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May, 2016

From Susan's Desk...

Hi friends.

What a great month of ministry we have had! We are exhausted but in a "wow-wasn't-that-a-sweet-season" kind of way. Most of our ongoing ministries to women are finished for the year, each having enjoyed its own celebration of God's rich blessing and amazing grace. We are blessed with many gifted teachers, leaders, facilitators and mentors and we are so anxious that they know how much they are loved. Will you please take a minute to write a note or make a phone call to express your appreciation for the women who have invested in your life this year?

Our trip to the beach was so much fun...and the general consensus was that the relaxed and easy plan was just what the women needed. We had women from every generation...from grade-schoolers to several senior adults and they really loved being together. The Lord provided an amazing spot for us to gather to eat and just hang out and it was a joy to watch women connect, trade stories, laugh and talk about life. We've included a few pictures here, but we put lots of pictures on our facebook page. We're pretty sure this won't be the last we see of Oak Island!

It will be quiet around here for a while (except for the hammering!). Be assured, however, that we're making plans, recruiting leaders, working through curriculum, and getting our ducks-in-a-row for another year of ministry. We'll keep you posted as plans are finalized and registrations open. Don't forget that Carolyn Carpenter will be teaching on Tuesday nights in June and early July...she's such a gift to our church family. If you are able to attend, you'll be blessed!

That's it. Grateful to be doing life with you.



Summer Bible Study: God's Heart for Gentiles from the Beginning of Scripture

June 7 through July 12 on Tuesday evenings at 7:00 p.m.

God chose a Hebrew named Abraham to be His means of bringing the gospel blessing to all the world, giving the promise that through him 'all peoples' on earth would be blessed. God selected the Jewish nation to be a channel through which all nations might receive blessing. In this study, we will explore Scripture showing that God's plan of salvation addressed all people, all cultures, and languages from the beginning of time.

In this study, we will explore Scripture showing that God’s plan of salvation addressed all people, all cultures, and languages from the beginning of time. We will focus on three examples of God’s grace to Gentiles in the beautiful stories of Rahab, Naaman, and the Widow of Zarephath as seen in narratives from Joshua and 1 and 2 Kings. (Other examples, such as Ruth, will also be discussed.)

Registration is open now!


TRANSFORMED conferences have been held in both Chicago and Los Angeles in the past month. These conferences were oversold, each with substantially more attendees than they expected. The response has been overwhelmingly enthusiastic. We are so looking forward to hosting this event for our region in October, but we have a lot to do! If you are interested in serving on a team to help us facilitate the Transformed conference, please contact Peggy at WomensAdmin@christcovenant.org soon! Registration is open...so save your spot TODAY!!! https://www.egsnetwork.com/events/?eventid=8149BFDC66E4466


Community Care Contacts

TIDBIT #4: Women's Care Team Mission

Just over 75 women have agreed to assist our WMLT and the Community Pastors as Community Care Contacts. They will attend training this month and over the summer each will have some initial communication with the women under her care. Please pray as our team works to place more than 600 women in Care Contact Groups!

Women's Ministries Staff

We want to be available to you! For information regarding general women's ministries, see our website. For contact information for your Community Liaison, you can click on the "Leadership Team" link.

Staff: Susan Shepherd & Teresa Caldwell