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Stock Market in Excel &

Trimester II: Stock Market Activity

Dear 4-D Math Parents/Guardians:

In the first trimester our children have been utilizing an excel spreadsheet to track our "investment" in Nike, Inc. For trimester II, each child will choose two stocks to invest $5,000.00 total (not $5,000/stock). The children may work alone or in a small group.

We spent time in the computer lab today creating our excel spreadsheet and identifying the two stocks of interest. The children are using their Nike excel spreadsheet as an example. Your child can show you their progress in google docs.

Students are expected to track their stocks at least twice a week. We will periodically use our computer lab time for this project, in addition to

This is a great website for your children to enjoy.

Please click on the link below which will take you to the math page of my website.
Once on my math page, click on the Ken Ken Weekly Packet link. I have downloaded a packet in the hopes that the children will teach how to play. I have not gotten a chance to tell the children this so perhaps this can be a conversation starter. Answers on are the last page!