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Area of Bald Head Island

I believe my plot of land is almost one square mile and here's why:

Side Measures of plot:

a= 2.9

b= 2.6

c= .73

In order to find the area, I must find one angle on the plot of land. To do this I must use the law of cosine.

Law of cosine

a^2=b^2+c^2-2(b)(c)cos A

2.9^2= 2.6^2 + .73^2 - 2(2.6)(.73) cos A

8.41= 7.2929-3.796cosA

subtract 7.229 on both sides

1.12= -3.796cosA

Divide both sides by -3.796

-.295=cos A


Angle A is equal to 107.16 degrees

Now that we have an angle, lets use Trig area formula to solve for the area

A=.5 ab sin x


= .9067 square miles almost one square mile

This proves that I own almost a square mile of Bald Head Island, which is prime real estate in North Carolina and has a beautiful view of the Atlantic Ocean. For buyers, this plot makes up most of Bald Head Island and you can see this by the image below. This plot includes shops, trails, and even a lighthouse. I do indeed own almost a square mile of Bald Head Island which makes up most of the Island. My land does not include marsh or beaches so the land is great to build on. I am selling this land for 8 million dollars because of its prime location. If you are looking to invest in this land, this land would have a great return if created into a resort area. If you are interested in the property, please call at (886)-262-5676.

Here Is A Picture of My Plot of Land at Bald Head Island, NC

Big image

Additional Info

If you are having difficulty seeing the picture clearly, follow this link to see the image better.,-77.986453,5342m/data=!3m1!1e3!4m2!5m1!1b1