Winecoff Newsletter for Families

September 1, 2021

Welcome Back!

We are finishing up our 2nd week of school and it is wonderful to have all our students back in the building everyday. Their excitement, laughter, and smiles under those masks are priceless! As I visit classrooms, I see excellent teaching and learning occurring-- our students are engaged and working hard to meet their goals and expectations. Our staff have planned and are delivering high quality instruction that is focused on identifying students needs and meeting them there. I know we are experiencing challenges with transportation (cars and buses), but other than that, it has been a great start to this brand new school year! Please reach out to your child's teacher or any of the administrators if you have any questions. We are looking forward to building our Home - School Partnerships again this year!

- Mrs. Cook

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How Was Your Day?

Questions to Ask Your Child

As a mom, I always asked my son, "How was your day?" and I would get the very predictable response, "fine" or "good". So, I thought I would follow up with another question to get more information, "What did you do today?" and I got another predictable response, "nothing".

Aaaagggghhhh! It would drive me crazy! I wanted to be "in the know" and feel like I was still a part of his life while he was at school. These one word, vague answers just didn't help me. Anyone else feel that way?

Try changing up the questions that you ask to ones that are more open-ended or at least require more detail to answer:

  • What was the best part of your day? Why?
  • Who did you sit with at lunch? (start learning the names of their friends)
  • What was your least favorite part of your day? Why?
  • Tell me about a time that you laughed today.
  • Show me some of the work that you completed today and explain about it

Check out your child's teacher's Canvas Page and you can see what they are learning about and you can ask specific questions about those topics.

Read to child or listen to your child read as much as you can. You will soon begin to recognize how their reading is improving. Model reading with expression. Ask them questions about what their reading:

  • What is your book about?
  • What happened in the beginning, middle, end?
  • Tell me about the main character(s).
  • Do you like this book? why or why not?

Transportation Updates & Procedures

Bus Transportation

The CCS Transportation Department is working hard to hire bus drivers and eliminate the needs for some buses to drive 2 routes (causing delays). Currently, we have 2-3 buses each day that are late and we are doing what we can on our end to ensure our children are safe during these situations. We also know that if bus ridership was requested after July 31, those students may still be waiting to get a seat on a bus. Now that the first 2 weeks are over, we should see some progress in getting bus assignments. Thank you for continuing to be patient as the district works to improve bus transportation.

Procedures for Late Buses

  • Families are notified via a connect-ed phone message for late buses and/or bus number changes. If you are not receiving these phone calls, please send your updated phone numbers to your child's teacher so that they can be updated in PowerSchool.
  • In the morning, if your bus is late, your child may wait on the bus and arrive to school late. If this is the case, your child will not be counted tardy and they will have the opportunity to eat breakfast. You may also bring your child and use the car rider line to drop them off in the back of the school.
  • In the afternoon, if your child's bus is late, they will wait safely inside the school until their bus arrives. However, if you'd like to pick them up instead, please use the car rider line to pick them up in the back of the school. You will receive a blue car rider car tag to display so that we know where to get your child from and bring them to car riders. The car rider line closes at 3:30pm, so if you arrive after that, you will need to go to the front office and pick up your child. Please be sure to bring a photo ID.
  • Once students are loaded onto the late bus, we cannot pull them off of the bus if you arrive to pick them up. This is to keep students safe and also allows the bus to leave quickly and take students home.

Car Riders

We have more car riders than in previous years and the line is quite long. We appreciate your patience while waiting in the line.

Morning: 7:45 - 8:15

Afternoon: 2:55 - 3:30


  • In the morning, each staff member unloads at least 2 cars at a time. Please have your child packed up, hugged up, masked up and ready to get out of the car when it becomes your turn to drop off.
  • Please make sure your child has a mask with them. We are running through our supplies very quickly and we need your help by making sure your child has a mask.
  • Please always remain in your cars.
  • Our staff members are also arriving to work and will travel down the exit lane into the back parking lot in order to bypass the car rider line and park their cars. Staff will enter the parking lot from Winecoff School Rd. and make a left hand turn into the parking lot. They will have a yellow car tag hanging from their mirror so that you will know who they are. Please be cautious and considerate of them as they arrive to work. Ensure that you are all the way to the right hand side in our back parking lot to allow them safe entry to park. The sooner we staff in the building and on duty, the sooner we can unload our car riders!
  • Please always make a right hand turn into our back parking lot. We do not permit cars to enter by making a left hand turn (coming from Winecoff School Rd) for 2 reasons: 1- blocks the fire department from sending emergency vehicles out and 2- it blocks cars exiting our parking lot.
  • In the afternoons, please have your yellow car rider tag visible on your dashboard. Not only does this ensure student safety, but assists our staff member in calling student names to have them come out and wait for you.

Please remember that you cannot block any intersections or traffic circle entrances/exits while waiting in the car rider line. We have to be considerate of traffic that is just passing through.

Thank you for your assistance in assuring we keep students, staff, and all vehicles safe in our car rider line.

Checking Your Child Out Before Dismissal

Every minute in the classroom counts and we encourage you to avoid checking your child out early on a school day. However, we know that sometimes medical appointments or other situations may require a student to leave early. We will not permit early check outs after 2:30pm to ensure that there is no confusion and to keep all students safe during our dismissal procedures. If you have a emergency, please call the school and ask for an administrator to assist you.

Please follow these procedures:

  1. You must have a photo ID in order to check your student out early.
  2. Our office staff will verify that you are able to check the student out
  3. Students will be signed out in our Lobby Guard system (need your ID to complete this step)
  4. Students will then be called from the classroom to be dismissed to you

Note: Early check outs are recorded and as the accumulate, they will count as an absence per CCS Attendance Policy.

Health & Safety Protocols

We continue to follow all protocols, guidelines, and expectations for in-person learning:

  • Masks are required and staff help remind students to wear theirs correctly (over nose, under chin, snug fitting)
  • Disinfecting high touch surfaces routinely throughout the day.
  • No drinking from water fountains directly-- students can fill up water bottles instead or have a small cup from the teacher to use.
  • Social distancing to the greatest extent possible, at least 3ft between students

Please contact our School Nurse, Ms. Banko, if your child has been exposed to someone who has tested positive while not at school. Also contact her if your child is experiencing any COVID symptoms (fever greater than 100.4, new cough, head cold symptoms/congestion). Our nurse will walk you through next steps and help you understand the information.

Please do not send your child to school if they are sick.