Weekly Update - April 22, 2022

Strive Center for Autism

Friendly Reminder

We have definitely been passing a cold around the Brighton center. Please remember that even with relaxed COVID protocols, we need you to keep your children home when they show cold symptoms or other illness symptoms.

In addition to the symptoms listed in the picture below, our illness policy states that children with excessive discharge or a congested cough should stay home until these symptoms resolve without medication.

Please remember that for absences related to illness or other sudden absences (calling out the day of therapy), we ask that families call our attendance line and leave a message at 810-344-8082, ext. 1 for Brighton, ext. 2 for Burton. You can leave a message here anytime, day or night, and it will be received by the entire Leadership team.

For planned absences, such as appointments or vacations, please use our Google form:

Therapy Schedule Update

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Doctor's Notes

When you keep your child home due to illness, we recommend getting a doctor's note whenever practical. This will help in three ways:

  1. All absences documented with a doctor's note are considered excused, meaning there would be no concern of penalty or repercussions from our center regarding your child's attendance.
  2. If your doctor can indicate that your child should not be considered contagious, that may help with his return to therapy. If his symptoms are severe enough to interrupt the day's activities, we may request that you keep him home, but it is helpful to know when he is no longer considered contagious.
  3. Finally, doctor's notes can provide support if your insurance has any questions regarding attendance. Sometimes insurance companies will not approve authorizations for treatment when a child's attendance is poor. Evidence that attendance issues are due to illness can help us make the case that your child's authorization should be approved, and that he should continue attending therapy.

Your doctor can fax a note to us at 810-222-0279 or you can simply provide a written copy when your child returns to therapy. If you need to keep the original, we can make a copy and return it to you.

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Meet Emily, RBT and Behavior Specialist

Emily has worked at the Strive Center since February 2022. She has previously worked as an RBT and case manager at another ABA Center. She was also a figure skating coach.

Emily has a bachelor’s degree from U of M and she is pursuing a master’s degree in Counseling Psychology and Applied Behavior Analysis from Nova Southeastern University.

Emily enjoys traveling to the east coast to visit her family, spending time with friends, skating and completing projects on her house.

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Spring is here!

Spring is here, which is very exciting to all Michiganders! And we're all ready for shorts, tank tops, and sandals! Except when we're in therapy.

We have rolling chairs and stools, wood chips on our playgrounds, and climbing equipment indoors and out. Children MUST wear comfortable shoes that cover the entire foot, with no holes or openings that can allow toes to be injured or wood chips and dirt to get into the shoes. That includes sandals and crocs.

We thank you for sending your child in wearing sturdy shoes and socks daily!

NO THERAPY - Professional Development Day

Friday, May 6th, 8am

Brighton and Burton

There will be NO THERAPY on Friday, May 6, 2022 due to a staff Professional Development day. Therapy resumes on Monday, May 9th.