By: Oscar D. Gutierrez


The capital of Chile is Santiago. There is over 17,000,000 million people who live there.But don’t worry, it’s area is 291,930 sq miles (756,096 km). Chile’s climate has a wide range of weather conditions across a large geographic scale, extending across 38 degrees in latitude, making generalizations difficult.Chile's wildlife is filled with animals and plants, a condition is attributed to the country's slender and elongated shape, which spans a wide range of latitude, and also its altitude, ranging from the windswept coastline of the Pacific Coast on the west to Northern Andes to the Sub-Antarctic, high Andes mountains in the east. Chile also has wonderful tourist destinations which are; Easter Island, San Pedro de Atacama, Chile’s Lake District.They're all wonderful with such beauty. Although, Chile has the most driest place on Earth. On the bright side, 1 Peso equals 1 dollar in USA money. Interestingly, the government of Chile is a republic government.But don't worry, it is not dangerous. So come on down and visit Chile for SPRING BREAK!

The Flag of Chile

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The Color Meaning

Blue- stands for the sky and Pacific Ocean.

Red- blood and sacrifices of those who died in honor, so Chile could have independence.

White- stands for the snow-covered Andes.

Star- Represents the progress and pride of the Nation.

Chile's Money

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Tourist Destinations

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Chile's Wildlife