Rebel Without a Cause

Zach Schlimgen

Character Traits of Pluto

Awkward: Pluto was very awkward, he didn't talk much, acknowledge people or really even try to interact with them.

Pluto was very ALONE, he didn't have anyone there for him. His parents weren't really in his life and he didn't have any friends until Jim.

Searching: Pluto was searching for love and friends and just to be wanted. He didn't get the love and or attention he wanted or needed.

Challenges within the family

Pluto didn't really have anyone in his life as a family figure. He was abandoned by his own father and his mother was never home. He was left home with their maid who was more of a mother to him than his own. He was an only child who didn't get the love or attention that he needs from parents. He never had that family feeling because he never really even had a family.

What Pluto learned or how he changed.

Pluto didn't have a chance to change because he was killed because of the choices he did. He didn't listen and or trust Jim so he walked out of the building and got shot because the police thought he had a gun. if he didn't die he could've had a chance to change and feel the love that he needed. I believe though that he learned that he wasn't alone and that he can get love and attention from someone that was a family member.

One of the Symbols

A symbol that goes with Pluto is the mismatched socks that he had on the day he was killed. The socks kind of show that he didn't have someone to pay attention to him when he walked out of the house. He didn't have someone to do his laundry and then match his socks. His socks kind of showed how mismatched his life was.


I see a main lesson from this movie is that we need to really realize how well we have it. Some children don't have a father or mother figure in their life. They are in foster centers or with someone else in their family. Sometimes we have to stop and thank our parents for what they do for us because not all children get the privilege of evening having parents.

Bag Question

Would you go to the police if your parents told you not to? Why or why not?

For the answer to this question it really depends on the situation and what I am in. I usually can make the choices by myself with the matter of how serious it is or not.