Milton's Media Musings

What's Happening in Your Library

You know what I wish we had in our library . . .?

No, but if you tell us, we'll get it! We are always looking to add new texts to both our professional and general collections. Two of the new books featured below were purchased at the direct request of teachers. What would you like to see added to our library? Have you read about a professional text that you wish you had access to but don't want to buy? Let us know and we'll get it for you and your colleagues!

Online Resources

Access to books, video clips, and databases

Our library and our district have memberships to various online resources. We have Tumblebooks, StarWalkKids, and Enchanted Learning, but did you know we also have a subscription to online encyclopedias and magazines? These subscriptions require a logon on and password, and those are often difficult to remember. We've created a Google Sheet to keep all of the codes in one place and it will be shared with you.
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