Mrs. Latta's News

3rd Grade

January 14th

A Peek at Our Week

Reading: Our story this week is "The Mysterious Giant of Barletta", which can be found in your child's reading book. The comprehension skill is "following directions" and "Sequence of Events". The students will take an open book comprehension test over this story on Friday. We are working on answering those extended response questions in complete sentences, restating the question to start off their answer. For example, if the question states, "Why were the mice afraid of Dogzilla?" They should start off their answer with "The mice were afraid of Dogzilla because...." Please work on adding more detail to their answers to provide evidence from the story.

Vocab: Vocabulary Workshop Unit 3. Please try to encourage the students to use these words in their everyday vocabulary. Test will be Friday over Unit 3. This is NOT an open book test.

Math: Today we began Topic 14, more fractions! We will be ordering, comparing, reducing, and making equivalent fractions. I am extremely proud of all of the kids with last weeks review quiz over Topic 13. That was a really hard quiz, and they most definitely held their own! They seem to be getting mixed numbers and the number line. They should be able to explain how to compare fractions using the trick we we learn today...THE UP TRICK! This is just a different name for cross multiplying. If you need any additional help, you can always go online to the textbook for more practice. We will have a quiz on Friday over comparing fractions and finding equivalent fractions (14-1 through 14-3).

As always, multiplication facts need to be memorized. This will help majorly with fractions! Please continue to make this a priority a couple nights a week. This website is a fun way to practice your facts.

Social Studies: Our open book test over Chapter 4 will be Friday. Students will be allowed to use notes and their books. We have been highlighting important information as we read together.

Important Dates:

1/13 - 1/17 Literacy Week

1/20 Martin Luther King, Jr. Day- no school

Other Information:

  • RTWC Journals can be done ONLINE using the link on EDMODO


Congratulations to Peyton B. He is our new First Mate!

Peyton is an excellent example of how hard work and determination can pay off! He works hard each day to do his best. He is never discouraged when things are difficult and is always willing to help others.

He is such a positive person and is a friend to everyone.

Thank you Peyton for being a great role model!