Jag E-NEWS 5.15.20

FBISD Schools are currently closed through May 28, 2020.


Jag Families,

I hope this e-mail finds you safe and well. I want to take a moment to thank our Jaguar parents/families for all you have done from home to help support our efforts to continue your child's education online for Term 4 to finish the 2019-2020 school year...we are almost there. I know this has been a challenging time for many of us. Your efforts do not go unnoticed, and we appreciate your support from home.

I apologize that this is a lengthy message but it contains some important updates. Please take a moment to read the entire Jag E-News.

Picking Up Students' Personal Items from SMS--

For the past 2 weeks, we had a link to a survey for parents and students to complete if they had items they wanted to collect at school. The survey is now closed and thank you to the 928 families who responded.

If you did not complete the survey but you have things at school you would like to collect, you will still be able to pick up the following items: personal locker, pe locker, athletic locker, and band/orchestra locker. Personal items in classrooms that still need to be collected will be done so at a later date.

Students and/or parents will NOT enter the building to retrieve items from hall lockers or teacher classrooms. Items located in teacher classrooms from the earlier survey have been thoughtfully bagged up and will be handed out in conjunction with locker items. Please drive through the front circle drive at SMS. Social distancing practices to be monitored.

Please have your student’s first and last name and grade level written big on a sheet of paper and placed on the front windshield.

While remaining in your vehicle, a staff member will retrieve your student’s items and bring them to you.

Be prepared to show student ID to verify that we are delivering the correct items to you. If you do not have a student ID, then take a screenshot of your student’s profile page in Skyward and print it or be prepared to show it on your phone. We appreciate your patience during this event.

Please return hardback textbooks and all library books so you do not go on the fines list. Paperback textbooks for ELA, Science, and Math (excluding Algebra) are yours to keep. Any Athletic Equipment and/or uniforms must be returned.


· Tuesday, May 26th:

9:00 – 11:00: Band, Orchestra, & Medication Pick-up ONLY

1:00 – 3:00: Last name [A-L]

4:00 – 6:00: Last name [M-Z]

· Wednesday, May 27th:

9:00 – 11:00: Last name [A-L]

1:00 – 3:00: Last name [M-Z]

4:00 – 6:00: Anyone who still needs to pick up items

· Thursday, May 28th:

9:00 – 11:00: Last name [A-L]

1:00 – 3:00: Last name [M-Z]

4:00 – 6:00: Anyone who still needs to pick up items

Term 4--Finish Strong--

Week 7 will conclude any new instruction for online learning. Please encourage your children to work hard this week to complete turn in any assignments (current and old). Grading for Term 4 will be complete on Thursday, May 28, 2020. Teacher office hours will be by appointment only beginning Tuesday, May 26, 2020-Thursday, May 28, 2020. Please contact your child's teacher if you have any questions.

All my best,

Cholly Oglesby


Sartartia Middle School

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We thought you would appreciate an update regarding all of the work underway or about to get underway at SLMS related to improving the building.

Currently Underway:

  • Replace flooring in weight room (complete)
  • Track and Field Upgrades
  • Site Drainage Improvements and a retention pond
  • New Floors and Bleachers @ Gymnasiums
  • Roofing
  • Heating & Air Conditioning Equipment
  • Fine Arts Addition - Adding Choir and Black Box (complete by June 2021)
  • Drinking Fountains with Bottle Filler
  • Wayfinding Signage Inside building - signage to help navigate interior corridors -
  • Lighting Upgrades and Lift at Stage for Improved Access

Getting Underway Soon (2021):

  • Football field - Turf field
  • Wayfinding Signage Inside building - signage to help navigate interior corridors -
  • Exterior Cleaning and Waterproofing
  • Electronic Marquee
  • Replace exterior lights with LED lighting

Parents We Need Your Help

As the 2020 school year comes to a close, we are actively preparing for our upcoming school year. Please click on the link below and fill out this survey to inform our staff of your family's plans for the 2020-2021 school year. We understand that we are living in uncertain times and that sometimes plans change. If this occurs, simply email our Data Entry Clerk, Michelon Hodson at michelon.hodson@fortbendisd.com, anytime during the summer for assistance. Thanks in advance!


If you have plans for your child to attend a school different than your current zoned school next year, please complete the microsoft form attached.



Upload a video showcasing your talent. It can be just you, your whole family, or an edited version with you and your friends, social distancing of course. Have fun! Be Creative! Upload in the Schoology library page: Virtual Talent Show Folder.


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May is Mental Health Awareness Month

The purpose of this month is to remove the stigma and to open the conversation about mental health. Check out the You Are Not Alone campaign and the Mental Health Month Tool Kit for some great resources to help you speak up and manage your mental wellness. This is also a good time to remind you that tele-counseling resources are available. If your student is struggling with anxiety, depression, and/or feels isolated during this time, please call or email your student’s grade level counselor (information in counselor corner below). They will help link you and your student to the right virtual support. You can also visit FBISD’s COVID-19 Social-Emotional Support website for more mental health and self-care resources along with the weekly Behavioral Health and Wellness Parent Newsletter (Spanish).”

Links: COVID-19 Social-Emotional Support Webpage

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TIPS from the TEAM

As we are working towards our new normal, we thought we would send you some weekly resources to use in your home and with your students.

Today is a special day. It is Shout Out Day to our Parents! Parents have been tasked to "hold down the fort" as many of you are working from home; teaching school; planning meals; doing laundry; all within the confines of ONE structure: your home. We also have parents who are traveling to work each day; teaching school; planning meals; doing laundry.... As much as we provide for our families, sometimes, we forget to put ourselves first.

Not long ago, we had the pleasure of listening to Laura Jack, daughter of Jan Schiff (yes, the lady that the FBISD elementary school is named after). Laura is a Life Coach. She used an example of traveling by air--before takeoff, airplane passengers are given various safety tips---one being that if the oxygen masks drop, PARENTS put yours on first, AND THEN put your children's on them. Reason: dropping cabin pressure, dropping levels of oxygen can make one dazed/confused--keep yourself thinking straight by getting your oxygen set, so that you are the best you can be in taking care of your loved ones. THE same principle applies to parents who are "flying" to take care of loved ones during this health crisis.

STOP---BREATHE--Let the OXYGEN in--REVIVE, RECHARGE, show yourself some COMPASSION. Here is another great breathing exercise for starting the day; or winding down at the end of the day. This is called Triangle Breathing or "Putting on your Oxygen Mask" https://youtu.be/O7xI76BJujE

Also, let's focus on HOPE. Parents, all that you do matters a lot. We want to share an inspirational video with you of young people who have great ideas. We are willing to bet that you will see your own children thinking and doing great things one day---and, it's all because of YOU! Please enjoy the fruits of your labor in the wise eyes of these students.


Don’t forget, you can always check out the FBISD Behavioral Health & Wellness page for more tips from our team.

Connect using Schoology

As we are transitioning to online/virtual learning, besides regular emails, Schoology is the district platform that Counselors will be using to communicate with our students. We have each created a Schoology group as a way to not only connect with our students, but to also provide resources, guidance lessons, hold virtual conferences, and offer other forms of support.

All counselors have their office hours from 3-4 pm each day.

Please encourage your student to use the code below to join their grade level Schoology group

SMS 6th Grade (2019-2020)


SMS 7th Grade (2019-2020)


SMS 8th Grade (2019-2020)


NJHS Applications/Info

If your child is applying for NJHS the application process, inductions and service activities are suspended until campuses reopen and classes resume. Please tell your child if any new information is given to us, we will communicate that as soon as we receive it.


FBISD Summer School Info

FBISD Summer School for remedial credit (All Grade Levels)

Counselors will enter students in the course(s) they need in Skyward

Payment for summer school:

A fee will be automatically generated and parents/guardians will be able to make their payment in the Fee Management section of their Family Access. The completed payment serves as the electronic signature for summer school (per Legal).

CBE Information

Many of you have inquired about the continuation of Credit By Exam (CBE) Testing. We have been informed by the Assessment & Testing Department that CBE is cancelled until further notice due to COVID-19. CBE testing must be administered in a secure testing environment which cannot be provided at this time. Please continue to check the Assessment & Testing website for CBE updates. https://www.fortbendisd.com/Page/296

**As always, if you have any questions, you can email your student’s counselor directly and we will set up a time to talk to you. Additionally, should your student need to speak with their counselor they can use the request to "see" the counselor form.

Thank you so much for everything you are doing for your child. Stay safe and healthy!

We wish you all well during this time. The SMS Counseling Team

Summer School for Current 8th Graders ONLY

Going to 9th Grade?:

ALL summer school original credit requests must be made in Skyward Family Access. The O-LAB form under 'Custom Forms' in Skyward must be filled out and submitted to get counselor approval for the course. The counselor will look at performance in this year's courses as well as impact on future high school course work. Only 2 semester courses (1 credit) will be approved for the summer school. If you DO NOT receive approval within 48 hours of submitting the form, please contact Ms. Friedel. PLEASE allow 48 hours for approval, as there IS NO LIMIT on seats for classes. Thank you

Details for FBISD O-LAB, other online course providers and remedial credit is below:


June 1 - 25

Registration Dates: May 18-29

O-LAB may be used to support students who are working on any of the following:

· Summer School Edgenuity online courses – The following courses will only be offered as online courses through Summer O-Lab. They will not be offered in traditional summer school.

o Health

o Personal Financial Literacy

o Foundations of Personal Fitness

o Art I

· Guidelines:

Students must have access to a home computer or computer outside of school.
All Edgenuity course work must be completed including final exams by June 25, 2020.

This program is available to incoming 9th – 12th grade students who are enrolled in FBISD.
Students must participate in an orientation session to obtain expectations, instructions and login information.

Students must have an active email account to communicate with staff.

· Cost (For Summer School Edgenuity ONLY):

o $125.00 for students not on free/reduced lunch (payment via RevTrak)

o $65.00 for students on reduced lunch (payment via RevTrak)

o $50.00 for student on free lunch (payment via RevTrak)

Once the counselor has electronically signed/approved, the parent/guardian will make the payment in the campus’ school store using RevTrak. Please make payment on the HS website’s school store where they will be attending next year.

Accessing RevTrak:

Option 1: http://fortbendisd.revtrak.net (Click “School Stores” & select your campus)

Option 2: Skyward Family Access (look for the FBISD RevTrak Web Store in the District Links & select your campus)

Texas Virtual School Network (TxVSN), University of Texas, or Texas Tech University online courses

· Registration Dates: May 18-29

· As of now, there is no Geometry PreAP, only on-level

· Can sign up for professional communication/speech through these providers

· Payment is made through these providers

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For the 2020-2021 school year, please remember to comply with the Texas minimum vaccine requirements for school entry. Immunization requirements for the 2020-2021 school year are similar to the previous school year. The only change is that the two-dose hepatitis A vaccine requirement now applies to Kindergarten through 11th-grade students.

Links: DSHS Letter addressed to school administration; 25 Texas Administrative Code, §97.63


8th Grade GIRLS heading to AHS

The Austin HS Color Guard is having open auditions for the 2020-2021 school year and we want YOU to be a part of our team!

What is color guard? Color guard incorporates flag, rifle, saber and different dance styles such as jazz, ballet and modern to enhance the music of a marching band or winter guard show. We perform with the band and angels at football games and competitions throughout the fall as well as compete during the spring semester as a small ensemble for our winter guard season.

Anyone that will be attending Austin High School this fall is eligible and no prior experience is required to audition. Currently our team consist of all girls however, guys are welcome to audition as well. If you are interested in auditioning please do not hesitate to send in a video as the SFA Color Guard is a very welcoming and friendly group.

Check out our Instagram to see photos and videos from this past year: https://www.instagram.com/sfacolorguard

Interest Form and Audition Material: https://tinyurl.com/sfacolorguard

For more general information go to the band website: sfaband.org

The color guard handbook can be found in the forms sections of the Parents & Students tab.

If you have any questions or concerns please contact our color guard director Mr. Guillotte: devin.guillotte@fortbendisd.com

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Technology – Early Device Return Procedure

Should a student withdraw, or family no longer needs loaner technology devices, they should be returned to any one of the Repair Depots @ Austin HS, Elkins HS, and Dulles HS Repair Depots from May 26 through June 11. Tuesdays through Thursdays 7:00 am – 3:30 pm. No appointment is necessary. The parent will be asked to open the device to inspect for damage.

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Assistant Principals & Counselors

6th grade

Courtney Border-Assistant Principal



Brandi Goodly-Counselor



7th grade

Dr. Sunday Johnson-Associate Principal



Rachel McCune-Lead Counselor



8th grade

Paul Wells-Assistant Principal



Kat Friedel-Counselor