Journal entry-Ramon Castillo



In chapter 3 of john Steinbeck's novel Of mice and Men there was a fight scene between Curly and Lennie. The fight scene token when Slim and Carlson came in the room where Curly was there apologizing to Slim about disturbing him. Then Curly was disturbed by Lennie who was innocently smiling about the dream hi and George have. Angry slim took a swing at Lennie's head then nose where came out after the hit. Lennie then wail on George to tell curly to stop hurting him. Where he simply replied to fight back. Still wailing for George to tell Curly to stop Slim decided to step and help the frighten from the raging dog that was curly. Yet however George stop him and Lennie one simple command : Get 'I'm Lennie!". Then again for supposedly Lennie didn't hear of what he said. Saying it again "I said get him". Understanding this he hold Curley' fist which was aiming for his head. Lennie had hold onto this fist until George said for the last time "Leggo his Lennie". Then the fight scene had ended.