Westward Expansion/Gilded Age

Innovation fuels settlement and industrialization.

Big Ideas

  • The driving forces behind conquering the “frontier” were exploitation of what was perceived as unlimited natural resources and a need to accept a challenge.
  • Scientific and business innovations converged to produce the industrial boom of the late 1800s.
  • The industrial era created immense changes in America, including tremendous economic growth as well as serious social, political, and environmental problems.
  • Economic opportunities led to an influx of immigrants coming to the U.S..
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Warm Up

Complete FQR on this painting in your journal. Use the anchor chart or your notes to remind you how to do FQR.
More about this painting

American Progress by John Gast, 1872

Life out West

Home on the range-CowBoy Songs

Home on the Range

1. What interesting things do you hear in this piece of music?

2. What mood or emotions does the melody or lyrics promote?

3. What region of the country do you think this song is referring to? How do you know?

4. Do you think the settlement of this region had a more positive effect or a more negative effect on the person or people who wrote this song? How can you tell?

5. o you think the settlement of this region had the same effect on all the different groups of people who lived there? Why or why not?

Notes about Westward Expansion and the Gilded Age

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