Marine West Coast

Marine West Coast is a part of the Temperate Marine Climate.

Climate Location

Marine West Coast is located on the western side of the continents. It is located between 35 degrees and 60 degrees North and South latitude. Most of this particular climate is located in North America. There is some of this climate located in Europe, Australia, and some in South America. The Marine west coast climate is considered to be in the temperate temperature zone.
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Yearly Precipitation

In this climate, Marine West Coast gets a lot of precipitation! It receives 50 to 250 centimeters annually! That averages about 20 inches to about 98 inches in just one year! That is why the vegetation there is so lush.
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Season and Temperature Ranges

The annual temperature range really shocked me. The mean temperatures are in between 50-59 degree Fahrenheit, during the summer. During the winter, temperatures can reach up to 45 degrees Fahrenheit. The summers are pretty moderate and the winters are very mild. This is why the Marine West Coast climate is considered to be a temperate climate.
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Factors Affecting Climate

There are many factors that help shape this climate. It is mainly affected by the warm ocean currents. That is why the winter is very mild. In Europe, since this climate is more inland, mountains really cause a huge factor in climate. In North America, mountains also cause a windward influence.
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