Lisboa, is in the south-west of Portugal,in Europe.It is the most big city in Portugal.

It has got approximately 547.773 inhabitants.And it is the richest city in Portugal.

About the weather an dclimate,Lisboa has got a mediterranean climate.It is one of the warmest cities of Europe.It has cold and windy winters and sunny summers with 28ºC.

Lisboa is a modern city.It was founded 3.000 years ago.It has lots of monuments to see.Lisboa was famous because of its lettuce crops.And because it is in the north of the Tajo.

You can see monuments like:

The Santuario de Fátima.

There are lots of colour lights.It is a very colourful city.

There are lots of things to do in Lisboa.Because of its low prices,you can visit lots of museums.You can also practise acuatic sports in the sea.

The main industry is tourism and electronics.

I thnk Lisboa is a fantastic place.Come and enjoy it!

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