Btown Elementary

5th Grade

Current Units of Study

Math: Whole Number Computation

Science: How Matter Changes

Social Studies: Civil War

Reading/ELA: Informational Writing & NonFiction Reading, Verbs

The Book Fair is Coming Soon!

Parents, the book fair will be here for our family event on Monday November 20th. The family event is from 5-8pm. Come join your child to see their work that has been displayed in the classroom, and also check out the awesome book fair that is coming to town! You will be able to purchase or order any book that the fair offers. We will also have drinks and snacks provided! We look forward to seeing each of you!


  • November 12th and 13th—Early Dismissal for Parent Conferences
  • November 21st—early dismissal
  • November 22nd and 23rd —No School, Thanksgiving Holiday
  • November 30th- Field Trip
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Parent Teacher Conferences

Parents, keep in mind parent/teacher conferences are coming up! These meetings will not be very long because I know all of you are very busy. The conferences are simply to go over your child's progress, and to celebrate all the wonderful tasks your child has completed! If you have not signed up there is still time! Feel free to email me and we will get you scheduled! My email is listed at the bottom of this newsletter along with my phone number!

Practice Makes Perfect!

Students, I know you all love to play games! So, I have attached a link to a website that is full of fun brain games! The more you practice the better you are! You can get your parents to play these with you if you would like! One night this week I will assign this website for homework; therefore, I recommend checking it out to familiarize yourself!

What's Happening at School?

Last week we had an indoor field trip with a surprise visitor. The surprise visitor was Serengeti Steve! He brought many interesting animals that the students were able to interact with! Here are a few photos from the day! I have many more that I will put on our website for all parents to see!

Contact Information

Parents feel free to contact me for any questions or concerns!