Tiger Sharks

Have you ever wanted to learn about a cruel beast? Well now here are most of the facts of the menacing tiger shark. You may think that they are vicious because all you hear about them is the attacks that happen, but thats not true. Sure they cause attacks but they only attack when they feel they are in danger because we make them feel in danger. So if we don’t make them feel in danger, for instance to stop killing them just for tourists to feel safe, then maybe the attacks will go down.


This one time a fisherman was fishing and a shark followed him to the shore because he had fish and when the shark saw the people it thought that they were fish and went after them, later this swimmer named Dececco said, “By the time the fisherman came up with the shark everyone was running--Tiger Sharks you don’t want to mess with them.” For example the reason sharks go for humans is because our skin looks like fish so that is why they attack us. In addition there is no pattern on when the tiger sharks attack us. Also when the sharks produce in the winter there is a bigger risk of shark attacks in the summer. Even though the population in winter increases it is still rare for a shark attack. Shark attacks don’t happen in the same spot every time, one time a shark attack could be 500 yards offshore and the next time it could be 70 yards offshore,before there is no pattern in when and where the sharks attack.

Tourist Act like Food to Sharks

Scientist say that tiger sharks may spend more time at the Maui beaches than any other Hawaiian island, because of all the tourist that go to the Maui beaches.

What They Eat and When

Tiger sharks eat any type of fish, shark or small animal that it can find in the water. Also they are very curious so they will bite or eat anything that gets in their way. For example you can sometimes find pieces of ships/boats in the tiger sharks stomach.


Tiger sharks have a very big appetite so they will even eat when and if they are not hungry, because they think they will like the thing that goes in front of them even though they are not hungry.

When They can Reproduce

Female tiger sharks are ready to reproduce when they are only 8 years old.Male tiger sharks are ready to produce when they are 6-7 years old, that is very young but if they did not reproduce at that age the tiger sharks would be close to extinction.


Female tiger sharks can have 10-80 pup’s at a time, female sharks have to have that much pup’s so there can be a bigger population. Baby shark(s) are called pup(s), because they are like puppy dogs just that they are sharks.

Hunted and Killed

The tiger sharks are hunted in Hawaii so that the tourist will go swim in the water at the hotels and so that business will rise. Also when the tiger sharks attack the people they are killed, because the people think that if they kill them now they won’t have to deal with them later and the shark attacks will go down, but that is not true even with a huge population of sharks, shark attacks are very rare.

Vitamin A

The tiger sharks are killed and some of their fat is used for vitamin A. So the next time you eat or drink something with vitamin A think of the sharks that were killed for it, when the next time vitamin A saves your life think of the sharks that provided it. It is still sad that they are used for vitamin A.

Would you enjoy a swim in the beautiful sea? Do you like observing sharks for fun? If so, you should definitely get to know the tiger shark. You may think that they are cruel and just attack on sight but that is not the reason why. They only attack because they feel they are in danger so if you just watch them and not try to harm them, then maybe you can have some fun with them. I know that I would love to go and swim with a beautiful tiger shark with the protective gear, of course. Have you ever heard the two quotes that are “Be the change you want to see in this world.” -Gahndi and “Unless someone like you cares a whole awful lot nothing is going to get better it’s not.” -The Lorax, well those quotes mean a lot because if you don’t change the way that tiger sharks are being treated then one day they might not be here anymore so think about it, without the tiger sharks the world would be a way different place, so the next time you see someone or hear about someone that is killing the tiger sharks think of those two quotes and make things right!