GRE Staff Newsletter

For the Week of February 18, 2019

Dear Team,

Hard to believe that we just celebrated our final class party of the year! Thanks for all your hard work in helping students have a great Valentine's Day. Hopefully you have been looking at the DRAFT GRE Behavior Matrix. Please give any feedback about the matrix to your PAC team members. We will review it at this week's PAC meeting and one more time in March before finalizing it. As a reminder, these will be the expectations beginning day 1 of next school year!

This week we have Parent teacher conferences and our Zoo Assembly. Click here to see the schedule for the zoo assembly. The two biggest changes are that fourth grade will have special right away (Related Arts has plan time after that) and Kindergarten will need to eat in the classroom (Renee, please divide your students between Kelly and Gabi's room).

This week at PAC we will talk about supplies and budgeting and dive into building schedule discussions. There will be much work to do between now and Spring Break. Let's work together to lighten the load for one another. This time of year can be really tricky, but if we work together and dig deep for patience and discipline, great things can happen.

Here's to a great week!


Did you visit the Behavior Expectations gallery wall? If not, stop by!

News to Share

1. I'm excited to share that we found a new staff member to fill the vacancy left by Ashley Smith. On the 25th we will welcome Cailyn Sutliff! I think she will be a great addition to the building and am excited for you to meet her. A huge thank you to all who have juggled the schedule changes since Ashley left. It is appreciated!

2. Eagle Ed is around the corner. We are ready to start signing up for sessions. Click here to get started. Teacher sign up ends March 8th!

3. PAC will meet this Wednesday-click here for a DRAFT agenda.

4. Last week the Intervention team met to review student progress monitoring. If you are conferencing with a family that has a student in intervention, feel free to reach out to their small group teacher. I know the schedule has been really tricky but lets continue to work on making sure or students get to group on time. Together I know we can maximize this time.

5. We will have dinner on Thursday night at 5:20 in the STEM Hub. If you need to talk through any conference or need any help at all, please don't hesitate to reach out to me, Ginna or Chelsea if needed.

PLC Challenge

HUGE shout out to the 4th grade team and the 1st Grade team for completing the classroom management challenge below. Both teams will receive CASUAL stickers! There is still time to get in the competition. I will be announcing a grand prize winner in next week's newsletter. Read through the challenge again and get started!

At the end of the last staff meeting, I asked you to reflect on your current classroom management system. This week's challenge will be to read the following two articles,

Tear Down Your Behavior Chart! and Public Discipline Systems. To complete this challenge, as a team, share your thoughts and reactions using a Venn Diagram. Then on the back, write a statement about your take aways or action steps, questions or concerns. Those can get turned into my mailbox. Teams that complete the challenge, are eligible for yet another prize. I will give this challenge two weeks since there are two articles-I can't wait to see what you think.

Week at a Glance

Monday, Feb. 18- No School

Tuesday, Feb. 19- A Day

Wednesday, Feb. 20- B Day; Yoga at 4:15; PAC Meeting 3:45

Thursday, Feb. 21- C Day; Parent Teacher Conferences 4-8; PTO Sponsored Dinner at 5:20

Friday, Feb. 22- D Day; Zoo Assembly-click here for schedule

Upcoming Important Dates:

Feb. 25-Mar. 1 Read Across America Week

March 1 Rockin’ Recess

March 5-7 Inview & Terra Nova Testing (2nd & 4th)

*This is being run by Sarah Wytzka and Katie Yeager

March 11 Spring Pictures

March 14 Pastries with Parents; PTO Meeting 6:30pm

March 15 Pastries with Parents

March 21 Art day

March 22 Eagle Ed

Mar. 25-29 NO SCHOOL