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HHE Mission

Holiday Heights is a SAFE and ACCEPTING place where everyone works together to LEARN, IMPROVE, and ACHIEVE our goals.



September 12 Wear your new T-shirt and khaki/tan: staff picture after school at library area 3:45-4:00

September 12 Campus Teams Meeting 4:00-4:30

September 12 PTA Board Meeting 5:00-6:00

September 13 Pre-K curriculum night 5:30-6:30

September 14 Picture Day

September 15 Red, White, and Blue Jeans: Celebrating Constitution Day

September 16 Howdy Dance 3:30-5:00 (All staff)

September 19 Talk Like A Pirate Day & Faculty meeting 3:45-4:15

September 20-October 4 1st-5th ELA Composition

September 21 Early Release Day

September 23 House meeting: 8:10-8:40

September 26 Site Base Meeting 3:45-4:30

September 30 Hearing/Vision Screening in Science Lab

September 30 CORE Outstanding Student for Six Weeks Nomination

September 30 House meeting: 8:10-8:40

September 30 T-TESS Goals in Apraise by the end of the day

October 3-7 Monach Butterfly Week (state insect)

October 3 Hearing/Vision Screening in Science Lab

October 3 Art/PLC day

October 3 Faculty Meeting 3:45-4:30

October 7 Science Night

October 7 Red River Rivalry: Dress in UT or OU Attire for the Day

October 7 House meeting

October 10 Flex day

October 11 District Staff Development

October 14 House meeting

October 14 Field Day

Instructional Corner

  • Don't forget to add Kagan structures to your normal routine and lesson plans. You should at least be using one structure a day by the end of this six weeks. I am ordering the "one pager" for every teacher on the 10 most effective strategies.
  • You should have received Math posters for your classroom with our district math strategies. Please find a place for them in your classroom that will be visible for students to reference.
  • Start building you interactive word wall for this six weeks.
  • Class Mission Statements should be posted on your wall and referenced on a daily basis.
  • TEKS should be posted and there should be evidence of interaction with the standards.

Information & Updates

  • We still only have one cafeteria monitor. If you know of a parent or someone else that is interested, please let Nicole know.
  • T-TESS Calendar:
  • Office Depot has $200 grants that you can apply at if you would like to try for a gift card.
  • Home Depot also will usually give gift cards to teachers, just write them a letter with the details about the project you are building and the materials needed to the store manager.
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I appreciate how much you all do to uplift our student each and every day. Keep on looking at the best in all you see just like Michelangelo with the David. Uplifting others is a very powerful trait of a great school!

You know how great it feels to be in a room and somebody walks in and uplifts everyone there. Do you want to be that person?

Most of us want to. But, it’s not always easy.

Everyone goes through rough times in life – loneliness, struggle, overwhelm, guilt, resentment and pain. We know it’s important to practice love and kindness, but how can we do that when we’re going through our own hard times? During our own struggles, it’s all too easy to focus on ourselves and stop being polite and compassionate. When we feel like we’re being taken advantage of or being taken for granted, we might wonder why bother giving and helping, when it’s not appreciated?

Emotional states, no matter what they are, are contagious. If you are around depressed or angry people, their emotions will rub off on you. The same is true for positive emotions.

Like ripples in a pond, our emotions radiate outward and affect those around us.

I want to challenge each of us to be intentional about uplifting an adult each day this week.

Attire and Professional Dress

I appreciate how professional and prepared everyone looks everyday. This sends a strong message to our community that we can be trusted to teach their children and shows that you deserve the respect given to any professional.

On the first day of each week you may wear this year's T-Shirt with light colored pants/skirt instead of professional teacher dress.

On Wednesdays during the month of September and October you may wear jeans with a college shirt. From November through March you may chose to wear the school sweat "uniform" on Wednesdays. April and May we wear professional dress to finish the year.

Fridays are jeans day with a school spirit shirt, which can include your house spirit shirt. Please make sure that our attire is above the student dress code (no holes, no fraying, etc). Please let us know if you have any questions about this.

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Shout Outs

  • Thank you to everyone for hosting your curriculum nights. There has been an overwhelmingly positive response from parents on these!
  • Thank you Shelly for sending us out the house lesson and integrating it in with the CORE value!
  • Congratulations to Mrs. Hay as we celebrate her daughter's achievement of being the top Duathlon champion in the world for her age group!
  • Thank you Nicole for setting up such a wonderful birthday treat for our 4 September Staff Birthdays!
  • Community is important and showing that with our actions are so important. Thank you to Shelly and Rachel for giving up their time to help a Kindergarten teacher at another campus set up their room at the last minute.

Air Conditioning Concerns

Please let Resa Goodwin know if you are having any issues with your air conditioning. She will be the person to coordinate with Mr. Diaz and Laron Street for the energy management consultant.

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Communication information

Staff please get the Remind 101 app use code @81010 or text @bisdhhe to get updates throughout the year.

You might also want to Like the Holiday Heights Elementary official Facebook Page and follow Twitter @bisdhhe to keep up with school happenings throughout the year!