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Monday January 18th 2016

Principal's Message

Welcome back from your long weekend. I hope everyone had a restful day off. Please take a few moments to review the the reminers below about attandance, duty, and attendance for credit.

Take a few moments this week to revisit your Respect Agreements with your students and reinforce the behaviors and expectations that both you and your students have set for your classroom.

Have a fantastic week!


Attendance must be submitted each period. Please submit your attendance within the first 10 minutes of class.

Duty Reminder

Please remember to be at your duty post by 7:55. This will allow us to get students in out of the cold in a timely manner.

Attendance for Credit Procedures

Many students have been placed on Attendance for Credit Plans. They are given one week (in most cases) to meet with you, attend the required tutoring, and return the completed documentation to Mrs. Heathcote.

Please work with these students when they bring you the Attendance for Credit Log Sheet. Students must attend tutoring that is based on TEKS that they have missed. The work must also be completed at school (please do not send a packet home with them). Once they complete the work they will need to submit it along with the Attendance for Credit Log. You also have the option of working with your team to decide who will do tutoring. The tutoring does not have to be with the teacher or record, but it should be with a teacher certified in the area the student needs tutoring.

Feel free to send me an email or stop by my office if you have any questions! (


Huge THANKS to Ms. Sevcik and Mr. Backes who stepped in to help at 6th grade intake when we were short a few people. They jumped right in without being asked!

-- Stockard Showcase --

-- Coaches' Corner --

We would like to give a BIG SHOUT OUT to all PLC's! Team leads did an excellent job making sure PLC time was productive for their team members.

This week your CIC's are working on the following tasks:

**Interim Assessments Blueprints**

(Please send any TEKS you would like to include to your Coach)

**Data Wall**

(Send ideas our way! Come by our office to share data walls you've seen that work!)

**Co - Teaching**

**AVID Walks**

**Classroom Observations Look Fors: Collaborative Work and Small Group Instruction**

Engage or Explore Activity Idea

Ted Talks are an excellent way to introduce new material! You can introduce a concept with a TED talk to engage them. For an explore activity students would watch the video and take Cornell notes. You could even have them develop their own Essential Question about the topic!

The AVID Review

Costas Levels Of Questioning

Email your Coach how you taught your students different levels of questions using Costas!

Invite your Coach to see how students regularly use higher higher level thinkg questions in your class!

Costa's Quiz

Upcoming Events:

Tuesday, January 19 Professional Development - PLCs & Math Teachers MSTAR Training
Thursday, January 22 - STAAR WARS Extended Day Tutoring begins. Speak with Mr. Conner for details.