Alberta Oil Sands

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Good Things/ Bad Things!

The good things about the Alberta Oil Sands is that the people that work there get paid over $90,000. The Oil Sands also employed about 20,000 people which is yet to get bigger. Canada is the second-largest in the world with reserves. The Bad things about the Alberta Oil Sands is that you will have to work for 12 hours a day for 2 weeks straight, but you'll also get a leave for 2 weeks. You'll have to be alert at all times one accident can be deadly. It's destroying forests. The greenhouse gas emissions will increase.

Video Of Alberta's Global Nightmare

The Alberta Oil (Tar Sands): Canadian Prosperity - Global Nightmare


1. Has A Huge Carbon Footprint.

2. Produces Lakes Of Toxic Sludge (Mud).

3. The pipelines can go around the earth more than 2 times if laid straight.

4.The toxic lakes can be seen from outer space.

5. More than 160 billion barrels can be recovered using the technology we have today.