About Me

Tavin Beachner

Hobbies and Activities

I enjoy hanging out with my friends and playing sports. I like football, basketball, and baseball. I also like other sports such as golf or kickball. I want to play on the basketball team this year. I managed the freshman boys team last year and i hope to play now. But the freshman team didnt win any games.

Summer 2013

This summer I went swimming, played baseball and basketball, rode my fourhweelers, and drove. I saw my cousin from Washington, D.C. It was pretty fun sleeping in after 5:30 too.


I live here with my mom and stepdad. I have two sisters and a dog. Is a dog considered family? My sisters are 11 and 6. One is in 6th grade, the other is in 1st grade. I am the oldest in my family.

When I Grow Up

After college I would like to either be a lawyer or an acccountant. I want to go to Kansas University or Nebraska University for college.

Interesting facts

I am 15 and a sophomore. I'm from Overland Park, Kansas. I like to drift on golfcarts on gravel roads or in mud. I enjoy almost all sports. I love the Jayhawks, especially their basketball team. I am one of the biggest Kansas fans i know. I even have Jayhawk shoes.