209.

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Nominations are now being accepted from parents and teachers of second through fifth grade students in need of gifted and talented evaluations. Parents and teachers are welcome to nominate students who are currently achieving at a high level in mathematics and/or reading, approximately at the top 5% of the class. Please note, students cannot be tested in consecutive years. Teachers have already nominated some students for these evaluations. If you have already completed a Permission to Evaluate for Gifted and Talented Identification Form, no further steps need to be taken. Students who are already identified as gifted and talented do not need to be re-evaluated.

Parents whose second through fifth grade child has not been previously nominated as gifted and talented and who feel that they have a high achieving child may pick up a Permission to Evaluate for Gifted and Talented Identification Form with the Parent Inventory Form on the back from the school office. Nominations from parents are due by January 14, 2022.

When the completed parent forms are returned to the school office, each student will be scheduled for several assessments. These will be done sometime during the school day. These assessments, along with other test data, will provide the district with a student profile. This profile will help determine whether or not a child meets the District’s guidelines for gifted and talented identification. The assessment review is expected to be completed in May and the results will be shared before the end of the school year.

The Wausau School District recognizes that appropriate instructional challenge is needed for all students regardless of ability. The GT identification process is one way to help us provide for the educational needs of high ability students. Should you need further information, please contact your building’s GT Learning Resource Teacher or Tammy Steckbauer, Coordinator for Gifted and Talented, at 715-261-0220.





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Las nominaciones por parte de padres y maestros de estudiantes de segundo a quinto grado que necesitan evaluaciones de dotados y talentosos están siendo aceptadas. Padres y maestros están invitados a nominar a estudiantes que están rindiendo a un alto nivel en matemáticas y / o lectura, y que están aproximadamente en el 5% superior de la clase. Tenga en cuenta que los estudiantes no pueden ser evaluados en años consecutivos.

Los profesores ya han nombrado a algunos estudiantes para estas evaluaciones. Si ya ha completado un Permiso para Evaluar o Forma de Identificación de Dotados y Talentosos, no hay otra cosa que deba hacer. . Los estudiantes que ya han sido identificados como dotados y talentosos no tienen que ser re-evaluados .

Los padres de niños de segundo a quinto grado que no han sido nominado previamente como dotados y talentosos y que sienten que tienen un niño con alto rendimiento puede recoger un Permiso para Evaluar o Forma de Identificación de Dotados y Talentosos con el Formulario de Inventario de los Padres en la parte posterior en la oficina de la escuela. Las nominaciones de los padres deben ser entregadas antes del 14 de enero de 2022.

Cuando los formularios completados se hayan devuelto a la oficina de la escuela, cada estudiante será programado para varias evaluaciones. Estos se llevarán a cabo en cualquier momento durante el día escolar. Estas evaluaciones, junto con otros datos de prueba, proporcionarán al distrito un perfil del estudiante . Este perfil le ayudará a determinar si un niño cumple con las normas del Distrito para la Identificación de Dotados y Talentosos. Se espera que la revisión de la evaluación se complete en Mayo y estos resultados se harán saber antes de que finalice el año escolar.

El Distrito Escolar de Wausau reconoce que son necesarios desafíos educacionales apropiados para todos los estudiantes independientemente de sus capacidades. El proceso de identificación de GT (Dotados y Talentosos) es una manera de ayudarnos a prever las necesidades educativas de los alumnos de alta capacidad. Si necesita más información, por favor póngase en contacto con el maestro de Recursos de Aprendizaje GT (Dotados y Talentosos) de su edificio o Tammy Steckbauer, Coordinadora de Dotados y Talentosos, al 715-261-0220.

COVID-19 Testing - an Option for WSD Families

The Wausau School District is now offering free PCR COVID-19 testing to all students, staff, and even their immediate family members.

Testing is now available, on a limited basis in a mobile unit. Below you will find a schedule that shows where the unit will be and when. Then, starting closer to December, ‘Wellness Cottages’ will open up on each school campus in the District, where that testing will be done. The cottages are currently being built.

Everyone who would like to receive that free test must fill out a consent form. The consent form for students is available below, it’s also available on our website.

It’s imperative that you know the District will not test students without parental consent. Instructions for registering your child to receive testing are below. Once parents and guardians fill out the consent form, they must return it to their child(ren)’s school.

All staff and immediate family members of students and staff who would like to receive that free testing, will give consent either at the mobile unit or at the Wellness Cottages when they open up.

You should also know this is all being done at absolutely no cost to the Wausau School District. In fact, the Department of Health Services is paying for it all -- including the testing of students, staff, and their immediate family members, along with paying for the staff who will administer the tests, the mobile unit, and the construction of the Wellness Cottages.

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Important Dates

December 23-January 2: No School (Winter Break)

January 10: Grade 2 to Grand Theater

January 14: Early Dismissal Elementary Schools (11:30am)

January 17: No School (Professional Learning Day for Teachers)

January 21: Grade 4 to Grand Theater

Visitors to Stettin

When you visit us at Stettin between 8:00-4:00, we ask that you use the Main Entry. In efforts to keep our students safe, all visitors are greeted at the front door through out intercom system. Mrs. Steffen, Mrs. Halvorsen, or Mrs. Dallman will welcome you inside.

You will be asked to stop at the office to register as a visitor and receive your visitor badge.

The first time you visit, you will be asked for a driver's license as part of our security procedures. Subsequent visits will not need a driver's license.

Thank you for your help in keeping our students safe.

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Click here for our Stettin Family Handbook

A comprehensive guide to life at Stettin.

What's for breakfast and lunch each day?

Our breakfast and lunch menus can be found on the following link All nutrition information regarding the menus can be found on this link as well.

Lunch and Playground Times

Kindergarten 11:20-12:00

Grade 1 11:30-12:10

Grade 2 11:35-12:15

Grade 3 12:00-12:40

Grade 4 12:05-12:45

Grade 5 12:15-12:55

Do you have questions about the bus?

We are happy to help you when we can at school.

Many times, however, First Student Bus Company is your best first contact.

Phone: 715-842-2268
FAX: 715-845-3155

Our 2021-2022 Stettin Staff


Kelly Meeks

Taylor Prososki

Grade 1

Cassie Zipp

Kristie Butler

Haley Ramcheck

Grade 2

Beth Gruber

Ashley Langbecker

Grade 3

Timille Johnson

Grade 4

Kelly Brandt

Thomas Dziadosz

Grade 5

Mark Sepnafski

Taylor Schlinkmann

Special Education

Amanda Jacobson

Jill Kleman

Kristen Rexford

Speech and Language

Meghan Oselka


Kara Lee



Shanna Henriksen


Chelsey Gilbert


Sam Ward

Physical Education

Vickie Christianson

Library Media Specialist

Julie Gaskey

Pupil Services

School Counselor

Nicole Melander

School Social Worker

Jennifer Graf

School Psychologist

Hallie Beal

Health Aide

Krista Dallman

Nutrition Services

Tammy Lease

Erin Niewolny


Dale Sann

Kathy Maurisak, Angela Cook

Administrative Assistant

Mary Steffen


Kelly Halvorsen


Jenny Schneider, Michael Czech, Nicole Williams, Xang Lee, Matt Pijan, Joann Klement, Dawn Deuitch, Katie Matyasz, Shanti Hawley

WSD and Stettin Web Pages

We have recently updated our website and are currently in the process of rebuilding and improving our district and school site. Thank you for your patience as we work to be build a user-friendly and helpful site.
The Wausau School District does not discriminate on the basis of race, age, color, religion, national origin, ancestry, creed, pregnancy, marital status, parental status, sexual orientation, sex (including transgender status, change of sex or gender identity), or physical, mental, emotional, or learning disability (“Protected Classes”).
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