Twelfth Night Vs. She's the Man

Anne Folloso and Mari Todua- 5th Period

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The purpose is to show the differences and similarities between "She's the man" and "Twelfth night".

Twelfth Night

She's the Man

Elements of Shakespearean Comedy

Happy Ending

-In the movie Duke forgives Viola's lies and they ended up together in the debutante party.

- In the play, The siblings, Viola and Sebastian, realized that they both survived the ship wreck. Viola and Duke ended up together and so did Olivia and Sebastian. Duke announces double wedding between him, Viola, Olivia and Sebastian "A solemn combination, on shall be made of our dear souls"(page 39)
- They're similar because at the end of both the movie and the play, Everyone is coupled up and happy. The difference is that in the movie Monique and Malcolm are together but in the play Malvolio is left alone and furious.

Complex Plot

- When Sebastian arrives Viola doesn't know about it. Olivia kisses the real Sebastian and Duke sees everything. The next day Viola wakes up and everything has changed.
- Cesario is accused of fighting with sir Andrew " The court's gentlman, one Cesario: we took him for a coward, but he's the very devil incardinate" says sir Andrew (page 36). Meanwhile Olivia keeps saying that she married Cesario " Weither, my lord? Cesario husband stay." But Viola doesn't remember doing any of these,
- Movie and Play are similar because in both of them Viola was forced to say the truth to untangle herself from all the misunderstanding. The difference is that in "The Twelfth Night" Olivia marries Sebastian and in the movie she doesn't.

Comedy Ladder

-Low Comedy

Twelfth Night

Sir Toby belch talks about Cesario "Will you help? an ass-head and a coxcomb and a knave, a thin-faced knave, a gull!" (page 36)

She's the Man

Low comedy includes slapstick and in the movie "She's the man" there was a scene when viola was playing soccer with the guys and the ball hits hers lower part and everyone else in the soccer team was shocked at her reaction since they all thought it's going to hurt because everyone thought she was a boy.


Twelfth Night

When Antonio sees Viola and Sebastian together, he says "How have you made division of yourself? An apple, cleft in two, is not more twin than these two creatures. Which is Sebastian?" (page 32)

She's the Man

The movie "She's the Man" is mostly a farce comedy since the main plot is about mistaken identity where viola pretended to be her brother to join the boy's soccer team.


Twelfth Night

Malvolio thought that Olivia wrote a letter to him "This simulation is not as the former and yet to crush this a little it would bow to me for every one of these letters are in my name. Soft here follows prose." (page 20)

She's the Man

Comedy of Manners is when writers criticize foolishness of an individual. An example in the movie "She's the man" is when the students criticize eunice because of her weirdness.


Twelfth Night

An example of the comedy of ideas is when Malvolio thought that Olivia wrote him a letter that says "this simulation is not as the former and yet to crush this a little it would bow to me for every one of these letters are in my name. Self here follow propose" (Page 20)

She's the Man

An example of comedy of idea is when they criticize the principal who seems like an idiot. You will think that the principal will seem strict but in the movie the principal is represented as someone who couldn't understand things very clearly.