April Webinar -Exploring #SDG17 as an educator: establishing partnerships for social good

April is here, and another wonderful webinar is upon us. Join Dr. Jennifer Williams as she shares the power of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), and specifically talks about #SDG17, which advocates for established partnerships for the social good.

It's Tuesday, April 23rd, at 8:30 pm EST, so don't miss out!

Register here: https://zoom.us/webinar/register/WN_Z4RquFpdS0-IsXB-xwLDCg. It's not too late!

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Learn more about the SDGs (and so much more!) with this resource!


One of the first places you should stop in your quest to #TeachSDGs.

#ISTEGlobalPLN award

Tracey Winey and Engineering Brightness, winner

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Tracey, along with John Howe and Ian Fogarty, believe in the power of student collaboration. By starting Engineering Brightness, students are now able to collaborate (sometimes in real-time) with other classrooms around the world to protype solar lanterns, build those solar lanterns, and deliver them to people who need them to fight #lightpoverty.

They were recently named a HundrEd Innovator.

Reach out to Tracey, John, or Ian to find out how your classroom can collaborate and make a difference!


Dr. Marialice Curran and The Digital Citizenship Institute, runner-up

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Dr. Marialice Curran believes in nothing greater than the power of connected student voices.

The beauty of working with The Digital Citizenship Institute is that you are part of a global network of like minded communities who want to change the narrative around technology and social media use from the protective to the proactive. Their community approach supports #DigCitAtSchool #DigCitAtHome and #DigCitAtWork.

You can also host #DigCitSummits, which allow the students to be the leaders in this important dialogue about citizenship.


ISTE needs your help: Call for Volunteers!

Did you know that the month of April marks ISTE's annual Call for Volunteers? If you've ever wanted to get more involved with ISTE, now's your chance to sign up and let us know how you want to help.

Some of the volunteer roles we're looking for are:

  • ISTE PLN leadership team members
  • Book and online course reviewers
  • Blog contributors
  • Interview sources

These roles are all virtual and run the gamut from being very minimal time commitments to more, so there really is something for everyone. We hope you'll sign up and join the great community of ISTE volunteers!

Student-Led Movements: the Ontario Education student chat

ISTE Standards for Students

#6 Creative Communicator

Students communicate clearly and express themselves creatively for a variety of purposes using the platforms, tools, styles, formats and digital media appropriate to their goals.

Jennifer Casa-Todd and the student-led #OnEDSsChat

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Nothing excites me more than the ability to connect to other educators around the world as easily as we are able to today. Although some people may think that global collaboration is a fun side-project, I would respectfully disagree. To me, global collaboration is the WHY I use technology: to give students learning experiences which allow them to gain perspective from others around the world. I don’t look at global education as topics as much as I see it as the potential to make any curriculum expectation come alive for students and to make learning more authentic.

The project nearest and dearest to my heart right now, is OnEDSschat, a student-led tweet & talk which streams via Youtube live once a month with participation in Youtube as well as Twitter. The topics and questions are created by student leaders and once a month we also invite guest panelists from various classes. What began as an Ontario chat, is now GLOBAL. We are so excited to invite classes from around the world to participate. Our next chat is on May 12th at 10 am EST on the topic of Body Image. This topic can be found in Health & Phys Ed and Media Literacy, but in an of itself, the chat is an opportunity to practice digital citizenship and digital literacy while connecting to other students in the world. Check out the #OnEDSsChat hashtag or our website: https://onedsschat.com


This year, I was also fortunate enough to join the Be The Change Take the Challenge global project created by Barbara Zielonka which focused on the UN’s Sustainable goals. Students in four classes at my school researched a goal of their choice and created a local action to support the goal. Their projects were not just shared with their classmates, but their research and ideas were also shared via social media to a global audience. We also created a Flipgrid whereby students shared their learning and ideas when time zones and/or scheduling issues prevented them from connecting in real time.

When I co-taught with an Interior Design teacher at my school to redesign our Library Learning Commons, I was able to leverage my social media PLN in order to connect my students to other Teacher-Librarians in the world for a tour and Q&A of their Library spaces. We used Google Hangouts and Zoom to do this; again incredible learning and authentic experiences at the click of a button.

Our book club participated in the Global Read Aloud and then became inspired to create Slow Chat questions on Twitter for our local Reading initiative. It was amazing to see them use their own accounts and/or our Library account to create provocations around reading!

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I continue to use Twitter and Voxer to grow my own PLN, although I am also using Instagram, Snapchat, and Facebook to connect with educators as well. Tools like Twitter, Zoom, Google hangouts, Flipgrid, and Youtube have been invaluable for me to connect my students to the world.

I blog at jcasatodd.com and can be found on Twitter and Instagram @JCasaTodd. My book Social LEADia shares the ways in which myself and other teachers and students have used social media to make a positive difference in the world.

Jennifer Casa-Todd is wife, mom, and a Teacher-Librarian at Cardinal Carter CHS in Aurora, a former Literacy Consultant for the York Catholic District School Board, and the author of the book, Social LEADia. She is an Ontario GEG leader, a Breakout EDU trainer, a Google Certified educator, a mentor teacher for the ON-ED Student's chat, and the lead organizer for the first Canadian DigCit Summit. Jennifer is also is a grad student at the University of Ontario Institute for Technology focusing on social media in education. She is passionate about showing teachers and students how they can use technology and social media to make the world a better place.

Connected Literature, Connected Minds

With summer fast approaching, don't underestimate the power of a great book club around a life-changing book. We've already shared Social LEADia above!

And now we are showing you a few more, but tweet your suggestions to us (@ISTEGlobalPLN)! Who knows what global book club could come?

DigCitKids: Lessons learning side-by-side, to empower others around the world

by Marialice Curran and Curran Dee, along with Jyoti Chopra from India, Michael Drezek, Mandy Froehlich, JoAnn Jacobs, Mary Jalland from Scotland, Bronwyn Joyce from Australia, Tracy Mercier, Rachel Murat, Oluwakemi Olurinola from Nigeria, Jennifer Scheffer, Amy Storer, Eugenia Tamez from Mexico, María Zabala from Spain, Claudio Zavala. Foreword written by Judy Artz.

DigCitKids is digital citizenship for kids by kids. DigCitKids solve real problems in local, global, and digital communities. This book is a compilation of stories, starting with our own mother and son story, and shares examples from both parents and educators on how they embed digital citizenship at home and in the classroom. The stories highlight how learning together and talking with kids — not at kids — is something we all can do, every single day.

Published by EduMatch.

Leading from the Library: Help Your School Community Thrive in the Digital Age

by Shannon McClintock Miller and William Bass

In this book, a librarian and an education leader team up to reflect on the librarian’s ability to build connections in two ways. First, they discuss the benefits of bringing the outside world into the library through the use of social media, videoconferencing and other tools that allow librarians to partner with others. Then they expand upon these connections by addressing how librarians can lead in the greater educational community by sharing resources and strategies, and partnering with school leaders to tell the story of the school community.

Published by ISTE.

Journey to the Y in You

by Dene Gainey

This book started as a series of separate writing pieces that were eventually woven together to form a fabric called The Y in You. The question is, “What’s the ‘why’ in you?”

Published by EduMatch.

Learning Transported: Augmented, Virtual and Mixed Reality for All Classrooms

by Jaime Donnally

Learning Transported provides practical insights and classroom examples to help educators plan and establish goals so that their investment in immersive technology benefits the greatest number of students. Topics covered include definitions and examples of augmented, virtual and mixed reality; comparison of devices and platforms, and tips for selecting the best one; lesson plans mapped to standards and content areas and ideas for using immersive technology tools in the classroom

Published by ISTE.

In Other Words

by Rachelle Dene Poth

Teddy Roosevelt once said, “I am a part of everything I have read.” When Rachelle read his quote, it greatly resonated with her because of her love of quotes and the impact they can have in our lives. In Other Words is a book full of inspirational and thought-provoking quotes that have pushed her thinking, inspired her and given her strength when she needed it.

Published by EduMatch.

Code Equity

by Tara Linney

Code Equity: Keying Girls into Coding starts with a brief history of the women and men behind the evolution of computer programming, then taking the reader into proven pedagogical practices to create a culture of gender equity in the learning environment. Other topics include curricular integrations for the K-8 educator, tied to both CCSS and ISTE Standards; and empowerment opportunities specifically for girls in an extra-curricular environment.

Find it here.

Earth Day: April 22, 2019

Global Oneness Project

This collection challenges students to cherish the beautiful landscapes of the earth and to contemplate the constant changes to place that are often disheartening.

National Endowment for the Arts

Curriculum is organized in k-5, 6-8, and 9-12 bands.

Tools for Connecting


From Flipgrid and Our Global Classroom, both leaders in the #studentvoice movement, comes an opportunity to connect on #StudentVoiceDay. The grid opens on April 24th!

Read more here: https://blog.flipgrid.com/news/studentvoiceday

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Mystery State Buncee Project

Are you looking for a way to review map and geography skills with your students? If so, you have to check out the Mystery State Buncee Project from the amazing Shannon Miller! Check out the link below to learn more and get involved.


Have you heard about Wakelet? The latest curation tool that is taking the education world by storm! Curate tweets, conference moments, classroom materials, notes, and more! You can even collaborate with others educators and curate resources together!

Global Educator Sean Forde put together a brilliant global activity using Flat Stanley & Wakelet! By sending his students Flat Stanleys all over the world, educators are taking pics with Stanley and adding them to their collaborative Wakelet! Genius!

Cultivated Inspiration: Video Connections

Check out these three great ways to connect via video. All can be used by students, by educators, by administrators, or any stakeholder that might be interested.

This is another great way to stay connected as the end of the year fast approaches!


It's the three year anniversary of #PassTheScopeEDU on Thursday, April 18th. Sign up for a 15 minute slot to share your live thoughts about #ThreeCheers (using Periscope, which will then be housed on your Twitter feed). Listen to others share their #Hoorays. Join and grow with this dynamic and forward-thinking community.

If you can't make it Thursday, no problem! Watch replays when you can. Share your #ThreeCheers if you can! This celebratory day happens every third Thursday of the month, so don't fret.

But do you have an inspired moment that doesn't happen on only the third Thursday of every month? PERFECT. Just use the hashtag #PassTheScopeEDU on your post and the community will benefit from your inspiration.


EdSpace Live

There's no good reason why the learning that teachers value most — on platforms like Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram — shouldn't be how teachers learn at work.

EdSpace is a platform built especially for educators that’s mobile and on-demand. With short three-minute video posts that disappear 72 hours after their last interaction, EdSpace keeps the content fresh and effective.

In the time it takes to look up the population of Montana, teachers should be able to engage with peers looking to help, inspire, reflect, or offer a shoulder to lean on.

That's EdSpace Live, launching fall 2019. This visionary concept is brought to you by Real World Scholars, who are dedicated to changing the paradigm of education.

Sign up to be a leader in this new video revolution: https://www.edspace.live/.

Teacher chatter about #EdSpaceLive

A teacher, who works with pre-service teachers, asks Michael Crawford, of Real World Scholars, about the potential of EdSpace Live.

Nepris: connecting industry and classroom

Nepris came out of a real need we heard from educators, industry leaders, professionals and community partners alike, to reduce the barriers between industry and education. Our core mission: Making industry engagement part of the everyday classroom by empowering teachers to engage students in STEAM!

With Nepris, teachers don't have to spend endless hours and time outside of the classroom to recruit and plan for guest speakers. By facilitating virtual connections, Nepris effectively removes student barriers to access while providing companies the opportunity to efficiently and effectively extend their education outreach efforts.

Sign up here: https://www.nepris.com/home/v4


The Global Goals

Goal 17 seeks to strengthen global partnerships to support and achieve the ambitious targets of the 2030 Agenda, bringing together national governments, the international community, civil society, the private sector and other actors. Despite advances in certain areas, more needs to be done to accelerate progress. All stakeholders will have to refocus and intensify their efforts on areas where progress has been slow.

HundrED Innovators: find potential ways to partner!

Let the educational world lead your charge to use the SDGs to better the world. Partnerships are always started with cultivated relationships.

#ISTE19 and you: #ISTEGlobalPLN wants to see you!!

Look no further than these opportunities to see your #ISTEGlobalPLN in person in Philadelphia. You will surely find serendipitous experiences and magical moments when engaged with the PLN.
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Global Collaboration Network - ISTE Connect

ISTE Standards for Teachers

#4 Leader

Educators seek out opportunities for leadership to support student empowerment and success and to improve teaching and learning.

ISTE Connect is a perfect way for you to dive into leadership, both for you and your students.

Don't lose sight of the power of tossing an idea out, reading what others have to say, and seeking ways to improve teaching and learning...and all can be done through Connect.

Find it on your ISTE profile. Have questions? Tweet to @ISTEGlobalPLN or @fmargret for help! We want to talk to you!

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ISTE Global PLN Leadership Team - Grow with Us!

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