Football In Danger

By, Ian Kennedy


Football is one of the most popular sports in the United States. Although these players realize that they are in danger of long term injured. One example of a long term injuries are conclusions. It is possible to get a horrific type concussion called CTE. Even if you get an injury that is more common like a knee, wrist, or foot injury though that doesn't make it less important. These injuries show why kids shouldn't be able to play youth football. Pads and equipment won't save you from every hit.


Concussion are just one huge factor in the decrease in youth football. From 2009 to 2014 there have been 26,000 less high school football players. That's about 2.3 percent decrease. In fact, Pop Warner football, one of the biggest youth football programs in the U.S., has dropped a whopping ten percent! While the U.S. Population grew almost four percent ("Football Under Fire." 2015). Concussions are a huge setback in youth. Although some people think that concussion are no big deal. That most likely means that they don't know about chronic traumatic encephalopathy or better known as CTE.


For along time people didn't think that concussions had any long term affects. That was before they knew about CTE. CTE is a brain damage caused by continuous blows to the head. The in depth study of CTE started in 2008. Some of the symptoms of any type of concussions are dizziness and headaches. Many former NFL players have showen symptoms of CTE. In total the NFL was at risk of losing one billion dollars to lawsuits ("Football Under Fire." 2015). This brain damage has a huge affect on not just football but everyday life. It would be a tragedy if a 11 year old kid got diagnosed with CTE. Concussions aren't the only setback for young kids.


Although concussions are just one major reason why youth should not be able to play football. Common injuries are just an other example. These injuries consist of knee, wrist, and foot. Even though these are "common" they still hurt. Also, the younger you are the more vulnerable you are to have sprained or broken a bone. This could cause lifetime pain and suffering.

Equipment Solves Problems?

Pads and equipment reduce the chance of injury. The pads have reduced the death rate since the 1970s and 1980s. While I do not disagree with this, there is still a high risk that growth plates or other vital areas may get injured. Youth are at a higher risk of getting one of these injuries. Furthermore the youth are exposed to these injuries more than a six-teen year old.


You many choose not to believe this, but concussions and injuries are a part of the game of football. From CTE to a stubbed finger, they all are consequences of the game. For youth, the consequence can be greater. Now that doesn't mean that you shouldn't like football anymore. It just means that you have to be more cautious about you how play the game. Next time you play tackle football consider how you do it.


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