28th June 1914

Tragedy of the Austrian throne

This morning, we heard the terrible news from Sarajevo. After a first failed attempt, the Austrian Crown Prince Franz Ferdinand and his wife were purposefully murdered. Franz Ferdinand was on his way to the hospital to visit his officer, who was earlier that day the victim of the first assassination attempt on the Crown Prince, during the ride to the hospital, Franz Ferdinand and his wife were shot in there car. The police in Sarajevo is busy with finding the offenders! The prime suspects are already known: a Bosnian-Serbian student and a member of the Serbian gang ' the black hand '.

Everyone is sad, Sarajevo is in shock! The war seems to come very close to us now.


Join the army!

War is coming. Our country needs brave and strong men who are able to defend us against evil. England is at war with Germany and Austria Hungary.

Volunteer to fight for your country! If you have the age of 16 and are healthy you can register at the army office in your hometown.

The army will feed you well and provide warm cloth. You will receive military training before you will be shipped to the mainland. We cannot accept that enemy states are threatening us and our loved ones so we need you to fight for their safety!

Your story's

A black day

Hello everyone,

june 28th. It was a black day for me and my little son. We where on our way to visit a museum in Sarajevo. We used to stay a few days in the city and stayed in a hotel. It was mend to be a beautiful day, but it turned into a horrible nightmere.

We walked on the street, my son (six years old) was very exited about the museum.

A few minutes later everything changed. We heard a shot behind us, me and my son bended to the ground. My son started crying and I saw two dead people in the car right in front of us. The day after we went back to England. I was very scared, the war is coming and I don’t feel save anymore!