I & E @ Golden Gate

May 2016

Highlights and Updates

Ready, Set Launch!

The official NPS Golden Gate app is set to launch in the iOS store on May 20! Thanks to everyone that has downloaded the testflight version and provided great review and feedback. As expected there were quite a number of bug fixes that were addressed during the testing phase including certain punctuations not uploading correctly and cashing issues.

Next week folks at visitors centers, contact stations and major employee work stations will be receiving table tents to display to help promote the app. We also want to get the word out on the 20th through social media. Our goal is to have a 1000 downloads in the first week so please help us reach that goal by downloading yourself and spreading the word. Again, major shout out to the media team that made this happen!

National League of Cities and the Children & Nature Network

San Francisco recently became the only city in Western region to be invited to be a member of a new National Children & Nature Connection Leadership Academy (a partnership of the National League of Cities and the nationwide Children & Nature Network). Over the next year, representatives from many city agencies including the DCYF, Department of Public Health, Rec and Park, in addition to SF Unified School District, YMCA, Presidio Trust and NPS at Golden Gate will work together to create an implementation plan to effectively and equitably connect San Francisco's kids to nature for a wide spectrum of benefits to their childhood in all realms of their lives. We are honored and excited to partner with the City and other organizations in this endeavor.

National Learning Summit by Terry Kreidler

This past week I attended NCfive (National Council for Interpretation, Volunteers and Education) and the National Learning Summit in Washington, DC. I had the pleasure of listening to Director Jarvis, Dr. Milton Chen and many others. The highlight for me was a hands on experience working with students at the Barrie School. We assisted them in creating their Barrie School National Park. These innovative and diverse students discussed with us the deeper meanings of sites on their campus. It was a great chance to listen to young people who truely seek meanings in all things. I will periodically share articles and ideas from NCfive.

Golden Gate Social Media Committee

Do you have an upcoming event or program you'd like the park social media team to advertise? Is there a park site or resource that we could better highlight? We want to hear your ideas! If you would like to see your program, event or resource highlighted, please send a short blurb and photo to Andrew Felton (Andrew_Felton@nps.gov) and we will make sure that it gets highlighted on GGNRA's social media pages.

Better yet, we are looking at expanding our Social Media team! If you are interested in helping the park out as a social media representative (Twitter, Facebook, or Instagram) please contact Will Elder (Will_Elder@nps.gov). Make sure to check with your supervisor first! Representatives are expected to commit 1 to 2 hours a week on social media activities. You will need to take a social media training before you start posting and we are looking to hold another training in June or July. More details to follow.

Recent Successes

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Fun-Filled Day in the Marin Headlands

Jr. Ranger Day in the Marin Headlands was a huge success! Staff and interns from the Interpretation, Outreach, Education teams along with the Golden Gate Raptor Observatory worked together to engage families in a watershed exploration around Rodeo Lagoon! We counted nearly 300 visitors participated in fun filled activities, including a hands-on model of the Rodeo Creek watershed, plant rubbings of non-native plants, and a wildlife scavenger hunt! Special thanks to the Outreach team for providing transportation for families from throughout San Francisco, most of whom have never visited the Marin Headlands previously! And a huge thank you to all who helped prep materials, lead activities, and inspire the next generation of Marin Headlands Junior Rangers!

A Shout Out to our Education Interns

Through gales, bee stings, torrential rains, and baking heat, Sarah Mason, Becca Ringler, Wylie Skillman, and Ritika Jain serve all youth with smiles and a sense of wonder. In recognition of their dedication to meaningful educational experiences in all parts of GGNRA, they all will be serving the public in gray and green during portions of this summer and fall. Look for our former interns in their flat hats and ask them to share what they find magical about our parks.!

Sarah Mason

Sarah Mason hails from The Great Plains of Nebraska. As an education Intern in the Marin Headlands, she is particularly passionate about radiolarian chert and hopes that everyone will take some time to enjoy sifting through pebble treasures at Rodeo Beach. Before coming to the Golden Gate National Recreation Area, she was teaching in Togo (West Africa) and reveling in lots of West African dance classes. As a social worker who

has served both people who are recent refugees and people experiencing generational poverty, she was thrilled to come to GGNRA and be a part of bridging the gap between people and their parks!

Rebecca (Becca) Ringler

Becca Ringler is an intern at the Marin Headlands that hails from Baltimore, Maryland. She recently graduated from Oberlin College where she majored in geology and hosted a string of radio shows broadcasted at unreasonable hours. In college, Becca decided to major in geology after learning that waterfalls marched upstream during an intro geo field trip. She is currently working with co-intern Sarah and Ranger Roxi on the Rocks on the Move program as well as developing materials for their new program Rock!, Pattern!, Systems! for 4th graders as a part of the EKIP initiative. Becca is illustrating a picture book about mid-ocean ridges to allow students to enter the hidden world of underwater mountain ranges and the geological processes that form them. When not inspiring young minds, Becca enjoys eating snacks, bowling, and listening to music by sad Jewish men. She hopes to one day pursue a career in environmental consulting, education, or to open up Becca’s Barbeque, Bingo, and Wedding Chapel.

Ritika Jain

I first came to learn about the parks back in 2010 when I was a LINC intern. Before that I used to believe that the only thing that San Francisco has to offer was just the Golden Gate Bridge and the Bay Bridge. The LINC internship was a life changing experience for me. It helped me discover myself and look at the world with a different point of view.

The following year I interned at Angel Island where I was a dock aid and shadowed docents. I graduated with a Neuroscience degree at UC Riverside. I volunteer around after that a different GGNRA site and then came back into the parks this year as a intern for NPS. In my free time, I like to go hiking, go to the gym, read novels and clean. If you ever need a hiking partner. come find me!

Wylie Skillman

Wylie was a recent UC Santa Barbara graduate with a degree in Anthropology when she joined the MUWO education team. Before, Wylie worked at Fairview Gardens in Southern California as an Education Intern. Wylie has flourished in education due to her nourishing and natural abilities for education. Wylie leads curriculum-based education programs and also assisted in the Marin Headlands.Her care for students, patience, enthusiasm, and positive attitude made her a wonderful role model for local youth. Wylie has also prepared and implemented interpretive tree talks and helped with roving, tabling, and recording weather stats. Her year as an intern was a success - she served over 1,000 underrepresented youth while conducting education programs and many park visitors through interpretation. We're very grateful for all the hard work she's done at MUWO this year!


Congratulations to Marcus Combs for completing 30 years of service to the National Park Service. See above photo of Marcus in 1987 sporting dashing mustache! Marcus has worked at every location in the Golden Gate National Recreation Area from Alcatraz and Fort Point to Muir Woods and the Presidio. Marcus is a wealth of knowledge and sunny personality make him a great asset to Interpretation and the whole park service.

If you have not heard already, Will Elder has been selected at the our new Supervisory Media Specialist. Will has been working at GOGA since 1987 and has proven to be an enormous asset to not just our park, but the whole service. Through the years he has developed many publications, cell phone tours and exhibits and become the go to person for geology and climate change communication. Big congratulations to Will!

Big Kudos to

Aimee Snider for reaching her 5 year mark with the park service. Aimee has been a ranger with us for 3 years at Muir Woods and in that time also done a detail in the business management office. We have loved watching her grow and develop her skills and thank her daily work of welcoming and educating the MANY visitors to Muir Woods.

Congratulations to Terry Kreidler for receiving a Star Award as nominated by the Regional Director for Volunteers. Terry has made many contribution to both the regional and national VIP programs during her career. In just this past year, Terry facilitated two Centennial SCAs workshops, led a week-long VIP Managers training at Lake Mead and leaves next week to Santa Monica to help train more volunteer managers. Congratulations Terry and thanks for all your work to benefit the service as a whole.

New Staff Arrivals

Relevancy, Diversity and Inclusion Resources

Can New Transportation Technologies Improve Equity and Access to Opportunity?

By Kevin DeGood and Andrew Schwartz

Rapid advances in technology are transforming surface transportation with the potential to expand transit ridership, social equity, and access to opportunity. Read More

Safety Reminder

By James Osborne

Are you an interpreter who has too much to read and never does anything dangerous? STOP! This doesn’t exist! As Katie and Mark in the Safety Office just reported, the most common employee injury in the last 5 years has been SLIPPING, TRIPPING, or FALLING! More common than back injuries, or sharp tools, and common across all divisions!

SO, please keep up the GREAT work on Relevant Stories from kids, and vets, and about biodiversity, and making Climate Justice real, but NOT while you are on a step, because as Deputy Supt. Aaron reminds us, “GGNRA is not a flat park!”

Health and Wellness: Did you take a lunch break yesterday?

By Lucy Scott

Chances are the answer is no. Research shows that only 1 in 5 five people steps away for a midday meal. Most workers are simply eating at their desks. Removing yourself from your work setting for a break in the middle of the day boosts creativity and innovation. Staying in the same location all day is really detrimental to creative thinking, so when you change your environment, whether it be to eat lunch, take a walk, or just take time to yourself, you are allowing yourself time for ideas to percolate and gestate and arrive at an 'aha' moment.

If you work 8.5 hours, you are legally allotted a 30 minute (unpaid) lunch break and two 15 minute (paid) breaks throughout the day. If you are already taking that lunch break, consider switching up the location where you sit - a new room, new bench outside, or adding a new buddy to your lunch squad.

Read more from NPR and Women's Health.

Junior Ranger Jamboree

Saturday, May 7th, 12-3pm

Crissy Field East Beach

All 4th graders, their families, and kids of all ages are invited to become official Junior Rangers and celebrate National Park Service’s 100th birthday! Enjoy entertainment, refreshments, and hands-on activities and games, discovering all about the Junior Ranger’s duty to “Explore, Learn & Protect.” Gather ‘round the campfire, roast some S’mores and sing Happy Birthday to our National Parks. All youth will be sworn in as official Junior Rangers and receive a commemorative ranger badge. This event is FREE for the whole family! For FREE tickets & more info: parksconservancy.org/jamboree. Public transportation and shuttles available

Double Victory

Saturday, May 21st, 1pm to Sunday, May 22nd, 2pm

Fort Point National Historic Site

SATURDAY, MAY 21st and SUNDAY, MAY 22nd, 2016

1 PM - 2 PM with Panel Discussion After

Admission Free

A performing arts tribute to the contributions of Asian American communities to the historic vision of victory over both fascism and racism in World War II. Featuring composer/saxophonist Francis Wong and ensemble, Lenora Lee Dance, Kei Lun Martial Arts, Okinawan music and lion dance by Wesley Ueunten and ensemble.

Complementing the performance will be informational displays to be on view at Fort Point from May 1, 2016 through May 31, 2017. This project is part of the National Parks Service Centennial Celebration and in observation of 2016 Asian Pacific Heritage Month.

The Legacy of the Buffalo Soldier: The Presidio Story

Saturday, June 4th, 11am-2pm

Presidio Main Post and Officer's Club

Commemorate the 150th Anniversary of the Buffalo Soldiers and the 100th Anniversary of the National Park Service. The Buffalo Soldiers Motorcycle Club, National Park Service, Young Audiences of Northern California, Friends of Allensworth, and the Presidio Trust offer special activities which begin at the Presidio Officers’ Club.


Saturday, June 4, 11 am, Noon, and 1 pm
The Buffalo Soldier story at the Presidio is told through hourly tours presented by the Ranger Rik Penn of the National Park Service and the Buffalo Soldier Motorcycle Club. Tours begin at the top of each hour and meet at the Presidio Officers’ Club.

Space is limited and registration required.

San Francisco Gay Pride Parade

Sunday, June 26th, 10:30am

Market Street, San Francisco

Come down to Market Street, or just watch from the comfort of your home, but show your support for our NPS contingent that will be walking in this year's Gay Pride Parade. Wearing rainbow accessories, over 30 employees and their families from the SF Bay Areas parks will represent the National Park Service during our Centennial year of celebration and in showing our support for the LGBTQ community.

Video Pick of the Month featuring MUWO Ranger Lucy Scott

Find Your Park - National Park Service Happy 100th

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