September Team News vol.2

A Big Month for our Team! *UPDATED POST MEETING!*

Ducks in a Row

This month we are going to try to promote! What does that mean for you? PRIZES!!! Here is the story, I need five of my personal recruits and a total of ten in my downline (personal or otherwise) to be engaged this month. How does one become engaged? You just need to submit $250 in sales. Once you have $250 in sales your name goes in the running for the prizes! Want another chance at the prizes? YES!!! Whenever someone signs up under you and submits $250 they are entered to win AND you get another chance to win!

Update: I'm 2 personal recruits and 3 overall away from promoting as of Monday! You get prizes when I promote! :)

What can you win??

August Recognition

Meeting Topics: Customer Care, Plastics, Bookings, & Recruiting!!

Maintaining Your All-Important Customer Base

The heart of our business is our customers. The reason we can do what we do is our customers. What should be one of our tip top priorities?! Connecting with our customers!!!

  • Customer Care Calls!!! The focus is on the CUSTOMER! Your goal should be to brighten their day and connect with them on a personal level. Ultimately your goal is NOT to make a sale get a booking!!
  2. Be curious about THEM! Ask them what they like about their products, if they have a favorite, or any favorite uses. Joke with them if they haven't used it yet. (Offer to send an idea list if they need suggestions how to use anything.)
  3. If things are going well (And you will be able to feel them out if they just want to get off the phone with you) you can offer them an EXCLUSIVE discount just for answering the phone for you! (Or for calling you back!) 15%? A discounted sale is more in your pocket than nothing, right?! And a happy customer is a more loyal customer. Remember, your goal is to make your customer happy!
  4. You can offer an EXCLUSIVE booking discount! Something you can afford: $25 shopping spree when the party is held, an item you have extra on hand...

New Vision to Reduce Plastics

  • Americans use 1.6 Million Straws a Day
  • Straws are one of the top ten most common plastics consumed by sea life
  • The average lifespan of plastic bag is 15 minutes
  • 1500 water bottles are used every second
  • 5% of plastics are recycled
  • 50% of plastics end up in landfills

Infographic life cycle of a water bottle!

Another great video


These tips are taken as a summary from Deanna Kantola's presentation at conference! Find the whole thing HERE! Deanna is a Red Jacket in the Grand Rapids area who is also on the Dream Team. And a real classy lady!

1) Reconnect with your top Customers & Hostesses: phone or email

2) Customer Care Calls: Call everyone 2 weeks post party!

3) Ripple Effect Warm Call Report: Call everyone who clicked on the specials! Set a Reminder in your calendar so you remember to personalize your message every month.

4) Facebook Messages – Statistics show that 1 out of 10 will say yes, so I made myself do 10 messages. Keep it personal, keep it short, keep it simple. .

No, mass messaging!

“Hi Jeanna! I thought of you! I wondered if you’d be interested in escaping the madness for a bit and gather your friends together for a Norwex Party next month? Girl time…excuse to get together! Let me know what you think.

Verbiage is important here - Escape, get together, girl time, “Next month” takes the pressure off.

**The Tag Team is a great training source that I learned a lot from their bookings without using the phone session. Super helpful!

5) FRANK list! Ask people--take on the 100 No Challenge! It seriously gave me so many bookings I had to stop before I hit 100! My sales went from around $1000 to $3000 and up!!

6) Fundraisers! Someone who may not do a party might say yes for their favorite cause or charity!



“I help people have healthy homes by teaching them a way to clean that is not only better for their health but also for the health of their family. I show people how to reduce home pollution by getting chemicals out of their homes.”

30 Second – I help people get rid of chemicals in their home by using Norwex cloths. Have you used Norwex microfiber with water?

9) Stack the Guest at your parties!!

10) Booking Bags

11) Discover Your Passion and Don't Forget Your Purpose!!!

Recruiting Seeds

Here are some ideas we had about how to make the most of the September FREE YOURSELF offer from Norwex!

  • The hostess specials are amazing! I love giving away free stuff for my job!
  • I love that I get to help people get excited about cleaning--how many people can say that?!
  • My job is to party! How amazing is that?!
  • Share YOUR story and how you can relate to the skepticism guests felt, and look at you now! (I was on that couch in _________ and now I'm up here--it is that incredible and easy!)

Share your ideas in the comment section below! What a great month to share the opportunity and build your team with the INCREDIBLE Free Yourself offer!!! I was a "kit napper" and look where it has taken me!!

Meet The Team!


Thursday, Oct. 2nd, 7-9pm

1150 Thames Dr

Rochester Hills, MI

Mark your calendars! First Thursday of each month, people!

***From now on I'll send the monthly newsletter AFTER the monthly meeting!***

Bring any new recruits/potentials! The more the merrier! If we outgrow my house I'll happily find a new spot for us!

  • The ALL IMPORTANT Hostess Coaching
  • Tips for $1000 parties!
  • Product Training: Ultra Power Plus -- The MANY uses! (Share your ideas ahead of time, I'll make a handout!)
  • Who wants to bring something yummy??

Shoot Me a Line!

As always, I'm here for you except when I'm with my sweet crew! :) Feel free to email/message me with your questions or shoot me a text with anything pressing! If I'm delayed in responding have mercy, these incredible munchkins keep me on my toes! :)