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May 2023

Hello and thanks for reading this newsletter!

I plan to keep it updated with information for our school community. I'll email our families on a weekly basis and then include those emails here, along with other information. Things will be arranged chronologically, in case you need to look for communications based on when they were originally sent. Take care!

Kevin Fagan

GES Principal

May 24, 2023

May 24, 2023

Good morning GES families,

We are approaching a much-needed three-day weekend. Following that, we have just about two weeks left before we wrap up the 2022-23 school year! Between now and then, we have a lot going on. Here’s our updated calendar of events in case you need it.

The family survey is now available. The survey is anonymous, and anonymous surveys are for all types of feedback! Is there something that worked great for your child this year, someone you’d like to acknowledge …? You can do that in the survey if you like.

I came across this recent article by the New York Times about youth mental health and thought I’d share. Essentially, it addresses the potential impact of social media on adolescents. Smart devices are not permitted at our WCASD elementary schools, but I know that some parents wrestle with this topic. Might be worth a read.

Want to follow us on Twitter? @GreystoneES.

Enjoy this beautiful weather and the long weekend.


Kevin Fagan

May 15, 2023

Good afternoon GES Families,

Today, we held our monthly evacuation drill and the students did a terrific job! We'll hold one more drill in June and that'll be that!

Drop-off circle: The drop-off circle is ONE LANE. We cannot have cars pulling around other cars at drop-off, as students may be exiting their vehicle from either door. We need everyone's help and this. The last thing any of us wants is an accident involving a child. I know that we all have things to do and places to be, but the drop-off circle is not where we should cut corners. It's one lane and please proceed slowly throughout the drop-off process.

Our local Girl Scout Troop 41064 is endeavoring to earn the Bronze Award, which is a pretty big deal for them. They came up with a creative and terrific way to help members of our WC community in need and they are asking for your help. See the attached flier for more information. Troop 41064 Bronze Award Flyer WCASD (2).pdf.

Remember that there is no school for students this coming Tuesday, May 16.

I hope everyone has a terrific weekend,

Kevin Fagan

May 8, 2023

Good Evening GES Families,

I hope everyone had a good weekend. On Friday, we wrapped up our PSSA testing for students in 3-5. From what I could tell, the students did great! They used their time well, tried their best, and didn’t stress too much. I was very proud of them and thankful to our teachers for their classroom leadership.

I know that for many of us, this is a super busy time of year with activities for the kids. Hang in there! Summer is almost here! I have a few updates for you today.

We have a very full spring calendar, lots of good memories for our students. Here’s the link again in case you need it.

This week is Teacher Appreciation Week. If you have a few minutes to send your child’s teacher an email letting them know what you appreciate about them, it would go a long way!

New GES PTO Executive Board. Last week, a new PTO Executive Board was elected. I want to thank our outgoing Board President, Mrs. Erin Harrington, for her tireless efforts over the past two years. She and the outgoing board members have been stalwarts for our school, working diligently to help ensure that our students have a rich, full elementary school experience.

I look forward to working with incoming co-Presidents Mrs. Vanessa Cosme and Mrs. Stephanie Piccini and the new Board, and I thank them for their time and service to our school community. A full run-down of our board members can be found on the PTO site.

Interested in getting involved with our GES PTO? There are plenty of Committee opportunities. Check them out here!

Last Wednesday, Daisy Troop 41353 had the opportunity for a visit from PA State Trooper, Jess Tobin. She talked to the Daisies about her job and ways to stay safe in the community. The girls were able to earn their Police Department Patch and Respecting Authority Petal. Thank you to our troop moms for organizing all of that!

Family Night Out: 5/31 Chipotle Night Out, 33% goes back to our school when you mention Greystone.

Reminder: No school for students on May 16 (teacher in-service) or May 29 (Memorial Day)

Any questions, let me know. Here’s my email.

Kevin Fagan

May 1, 2023

Good morning GES Families,

It’s May (finally)! This month is action-packed and will go fast, as we wind up our 2023 school year. I have a few items for you today.

PSSAs: Our Grizzlies did a great job last week, doing their best with PSSAs. We’ll wrap up this week with Math PSSAs on May 2 and 3 and Science on May 4 and 5 (4th grade only).

Water Ice on Friday: As a reward for their collective efforts on the PSSAs, the PTO is sponsoring water ice for students and staff this Friday. Hoping for some sun...

Family workshop: Along with counselors from within out school district, The Family Service of Chester County team has been developing a family-based parenting program called Strengthening Steps, geared toward students ages 7-9 and their families. You may be familiar with the program Strengthening Families 10-14 that has been running successfully in our District since 2011. Strengthening Steps is an initiative to offer this same evidence-based programming for our younger students and their caregivers. Check out the attached flier. SSteps FUN NIGHT option.pdf

Reminder: No school for students May 16 or May 29.

Sincerely, Kevin Fagan

April 13, 2023

Good afternoon GES families,

I know we are all enjoying this great weather. We certainly earned it after a rainy, chilly winter! I have several items for you today:

  1. Sign-up Genius for parents interested in helping out with lunch and recess.
  2. GES PTO Board elections. Our PTO and community in general play an important role ensuring that our students have a full, colorful school experience. Those events and initiatives require good leadership, and we have Board elections coming up at the May PTO meeting. Interested in potentially serving on our PTO Board? Have questions about what that might entail? Please feel free to reach out to our current (and outgoing) PTO president, Erin Harrington or you can access this link to put your name in for consideration.
  3. The first annual GES Talent Show is coming up. The performers will be 4th and 5th graders, but all are welcome for the performance on May 18 at 6:30 We need this Google Form completed for each and every student interested in participating in the show (even group acts).
  4. We will hold our April Fire Drill tomorrow, Friday, 4/14. This will be our typical drill. As always, I’ll forecast this for our students again just prior to the alarm tomorrow. They are pros now and do a great job!
  5. Our annual 5th Grade Social is this Friday evening 7:00 to 8:30. We have a fun time in store for our soon-to-be 6th graders. For planning purposes, we are asking that kids not arrive much prior to 7:00 and get picked up at 8:30 sharp at the circle in front of the library area. Thanks!
  6. Here’s our calendar in case you need it. Please note that some dates are tentative. Questions about classroom events can go to your child’s teacher.
  7. Recess: Warm, sunny weather is here, thankfully. We’ll go outside for recess whenever we can and our recess area is not shaded. You may want to consider sending your child with a hat and applying sunscreen in the AM.
  8. Questions for me? Feel free to email and I’ll get back.

Thank you for your support of Greystone!

Kevin Fagan

April 4, 2023

Good Morning GES Families,

It's almost time for the Pennsylvania System of Schools Assessments (PSSA). I'm enclosing a letter here with pertinent information. You'll want to take 10 minutes to read it over, as all of our 3rd, 4th, and 5th grade students will take the tests.

Recently, I visited each of the classrooms to talk with students about the tests and shared the following points:

1. The PSSA is not a test you study or cram for. The test is aligned to the PA Standards, so it's been addressed throughout lessons all year.

2. Yes, the test matters. Students will get a score. Their teacher gets a score. Greystone gets a score. I encouraged the students to take the test seriously and do their best. Key to this is simply using their allotted time each testing segment, which is typically 75 to 90 minutes.

3. Don't stress. I told the students that this is a chance to show off what they've learned and I don't want them to stress over it. Get a good night's sleep, eat breakfast, take their time on the test, try their best. That's it.

What were three of the most frequent questions from students?

  • Can we have candy during the test? Some candy is OK; teachers will talk with students about that, and our PTO is sponsoring water ice for everyone in early May as an acknowledgment of their effort.
  • Do other schools take the tests? Yes. All grade 3-5 students in public schools across the Commonwealth take the PSSAs, so we have lots of company!
  • Is it true that teachers get a bonus for good PSSA scores? Um, no. That's never been the case, although scores are an element of PA educators evaluations.

Thanks for reading. I hope everyone has a nice Spring Break!

Kevin Fagan

March 31, 2023

Good afternoon GES Families,

I hope this email finds you doing well and ready for a little spring break next week. I have a few items for you today.

1. School calendar: As you likely know, the district had snow days built into our calendar. Well .... we didn't really need those snow days this year, did we!? The School Board will be reviewing the calendar in the month of April and can determine to move the last day of school backwards to June 13. This is typical. Stay tuned.

2. Volunteers: At Greystone ES, we create many opportunities for parent volunteers and we are happy to welcome parents into the school to assist with events. It's important, though, that while here, volunteers are sticking to the purpose for which they were approved. A parent coming in to help with lunch, for instance, should not "stop by to say hello" to their other child. Thanks for your help with this.

3. Basketball Summer Camp: Looking for some basketball experiences for your son or daughter this summer? Check out the attached, run by our very own high school coaches and players: east summer 23 tom durant bball camp.pptx (1).pdf and Henderson and East Summer 23 basketballCamp Flyer (4).docx.

4. In need of summer camp? Here's an option for you: WCASD Summer Camp Registration Packet.pdf.

5. Wondering about spring events at GES? We have lots and lots of good stuff happening! Here's the link again in case you need it. Please note that some dates are still pending. This is a living document. We'll communicate more as each event approaches.

6. American Zoo is coming to GES next week and the kids are really excited. Each class will get to participate.

Reminder that there is no school April 6-10 and April 21.

Have a super weekend,

Kevin Fagan

March 17, 2023

Good afternoon GES families,

We held our spring security drill today and the staff and students did great! As I mentioned previously, our PTO-sponsored school store is coming up.

The school store will be open the next 2 weeks March 20th - 24th & March 27th - 31st from 8:30-9am. Items are priced $0.25 - $4.00 and we will have tables at both the bus entrance and the parent drop off entrance, cash only. We split of up the purchase days to assist with foot traffic and make sure everyone gets to class on time. Proceeds benefit our fifth-grade class endeavors. 5th grade families: Please sign up to help run the store! Here's a link for the Sign-Up Genius.

Week 1: March 20th - 24th 8:30 - 9:00 AM

K/2nd/4th Shop M/Th

1st/3rd/5th Shop Tu/F

Week 2: March 27th - 31st 8:30 - 9:00 AM

1st/3rd/5th Shop M/W/F

K/2nd/4th Shop Tu/Th

Reminder that students are off on Wednesday, March 22.

Have a super weekend, everyone.
Kevin Fagan

March 7, 2023

Good afternoon GES Families,

We look forward to seeing our families this week for conferences! I have a few items for you today.

Spring Carnival: Our annual Spring Carnival will take place March 25th 3:00 to 6:00 PM. Join us for Games, Prizes, over 20 raffle baskets, face painting, musical treats, fish bowl, book walk, food, NEW inflatables, a bounce house & obstacle course! Wristbands & raffle tickets are now on SALE! Purchase in advance to avoid the line and save $! This event is for current Greystone Families only.

School Store (3/20-3/31): Our Fifth grade PTO parents are facilitating the spring school store. Fifth grade parents interested in helping can sign up using the SuG that’s coming home this week. The school store will be open to students before school March 20-31. This event is a fundraiser.

Intruder drill on March 17: PA schools are required to hold two security drills each school (in addition to fire drills). We will hold our spring intruder drill on March 17. These drills provide an opportunity to practice our safety procedures as a whole school. The teachers and I will forecast our plans for students.

Clothes for the nurse’s office: We are looking to replenish our supply of spare clothing in our Nurse’s Office to help students who might have accidents or spills during the day, especially for our K-2 crew. Clean, gently-used pants are routinely needed. If you have any to spare, you can simply drop them off in the main office.

S’Mores Newsletter: All of my emails can be found in our newsletter.


Kevin Fagan

March 2, 2023

Good afternoon GES Families,

I have a few items to share with you.

1. Our very generous PTO is putting together snacks and food items for our staff for Parent Conference Week (next week). If you are interested in contributing, here's the link.

2. Henderson High School Softball is running a clinic for interested girls. 2023 Henderson Softball Clinic.jpg

3. West Chester Hoops, a local non-profit, is offering a summer hoops league for boys and girls. WC Hoops Summer League.png


Kevin Fagan

February 28, 2023

February 27, 2023

Good afternoon GES families,

You may have seen my email earlier today regarding lunches. I have a few other items for you today.

The book fair will run from Friday, March 3rd through Thursday, March 9th in Room 215. Parent shopping will be available for limited times during conferences on March 8th and 9th. We accept cash, checks (made out to “Greystone Elementary PTO”), and eWallets. Please remember to include enough money for 6% sales tax on your purchases. Credit cards are also accepted during parent shopping hours. Check out the book fair website for up-to-date parent shopping hours, instructions on setting up an eWallet, and more.

We also need volunteers to make the book fair a success! Sign up here if you are able to help.

Teacher wish lists and eWallets are also available if you would like to donate to your child’s classroom. Thank you for making the book fair a success!

Parent Conferences and schedule: In case you still need to sign up for Parent Conferences, here’s the link. I’m including our cycle schedule for the week. Please take note that both March 8 and 9 will be Day 4, splits by grades 3-5 and K-2 respectively. Cycle Schedule Spring Conferences 2023.png

March is Reading: Our PTO is working together with our teachers to create a great March is Reading event for our school. Details will be forthcoming.

Boys Basketball Opportunity: As in the past, West Chester Nation is offering a basketball opportunity for boys district-wide, grades 3-8. Please see the attached flier for more details. The deadline for sign-ups is this week. Nation Flyer.pdf

Reminder: March 8 and 9 are 12:05 dismissal and there is no school for students on March 10 (parent conferences).


Kevin Fagan

February 27, 2023

There’ve been some questions about lunch cost, so I’m providing this summary in hopes of clarifying things.

In a nutshell:

Meal for $2.75 = entrée + fruit or a fruit juice or a veggie. This might be just two components.

Meal for $2.75 (also) = entrée + fruit +fruit juice +veggie + milk (five components)

Ala carte price = entrée only

Ala carte Price (also) = entrée + milk/chips/treat/ice cream

I’ll ask our teachers to review this with the students and I’ll do the same via the pa system. Hopefully we can clear up any confusion.

As a parent, I’d tell my kids to make sure they take the entrée, fruit or fruit juice, veggie and milk. That will be the meal price of $2.75 every time. I would tell my kids NOT to simply take the entree and skip the veggie/fruit.

Want more details? WCASD is a participant in the National School Lunch Program (NSLP) and as such, there are requirements for what constitutes a “meal,” which costs $2.75. A meal includes a milk, entree feature, 1-2 veggies and a fruit OR juice. Milk is NOT a requirement for a lunch, however, a student must have a fruit, juice or vegetable on their tray to qualify for the 'meal" pricing. Students do not have to take all the components, as long as there is a fruit/juice or veggie on their tray.

For example: A student does not take milk, but takes the hamburger and a juice only. Although this would be the minimum, this would still meet the meal requirement because it addresses the grain (bun), protein (beef patty) and a fruit serving. The same would apply with items such as a slice of pizza and a cup of diced peaches. The grain and protein (pizza) and fruit. These examples would meet the criteria of the NSLP. If a student adds an extra fruit, veggie or juice outside the maximum, that would be an additional charge.

A La Carte charges would apply if a student takes items but DOES NOT have at least one fruit, veggie, or a juice on their tray. Ex: A milk and a hamburger only. This would be rung up as "entree only" (which is the same price as the entire meal of $2.75) and a milk at $.70, totaling $3.45.

Currently, we offer ice cream only on Friday. Ice cream cost is $1.00 - $1.50. Other snacks such as reduced fat chips or cookies or fruit chews are offered Monday through Thursday. These snacks range in price from $.65 - $.90.

Water IS NOT a part of the NSLP and is an additional charge. It does not replace taking a milk.

Our Aramark manager does her best to encourage students to make a “meal” of their lunch order to reduce costs.

Hopefully, that all makes sense.

Kevin Fagan

February 21, 2023

Good afternoon GES Families,

I hope this email finds you well. I have a few items for you today.

Parent conferences are coming up March 8-10. Here's the link so that you can sign up for time with your child's teacher.

The school district is hosting Family Engagement Sessions in the month of April. The attached fliers have all the pertinent information. WCASD Family Engagement Flyer 2023 updated dates.pdf; SPANISH WCASD Family Engagement Flyer 2023 updated dates.pdf.

The end of Trimester 2 is March 3. Report cards will be available in Parent Portal March 20.

Reminder: March 8 and 9 are 12:05 PM dismissal for students and there is no school on March 10 (parent conferences).


Kevin Fagan

February 15, 2023

Good afternoon GES families,

Last week was Counselor Appreciation Week, and this week is Teacher Appreciation Week. I want to take a moment to recognize our awesome counselor, Mrs. Franciotti for her excellent work with our students and parents every day. We are very fortunate to have Mrs. Franciotti as our counselor here at GES!

Teaching is both a challenging and rewarding career. Our teachers dedicate themselves every day to working with the students and families of GES. Together, we are establishing a new school and building a community. I appreciate our teachers each and every day, and I know our parents do as well. I want to acknowledge our PTO for organizing this week’s recognition, together with the generosity of some local businesses (see the attached flier). Teacher Appreciation Week Thank You.jpg

Parent conferences are coming up March 8-10. Next week, I will share the conference sign up form, so you can be on the lookout for that.

Dismissal this Friday is 12:05. There is no school on Monday, February 20.


Kevin Fagan

February 10, 2023

Good afternoon GES Families,

Two quick things for you:

1. I'm very happy to share that we finally have a staff Nurse of our very own! Ms. Amanda McLucas will be joining us officially on February 21. You've already received an email from her with an introduction. Ms. McLucas is very much looking forward to joining our team and we are happy to have her. I want to publicly acknowledge and thank Ms. Stavely for her dedication and excellent work over the past few months. She'll resume her district role as a floating nurse, so I'm sure we'll see her around. Thank you Mrs. Stavely!

2. Here's the SUG form for lunch and recess for March.

Let's go Eagles!

Have a great weekend,

Kevin Fagan

February 8, 2023

Good afternoon GES Families,

One week it’s 15 degrees and the next it’s 50. I’m not complaining about 50 degrees, but c’mon already!

We’ve had a great Eagles Spirit Week so far. The kids keep asking me whether we’ll have a delay if the Birds win, and the answer (for better or worse depending on your vantage point) is “No.” School will be on time Monday.

Yesterday was Day 100, which means are over the hump for the school year! I have a few items for you today.

Afternoon pick-up: I’m seeing some new faces out there at afternoon pick-up! Please, everyone, keep in mind that we want to keep our driveway clear till 3:20. Please do not come up the driveway till 3:20. We do not have staff available each day to manage this, so I need parent support. If you’d like to wait in the lower lot, that’s fine. For what it’s worth, our afternoon pick-up is wrapped up every day by 3:45 at the latest, so wherever you are in line, you’ll be out of here by 3:45. Students are waiting in the pick-up room 15 minutes max, regardless of where their ride is in the line.

Lunch recess volunteer: In case you are interested, here’s the SUG through March.

We will have a Weather Drill this Friday. This will be our first such drill and we’ll instruct the students on all of the procedures, walk them through it that day.

Barring any unforeseen changes, Report Cards will be viewable in Parent Portal on March 17.

Remember that if you need to inform us of an early dismissal, late arrival or an absence, you can do so simply through Parent Portal. You do not need to also call the office. Making vacation requests is easy, simply send me an email, copy Mrs. Jackie Mangasarian

Reminder: Friday, February 17 is a 12:05 dismissal for students and there is no school on Monday, February 20.

Thanks, everyone

Kevin Fagan

February 1, 2023

Good evening GES Families,

As far as I’m concerned, we are right in the thick of winter and just need to get through the shortest/longest month of the year (February, ugh). And can we please get just ONE decent snow?! It was chilly today and we had some flurries for recess (which the kids loved). As long as it's not too inclement, we'll be outside for recess, so please help the kids dress accordingly!

I have a few items for you today:

Here is the school calendar of events for your reference. I’ll continue to update this throughout the school year. As you can see, things really ramp up in the spring time.

Our PTO is celebrating Teacher Appreciation Week February 13-17. Here’s a note from our PTO leadership: “Greystone will be celebrating our amazing teachers, staff and faculty during Teacher Appreciation Week from Feb. 13-17. The PTO has planned a week of activities around the theme "Teachers are the Stars." You should hear from your Classroom Coordinators regarding class-specific activities, but we encourage the entire school to participate in the following: (1) Please ask your child to write a note of thanks to their teacher. We would love for these to be brought in on Tuesday, February 14th or feel free to bring them in throughout the week. (2) All students are invited to dress like a movie star on Thursday, February 16th.”

We have a PTO meeting tomorrow at 9:30 AM in the lunchroom.

Reminder: Friday, February 17 is a half day dismissal for students (12:05) and there is no school Monday, February 20th.


Kevin Fagan

January 12, 2023

Good afternoon GES families!

I hope this note finds you well. I have several items for you today.

Friday, January 13 (tomorrow) is a half day for students, with dismissal beginning at 12:05. We have a staff in-service during the afternoon.

There is no school for students on Monday, January 16.

In recognition of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. our Student Council is hosting a “Fill your bucket” challenge to our students next week. Each Grizzly will be provided a choice board and encouraged to do something kind for someone else each day next week. Ask them about it next week!

We are in the thick of winter, which means we’ll have some cold, wet days. We will still try to get outside for recess each day because we believe it’s important, so keep an eye on that forecast and dress the kids accordingly.

Along the lines of outdoor play time … this is the time of year when some of us question why the heck we live where it’s cold! Getting the kids up and moving and limiting screen time is more challenging now than at any other time of year, but it’s critical for their development. I’m sharing this article that has some ideas about how we can incorporate movement when outside options are limited.

Here is the Sign-up Genius for lunch and recess for the coming months.

Lastly, after going through the previous round of interviews for our PE position, we decided to repost it. The posting can be found on our district Human Resources page. Mr. Miller’s last day at Greystone will be January 20th, and we’ll have a substitute in to bridge the gap till we find our permanent replacement.

That’s it for now. Thanks!

Kevin Fagan

December 22, 2022

Good afternoon GES families,

This will likely be my last family letter for 2022. The holiday season is very much here, and I hope that everyone gets an opportunity for some down time. We all need it!

All of our schools are closed December 23-January 2. We’ll resume school on January 3, 2023.

  • January 13 is a half day for students, with an end time of 12:05. We have a PM in-service for staff that afternoon.
  • January 16 schools and offices are closed in recognition of MLK.

I want to thank everyone for their continued support of Greystone ES. We love our Grizzlies! Happy Holidays and Happy New Year to everyone. See you in 2023!

Kevin Fagan

December 14, 2022

December 14, 2022

Good Morning Greystone ES Families,

I hope you’re doing well. I have several items for you today.

Upcoming Holiday Break: I hope everyone is looking forward to the upcoming break and that you’ll get a chance to wind down and enjoy time with family and friends. I’ve asked my staff to genuinely step away from work during the break, stay off the email, so if you have anything pressing for your child’s teacher, please reach out prior to December 23.

GES Equity Team Snack Drive: This week a flier went home detailing the efforts of our Equity Team to gather snack items for GES families in need. If you haven’t seen this flier, it’s likely buried in that backpack! If you’d like to help, that would be great!

Eagles Pride Day this Friday: Our Eagles are rolling right now, so this Friday we are encouraging everyone to wear their Eagles gear. (And yes, if for some reason you are not Eagles fans, your child can sport that team too)

Our Student Council is sponsoring a holiday spirit week next week (see attached). Winter Spirit Week (1).pdf

Our annual Winter Concert is tonight at 7:00 and it’s open to everyone. The students and teachers have been working diligently and are excited to perform tonight.

Reminder: No school December 23 through January 2.

Take care,

Kevin Fagan

December 7, 2022

Good afternoon GES Families,

Hard to believe we’ve entered the last month of 2022! It’ll be winter break before we know it. Between now and then, it looks like we can expect some rain. We get the students outside for recess as much as possible, so they should be prepared for the weather. We won’t go out if it’s raining too much or if there’s snow. Otherwise, seasonably-cold weather won’t stop us!

End-of-day car line: We’ve been doing pretty well with car line, but I noticed the start time has been creeping back. I’m asking that parents not enter campus prior to 3:20. We need to keep that driveway open as long as possible.

Flexible Instructional Day: There will be information coming tomorrow about Flexible Instructional Days. This has to do with snow days, virtual learning, not adding days in June, etc. Much more detailed info will be included in tomorrow’s communication from the district.

Mrs. Vanegas and Mr. Miller. As I shared a couple of weeks ago, Mrs. Vanegas is going to be leaving Greystone to take on a new role as the Instructional Coach at FHE. We’ll miss her but know that she will be great in this new role and congratulate her on this achievement! Mr. Carl Tull will be transferring from FHE to assume Mrs. Vanegas’s class. Interviews are underway for Mr. Miller’s replacement and I am aiming to complete that transition in January.

Absences: Anytime you can get a medical note for a student absence, do so. They don't count against your allotted 15 parent note/family vacation absences. Notes can be emailed to Mrs. Mangasarian or dropped off to the office.

Report cards will be viewable to families via Parent Portal on December 14.

December Fire Drill is this Friday.

Winter classroom parties will take place the Week of December 19. Homeroom parents and teachers are coordinating this and will inform parents as we get closer.

Reminder: Schools are closed December 23 through January 2, with school resuming January 3.


Kevin Fagan

November 16, 2022

Good Afternoon GES Families,

Thanksgiving is right around the corner, and I hope you are planning to make time to slow your pace and enjoy your family and friends. We are looking forward to seeing our parents for conferences next week. I have several items for you today.

Un-plug for the holiday! I’ve asked my staff to genuinely step away from work for the holiday, beginning next Wednesday afternoon. I’ve encouraged them to slow down for a few days and connect with family and friends. Please help us by refraining from emails during the holiday breaks. Thank you!

Conferences are scheduled for 20 minutes. We’ll need to stick to that timeframe, as most of our teachers are booked. Our teachers will be efficient with your time.

Lost and Found will be out on display during conferences. Please take a few minutes before you leave to peruse the tables, see if you recognize anything! Following conferences, all remaining items will be donated.

The students have half days on Monday and Tuesday. Monday is cycle day 4 and grades 3-5 will have Specials. Tuesday is cycle day 1 and K-2 will have specials. Dismissal on half days will begin at around 12:05.

Our annual Giving Tree will be up for conferences. If you’d like to assist a Greystone ES family in need, you can take a tag. This was very popular last year, so our PTO is equipping the tree with more tags for our generous school community.

If your child is out for a medical appointment, be sure to furnish us with a medical note. Those excused absences do NOT count against your “parent note/approved vacation” limit of 15 absences per school year. You can input the absence to Pick-up Patrol and then email/deliver the medical note to Mrs. Mangasarian in the front office.

Auntie Anne’s pretzel kit order forms went home this week. Please help support the 5th grade class and order your pretzel kits now through November 30th. It’s a great treat to make and share over the winter break! Information on how to order the kits will be going home soon with your children and can be found online on the Greystone PTO website.

Thank you to our many parents who assisted with the Book Fair. It was a big success and the kids loved it.

Our November fire drill will take place this Friday, November 18.

Happy Thanksgiving to you and your families! Thank you for being part of our school community and for your ongoing support of Greystone.


Kevin Fagan

November 8, 2022

Good afternoon GES families,

I hope the kids are enjoying their day off from school! I have a several items for you today.

Parent conferences are coming up. Your child’s teacher has previously shared the PTC Fast link and so have I. I see those sign-ups rolling in! If you would like to meet with our Specials teachers during conferences, you can. Simply email them ahead of time or stop in to see them when you are here.

During our extended breaks, I’m going to encourage my staff to step away from work, email to more genuinely reconnect with family and friends and re-energize. As such, I’m asking that our families refrain from emailing our staff during the upcoming Thanksgiving and winter break. If there is a question of concern that needs attention, maybe try to reach out prior to the break. Thank you for your help with this!

The week of November 14th is Hunger and Homelessness Awareness Week. Students will be invited to wear anything red throughout the week of November 14th. The purpose of this is to bring awareness to the homeless and food-insecure families throughout the country.

Our Student Council is sponsoring a donation drive for the Coatesville VA in honor of Veterans Day. Check out the attached flier for more information Veterans Day Donation Drive Flyer (1).pdf.

The GES PTO is also sponsoring a Thanksgiving food drive for local families in need. Here’s what’s being asked for, and any help is appreciated:

K & 1st grade: boxed mashed potatoes, rice, bags of dried beans

2nd grade: canned fruit

3rd grade: canned vegetables

4th grade: powdered milk, ground coffee, hot chocolate mixes

5th grade: non-perishable boxed desserts (please consider boxed desserts that don’t require a lot of additional fresh ingredients).

End of Trimester 1 is November 30 and the beginning of Trimester II is December 1. Report Cards are projected for Parent Portal on December 14.

Dressing for the weather (as unpredictable as that is …). Outside play time is very important. Unless it’s raining or really cold, students should plan to be outside for recess. Our recess area is a little windy, so jackets, hats, etc. are a good idea in the fall and winter.

GES Spirit Wear Sale ends on Friday 11/7. Here’s the link if you are interested in buying something.


12:05 dismissal for students on Monday, November 21 and Tuesday, November 22.

No school for students Wednesday, November 23 through November 25.

If you have any questions/concerns/problems, please reach out to me directly at or my number is 484-266-2301.

Thanks everyone,

Kevin Fagan

November 2, 2022

Good afternoon GES families,

How ‘bout those Phils! This morning, I invited our students and staff to show their Phillies spirit tomorrow, help propel them to a World Series Championship! I have a few items for you today.

Parent conferences. As promised earlier this week, here’s the link for parent conferences the week of November 21.

Charitable Endeavors: We are currently collecting goods for the local Coatesville VA and for Greystone Families in need. My communication earlier this week contained specifics and the kids brought home fliers as well.

Class pictures on November 14: On November 14, we’ll do whole class pictures for each of our 23 classes. Two of our PTO moms, Mrs. Skeete and Mrs. Olsen are generously helping us with this.

I aim to keep our families up to speed with what’s happening at Greystone, and I send home communications at least once a week. I hope you find these helpful, but if you have any additional questions or concerns, please feel free to reach out to me directly at my email or my phone 484-266-2301.

Thanks for your support of our school,

Kevin Fagan

October 31, 2022

Happy Halloween! Thanks again to everyone who was able to join us for the parade on Friday. It was super! Hopefully, the weather holds out tonight for both our Trick-or-Treaters and the Phils! I have a few items for you today.

Greystone is on Twitter. Check us out at @GreystoneES. I share updates here, including our Grizzlies of the Week.

Book Fair this week. Preview days are Tuesday and Wednesday and purchase days are Thursday and Friday. The PTO is facilitating the Book Fair and is still looking for help. Please visit the PTO homepage for more information, including how to set up an e-wallet for your child.

Veterans Day Drive: Greystone will be recognizing our Veterans and our families can get involved too by making much-needed donations. Please check out the attached flier for more info: Veterans Day Donation Drive Flyer (1).pdf

Thanksgiving Food Drive: The PTO is again sponsoring a food drive for GES families in need. We’d love for everyone to get involved. Interested in helping? Here’s a flier with more information. Greystone Food Drive 2022.pdf

GES Students participating in The Nutcracker: Congratulations to Alanna and Olivia Fishman and to Tessa and Jake Cooper, who will be performing in The Nutcracker production at Mary K. Asplundh Concert Hall (WCU campus) 12/16 through 12/18. Tickets can be purchased through

Parent Conferences: Parent Conferences will be November 21 from 1-4:00 PM; November 22 from 1-4 and 5-8; and November 23 from 8-11. Later this week, I’ll share the sign-up links for conferences, which are scheduled for 20 minutes.

Lost and Found. Thank you to Mrs. Betts for coming in recently to help us organize our Lost and Found pile (which grows and grows …). Everything is on display for the students. Sometime soon, we’ll need to donate to the local Goodwill.


November 8 No school for students

November 21-22 Half day for students (PM conferences)

November 23 No school for students (AM conferences)

November 24 and 25 Schools closed for Thanksgiving


Kevin Fagan

October 25, 2022

Hello GES families,

I hope you had a great weekend. Thank you again to everyone who attended our Trunk or Treat event on Friday. What a turnout! Thank you especially to our families who decorated their trunks and to Mrs. Cosme for all of her hard work with coordinating everything! I have several updates for you today.

Greystone is on Twitter: Follow us at @GreystoneES. This is where I post pics and captions about special events and our weekly Grizzlies of the Week.

Halloween Parade and Classroom Parties: Thankfully, the weather is looking pretty good for our Halloween Parade on Friday! As long as it holds up, we’ll be good to go! I’ll confirm with everyone on Friday morning. I’ve previously shared lots of information about the parade and you can find that in our newsletter. Carpooling is a great idea. Please note where parents can and cannot park Friday morning. The parade will commence at 10:00, in front of the school. Classroom parties will also take place on Friday as well. Thank you to our homeroom parents for helping out. Halloween Parade Information.pdf. Parking and route info: Halloween Route for spectators.pdf

Costumes for Friday. Costumes are permitted for Friday. They should be school-appropriate, keeping in mind we have five and six-year-olds with us! Students may wear masks and have props for the parade portion, but not afterward. Masks and props will need to be put away for the remainder of the day. For our Kindergarten and First Grade students especially … it might be good to have them come to school in costumes if at all possible. This will help us prepare for the parade. We will not be doing costumes on Monday, October 31.

Book Fair: The fall 2022 Book Fair will be November 1st to November 4th. The kids will have an opportunity to purchase books with cash, check or e-wallet. E-wallets can be created in advance using this link. Look for more information coming home with students about wish lists and for volunteer opportunities to staff the fair.

Parent Conferences: We’ll hold parent conferences during the week of Thanksgiving Break, same as before. They’ll be in-person with a parent option for remote. We’ll soon publish the sign up.

Picture Re-takes: In case your child was not here for school picture day, we’ll do re-takes on December 1st.

Lunch and Recess Volunteers: If you are interested in helping us with lunch or recess November through February, you can volunteer here. Please be sure to read the requirements.

Lost and Found: Please check with you child about any missing articles of clothes. The chances are decent we have them here in our lost and found, which grows and grows each day! Soon, we'll donate them to Goodwill.

Reminder: No school for students on November 8.


Kevin Fagan

October 17, 2022

Good afternoon GES families,

If you’re a Philly sports fan, this sure was a weekend to remember. I’m tired from all that cheering!

Halloween Costumes: As I’ve mentioned a couple of times now, we are inviting our Grizzlies to wear their school-appropriate costumes on Friday, October 28th. We are also planning on an outdoor parade that day, weather permitting. The parade will commence around 10:00. Included here is some additional information you might find helpful. Halloween Parade Information.pdf. Halloween Route for spectators.pdf.

Philadelphia Phillies Spirit Day on Friday, 10/21. What an exciting time to be a Philly sports fan! We are going to celebrate our Phillies on Friday with a Spirit Day. Our Grizzlies are encouraged to show their Phillies Spirit.

Smart Devices: We are seeing an uptick in the number of smart devices in the school, and it’s causing some issues between students and in the classroom. According to School Board Policy 237, personal smart devices, including smart phones and watches are not permitted for use by students during the school day. This includes to and from school while on the bus. I’m asking for parents’ help with keeping smart devices at home and talking with the kids about how/when to use them appropriately.

GES Trunk or Treat. Today is the last day to sign up for the Trunk or Treat, which is this Friday from 5:30 to 7:00 but you need to register! Here’s more info for you: GES TRunk or Treat.pdf

Candid pictures: We are in the midst of building our yearbook and we are inviting parents to share candid pics with us. Here’s a link to help make it easy for you.

Lost and Found: The L&F pile grows and grows ...! If you think you are missing a hat, or a sweatshirt, or even a (single sneaker), the chances are decent it's here at GES! Ask your child to check out L&F. In the near future, we'll make a donation to a local charity.

Rite Aid: Are you Rite Aid customer? Well if you are identify Greystone to benefit from your purchases. Here's a link with more info.

Reminder: No school for students on Monday, October 24.

Sincerely, Kevin Fagan

October 11, 2022

October 11, 2022

Good morning GES Families,

Got any plans for Friday, October 21 ...?

This year we are pleased to have our first annual Trunk or Treat on October 21st from 5:30-7pm (October 28this the rain-date). Students will be able to trunk or treat in the lower baseball field, and when they are finished they can enjoy music, games and purchase dinner from a food truck! The food truck will be serving hot dogs, walking tacos with a vegetarian toppings option, drinks and more with 20% of the proceeds going to Greystone.

Families need to register by October 17th and students will be given a wristband if they are trunk or treating. The cost to truck or treat is $5 per person regardless of age. Families who are decorating their trunks need to register and if their students are participating there is an option for them in the link. If you are participating in the event as trunk, you will need to decorate your truck as well as hand out snacks/candy of you choice. You can register with the QR code sent home on the green flyer, or online at via membership toolkit.

Trunk or Treat is an event that supports Greystone’s families in need as well as PTO. Please email Vanessa Cosme with any questions you may have at

Hope to see you there,

Kevin Fagan

October 10, 2022

Good Afternoon GES Families,

It’s been an exciting few days here at Greystone. On Friday, we had a terrific Greystone Games event and that evening, hosted nearly 450 members of our school community for the 2nd annual Family Fun Run with Colors. Thank you to our PTO leadership and all of our volunteers who helped make those events a reality.

Spirit Week: Our Student Council is organizing Spirit Week this week (yes, I am sporting some flannel today). Your child’s teacher has already shared information on dress for this week, all optional, of course.

Picture Day: Tuesday, October 11th is Picture Day. ALL students will have their pictures taken. If you’d like to order pics, here’s the info

School Store: The school store will be open these next 2 weeks Oct. 10th - 14th & Oct. 17th - 21st from 8:30-9am. Items are priced $0.25 - $3.50 and we will have tables at both the bus entrance and the parent drop off entrance, cash only. Proceeds benefit our fifth-grade class endeavors. We could also really use a few more volunteers to help with the store! Here's a link for the Sign-Up Genius:

Week 1: October 10th - 14th 8:30 - 9:00 AM

1st/3rd/5th Shop M/W/F

K/2nd/4th Shop Tu/Th

Week 2: October 17th - 21st 8:30 - 9:00 AM

K/2nd/4th Shop M/W/F

1st/3rd/5th Shop Tu/Th

Reminder: No school for students on October 24.


Kevin Fagan

October 3, 2022

Good afternoon GES families,

Looks like inside recess today and maybe tomorrow, and then it’ll clear up later this week, just in time for our Greystone Games! The Greystone Games present an opportunity for some friendly, grade-level competition. This event is facilitated by our PTO and serves as our biggest fundraiser. Interested in donating? GG Fun Run Flyer 2022 email attachment final.pdf.

Colors for Friday: Each of our grade levels has been assigned a distinct color to wear for the Greystone Games. Your child’s teacher will communicate more on this.

Spirit Week is next week. Our Student Council is organizing Spirit Week for us and your child’s teacher will be sharing more information on this soon.

Dress for recess: On the vast majority of days (though not today) we’ll aim to go outside for recess. As the weather gets colder, please help ensure that your child is dressed to go out and play.

No school this Wednesday. Students do not have school this Wednesday, October 5.

Student pictures coming up: All students will get pictures on October 11th. Access this link to place an order if you like.

Halloween Costumes: On Friday, October 28th, the students may wear school-appropriate costumes. They should not bring accessories in and no replica weapons are permitted. I’m asking that everyone keep in mind that we have some young Kindergarteners in the building, so we want to make sure that costumes are appropriate for that age group and family-friendly for our parade. Given that our parade is in the morning, it might be good for students to wear their costumes to school, if possible. This will help the teachers get "parade-ready!"

Halloween parade: Our parade is scheduled for Friday, October 28 at around 10:00 AM. We are giving this our best shot and asking everyone to pull together to make it work. Our GES families are invited to come spectate outside. Here are some important notes about the parade.

  1. The parade will be outside, but if the weather is too bad, we will cancel. There is no rain date. I’ll communicate with everyone that morning.
  2. Parking: Parents may park at the school on campus in available spots and at the lower field parking lots. We cannot have parking in the driveway loop itself, as that is our parade route. No parking on any asphalt driving lanes, please. The lower lot is available to us.
  3. Carpool if you can please. Parking is going to be tight. Carpooling will really help us out.
  4. We’ll do a large loop around the parking area. Families should station themselves on the walkways and the area around the front parking lot. On the attached document, the highlighted areas indicate where parents should stand. Halloween Route for spectators.pdf

Morning Drop-off reminders: If you drop your child off for school, please keep the following in mind:

  • The drop-off circle is one lane. Please do not pull around the car in front of you, as that could present a safety issue.
  • Please pull all the way through the circle (watch for Miss Trish, waving you up).
  • Make the exit swift. We need to keep the car line moving. Your child needs to be ready to hop on out so we can keep traffic flowing.

For your planning purposes, there is no school for students October 24.


Kevin Fagan

September 30, 2022

Good morning GES families,

I'm reaching out today to our grade 3, 4, and 5 families.

If your child participates in any of the following activities, the school district assesses a $27 activity fee: Band, Chorus, Orchestra, and After-school Intramurals. Thank you to those who have already taken care of this fee. If you've not yet had a chance to do so, this information should prove helpful. If possible, we are hoping to have all fees resolved by Friday, October 7.

Attached here is information about those fees and a link for your to readily pay the fee if necessary. Activity Fee Packet.pdf.

PaySchools Central link.


Kevin Fagan
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GES Picture Day is October 11.

Our 2022 Student Picture Day is October 11. Every student will have his/her picture taken. Interested in ordering? Access this link.

September 27, 2022

Good Afternoon GES Families,

Happy Fall Season! I have several items for you today.

GES Picture Day is October 11. Every student will have his/her picture taken. Interested in ordering pics? Check out this link and flier: Barksdale Student Photo Order Form.pdf .

PTO School Store Returning: The Fall School Store is coming back to Greystone! All proceeds support 5th grade activities!

Week 1: October 10th - 14th 8:30 - 9:00 AM

  • 1st/3rd/5th Shop M/W/F
  • K/2nd/4th Shop Tu/Th

Week 2: October 17th - 21st 8:30 - 9:00 AM

  • K/2nd/4th Shop M/W/F
  • 1st/3rd/5th Shop Tu/Th

Parent & Student Volunteers are needed to run the store! Volunteer Clearances must be on file with the office. Sing up here.

Greystone Games are coming! We are excited to announce our 2nd Annual Greystone Games and Family Fun Run with Colors - the largest PTO fundraising event for our school benefitting ALL students! Proceeds raised for these events will help to offset field trip costs for all students.

We’ve kicked off the Fundraising portion of the Games! Each classroom was given a coin jar for collecting spare change. The class that raises the most money in its coin jar will win a pizza party! The top class from each grade level will win an extra recess. It's a great time to have the kids clean out the car, couches, and anywhere else to dig up that loose change!

Students are also encouraged to raise individual donations. The individual funds raised give the students the chance to win numerous prizes, all while helping the entire Greystone ES Community! Head to the GES PTO website to make online donations. You may also send in a check or cash donation in an envelope labeled Greystone Games with your child’s name, grade and teacher on it. Also, please note, registration for the Family Fun Run with Colors will count toward your student(s) individual fundraising for prizes.

GES Color Run on October 7: Our Family Fun Run with Colors on Aram Ave! Check out the attached flyer for details: GG Fun Run Flyer 2022 email attachment final.pdf.

Last call for Philly Pretzel Sales ends today: If you are interested in ordering Philly Pretzels for your child, sign-ups end today. The quickest way to sign up is via the PTO site.

Free Breakfast at GES: On September 9, 2022, Governor Tom Wolf announced that Pennsylvania will make it possible for all schools participating in the School Breakfast Program (SBP) to provide free breakfasts for all enrolled students during the 2022-23 school year, beginning with breakfast meals served October 3, 2022. All WCASD Elementary and Middle Schools participate in the School

Breakfast Program (as part of the NSLP) and will begin serving free breakfast to any student regardless of eligibility under the NSLP guidelines.

Reminder: There is no school for students on October 5.

Thanks everyone,

Kevin Fagan

September 21, 2022

We are excited to announce our 2nd Annual Greystone Games and Family Fun Run with Colors - the largest PTO fundraising event for our school benefitting ALL students!

This will be an exciting event where the kids will have a blast being active all while raising money for their school. And families love it because there are no catalogues and nothing to sell!

On Friday October 7th all students will be participating in Greystone Games - a fun team building relay event with their class during the school day. Then, that evening, we will host our Family Fun Run with Colors on Aram Ave! Check out the attached flyer for details (a flyer will be coming home with your students too!). GG Fun Run Flyer 2022 email attachment final.pdf. GG Fun Run Flyer 2022 email attachment spanish.pdf

Today we kick off the Fundraising portion of the Games! Each classroom has a coin jar for collecting spare change. The class that raises the most money in its coin jar will win a pizza party! And the top class from each grade level will win an extra 15 minute recess. Great time to have the kids clean out the car, couches, and anywhere else to dig up that loose change!

Students are also encouraged to raise individual donations. The individual funds raised give the students the chance to win numerous prizes, all while helping the entire Greystone community! Head to the PTO website to make online donations ( You may also send in a check or cash donation in an envelope labeled Greystone Games with your child’s name, grade and teacher on it. Also, please note, registration for the Family Fun Run with Colors will count toward your student(s) individual fundraising for prizes. The flyer coming home has options for donating and registering as well - QR codes, the PTO website or completing the bottom of the form and returning it in an envelope with cash or check to the office

One small request - if you have any shoe boxes you could donate, please drop them off in the office.

More information including details about volunteering to come. Stay tuned!

Thank you in advance for helping make our 2nd annual Greystone Games and Family Fun Run with Colors a huge success!

Greystone PTO

Petra Rose, Carolyn Conti & Vanessa Cosme - co-chairs

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September 19, 2022

Good Afternoon GES Families,

Looks like we are set for a break in the heat sometime around mid-week. Maybe some early fall whether will be rolling in …? I have several items for you today.

Student and staff health. Each year as school gets up and running, we see an increase in student visits to the nurse and we are seeing that now. Parents, we need your assistance. Please do not send your child to school sick. Students who are sick are unable to learn and, in addition, may inadvertently spread sickness among others. Due to the close proximity of both students and staff in school buildings, the potential for the rapid spread of infection represents an overriding public health concern.

Occasions when students need to be excluded from school include the following:

  • Students with temperatures of 100.0 degrees Fahrenheit or above should stay home and remain home until they have been fever-free for 24 hours without medication.
  • Students with persistent vomiting and/or diarrhea should stay home and should return to school only after being symptom‐free for 24 hours.
  • Use the District Symptom Checker daily to identify if your child has any COVID symptoms.


In order to further cut down on student injuries at school, I spoke with students during lunch about the following:

  • Not picking up others at recess
  • Not practicing gymnastics at recess (too many incidents of wrist and head injury)
  • Keeping soccer and football to the grass areas

I also let them know that our nurse will not be giving out the following:

  • Cough drops, cold water from her fridge, tissues, lip balm. Students are encouraged to bring these items with them to school if need be. We have several water refilling stations.

Greystone Games: We’ll hold the Greystone Games on October 7. This was a big hit last year and serves as a fundraiser for our PTO, which then of course benefits our students. We’ll provide more information soon, and teachers have been equipped with coin jars. If you have some loose change at home, your child can bring that in, put it toward the class fundraising goal.

Theater Club at GES: Is your child in grades 3-5 and interested in doing some Improv? Well … here’s their golden opportunity! Check out this link for a workshop that’s being offered here at GES.

One of our students is starring in a new movie! Fifth grade Eloise McCommas is starring in a new film, I Heard the Bells, which is set to release in theaters nationwide Dec 1. Fathom Events is in charge of the release, and you can buy tickets through their website for a theater near you! Congrats, Eloise! See the trailer here.

Reminder: No school for students on Monday, September 26. We are holding a staff in-service.

Thanks, everyone (Go Birds)!
Kevin Fagan

September 12, 2022

Good Morning GES Families,

I hope you are doing well today. I’m reaching out with several items for you.

Greystone Games are coming! The Games are scheduled for Friday, October 7 (with an October 10 rain date). Our PTO is organizing this event for the students and we’ll share information soon.

Art Club: We are hosting Young Rembrandts again this year. This was very popular with our K-5 students last year, beginning September 19. You need to register your child. Here’s a link and the flier YR at GES 22-23.pdf.

Boys and Girls Intramurals with Mr. Niedziejko: If your 4th or 5th grader is interested in Intramurals this Fall, check out this link. Application deadline is Friday, September 16 at 4:00 PM.

Fire Drill on Thursday, September 15. We’ll have our first fire drill of the school year on Thursday. Each month, we’ll practice some form of emergency drill. I’ll provide notice to families, students, and staff.

Reminder: No school for students on September 26: Staff in-service.

Follow us on Twitter: @GreystoneES

Thanks everyone,

Kevin Fagan

September 7, 2022

Good Evening GES Families,

I am reaching out to you tonight with some student and parent opportunities. Looking for clubs for the kids, volunteer opportunities for mom and dad? Well then this email is going to be very informative. Thanks for reading.

GES PTO-sponsored clubs: Through the generosity of our school community and the determination of our PTO Board and parent volunteers, we are able to offer a variety of really cool after-school clubs, exclusively to our Grizzlies. Check out this flier for more info: GES After School Clubs.pdf.

Running Club

Steam Club

Horticultural Club

Basketball for grades 3-5: West Chester Nation Basketball is getting up and running. Registration deadline is September 17. This terrific program is run by WCASD high school students and coaches. Check the flier for registration info. Fall '22 WEST CHESTER NATION (3).pdf

Science Explorers at GES. Back by popular demand, we are offering Science Explorers this year after school. The attached flier provides all the pertinent info: Greystone Elem. Science Explorers Flyer 2022-23.pdf.

Volunteer Opportunities at GES. A couple of weeks ago, we shared a link for parents to sign up to serve as lunch/recess volunteers. Included here are additional opportunities for our parents to get involved, organized by our PTO. If you are interested, the PTO asks that you sign up by September 16. Classroom Volunteer Opportunities. If you have any questions, feel free to email Mrs. Kate Cipriano or Mrs. Sarah diFrancesca directly. Volunteers can serve an important role with helping our teachers, so thanks for considering!

Thanks everyone.

Kevin Fagan

September 2, 2022

Good morning GES families,

We are ready to wrap up week one here at Greystone, and overall, it was a great week! The kids came with their smiles and high energy. You may notice they are extra tired this weekend. We have completed all of our Open House events. It was great seeing so many parents! Here are some items for you today:

  1. Morning drop off: Thank you for keeping drop off swift and moving along. Remember that our drop off door closes at 9:00 AM sharp.
  2. Lunches: Lunches are not free this year and for purchase only. Instructions on how to add $ to your child’s account were previously shared and can be found in our newsletter or on the district site.
  3. Afternoon pick-up: Thank you for not parking in our driveway till 3:20 and for having your signs clearly displayed in your windows! The line seems to be moving along well, and I appreciate everyone getting their child into the car and getting on their way!
  4. Grizzly Bucks: The kids are likely coming home talking about Grizzly Bucks and you might be like, “What are those?” GES is implementing a PBIS Program. Our work began last year. The “reward” element of that program will come in the form of Grizzly Bucks, which students can earn for demonstrating one or more of our four pillars: Safety, Kindness, Responsibility and Respect. If your child tells you he/she earned a Grizzly Buck, a great response is to ask them to tell you their story.
  5. September 11 Commemoration: With the exception of Kindergarten, teachers across the school district will conduct grade-level appropriate lessons on this topic, and your child’s teacher will share specifics ahead of time. Kindergarten teachers will not address the events of 9/11.
  6. GES Events: This calendar will provide you with a list of upcoming events. Obviously, things can be subject to change, weather, etc. GES Events Calendar.

Have a great holiday weekend, everyone.

Kevin Fagan
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August 26, 2022

Good morning GES families,

We are prepared to begin a new school year, and I’m reaching out today with a few last-minute items that could really help ensure things go smoothly Monday. I’ve sent home lots of information recently, all of which can be found on our newsletter.

  1. Morning parent drop off:
    1. Parent drop off begins at 8:30 and ends at 9:00. After 9:00, students must come in through the main entrance. If you are driving your child to school, please be here before 9:00 each day.
    2. I am anticipating high volume for drop off and pick-up, especially for the first couple days of school. There are only so many things we can do on the school end to expedite this process, and we need your help. Parents can best help us by doing the following at drop off:
      1. Arrive between 8:30 and 9:00.
      2. Follow staff instructions to pull forward in the line.
      3. Keep the goodbyes brief. Monday morning drop off is not a good time for pictures. Please stay in your vehicle. We need to keep things moving.
      4. After your child has exited the vehicle, please keep moving and exit the campus.
      5. Pick-up: Last week I sent home very specific instructions for pick-up. Please review them. The information can also be found in the newsletter.
      6. Be patient with us. We are doing our best.
  2. Teacher assignment and bus: Please talk with your child this weekend and make sure that he/she is clear on their teacher’s name and bus number. This is especially important for our new and younger students.
  3. Lunch: If possible, please consider packing lunch for the first week. I anticipate lunch will be “clunky” for the first couple of weeks as students are reintroduced to using the keypad to purchase. Instructions for loading money to your child’s account have been shared previously. It's important that students know their student number for the keypad. That's the "700" number, which can be found in Parent Portal.
  4. Register for Pick Up Patrol: If you have not already done so, please register for PuP using the code that was sent to you, and double check your Default pick up settings. At the end of each day, teachers will refer to PuP for your child’s pick-up plans, so this is important.

Thank you for helping us with these items. It’ll make a big difference!

Our staff was in this week preparing for Monday and next week. We engaged in work related to our building goals for the year, curriculum, and preparing our space to welcome students Monday morning. We are ready. We can’t wait to see their smiling faces Monday morning and look forward to a great school year! We look forward to working together with our parents again this year.


Kevin Fagan

August 23, 2022

Good Afternoon GES Families!

It’s almost that time to start the 2022-23 school year! I hope everyone is excited (I know the moms and dads are!). Our staff is in this week doing final preparations for our Grizzlies to arrive on Monday, August 29th. I’ve sent lots of information home this summer. If you need to re-check any of that info, it can all be found in our GES Newsletter.

Open House Schedule: Open House is a parent-only event that provides an opportunity for parents and teachers to interact directly in the classroom and talk about what we’ll accomplish this school year.

Wednesday, August 24th 6:30 to 7:30 Kindergarten and Grade 1

Tuesday, August 30th 6:30 to 7:30 Grades 2 and 3

Thursday, September 1st 6:30 to 7:30 Grades 4 and 5

School Supplies: Classroom teachers will communicate with parents about exactly what students need to bring in the first day of school. Kindergarten and First grade parents, please feel free to bring your child’s supplies with you to Open House; that way they won’t need to worry about it on the 29th.

What students will need to bring Day 1: Students should have a backpack, the supplies teachers requested, water bottle, snack, and lunch (if you are packing lunch, which we suggest for the first few days if possible). We will plan to go outside for recess every day, including when it’s hot and sunny, so sunscreen and a hat might also be a good idea.

Afternoon parent pick-up: By now, you’ve likely set up and are familiar with your Pick-Up Patrol application (emails went out last week). Here are some items to know:

  • If you’ve not already done so, please check your “Default” settings. We need to know whether your child will be taking the bus or getting picked up. If you need to make a change that plan, we need to know that prior to 2:30 PM each day.
  • Here is the parent pick-up route.
  • Please do not line up in our driveway prior to 3:20.
  • Please have a large sign for your passenger window that includes your child’s first and last name and grade. Our staff will read your sign and radio in for pick-up. This is one of the ways parents can really help us expedite things.
  • Please keep pick-up swift; get your child in the car and be on your way so we can keep things moving!
  • This five minute video provides an overview.

Afternoon Bus Run: Bus assignments can be found in Parent Portal. For the first couple of weeks, please expect a wider range of drop off times and even delays, as drivers acclimate to their runs. This is not unusual. If there’s an unusual issue or concern, you’ll hear from us.

Grizzly Apparel: The apparel sale has been extended to August 26th.

Thanks everyone,

Kevin Fagan

August 16

Good Afternoon GES Families,

I'm reaching out today to forecast our Pick-Up Patrol application that we utilize here at GES. It's great! Most of you have experience with this from last year. This letter will provide some of the highlights and important information. New families will receive a unique letter directly from Pick-Up Patrol, so be on the lookout for that!

I realize too that many of you will utilize busing this school year. Busing information was released in Parent Portal this week. If there is a mistake or you need to adjust your afternoon bus plan, please let my secretary, Theresa Weaver know that by August 19th. Keep in mind, too, that for the first couple weeks especially, busing can be "glitchy" in the afternoon as students an drivers get accustomed to routes and routines, so please be patient with us.


Kevin Fagan

August 15, 2022

Good Morning GES Families,

As you are likely aware, teacher assignments were released in Parent Portal this morning. As of today, we plan to welcome more than 530 Grizzlies into 23 classrooms. Students will meet their teachers and classmates soon enough! Undoubtedly, there will be familiar faces and some new faces too. Regardless of what class your child was assigned, they'll see their grade level friends at lunch and recess every day and then during special events too.

Last year, our PTO shared a Sign-up Genius that enabled parents to identify which teacher their child had, and this helped with communication. On behalf of PTO, I'm sharing that link here for you today. I know the kids are anxious to find out who's in class! Signing up is totally optional.

Later this week, families will receive information about PickUp Patrol, so be on the lookout.

I hope to see everyone for our Summer Social this Thursday, here at GES between 6:00 and 7:30 PM at the playground (weather permitting).

Please tell the kids I really look forward to seeing them soon!

Kevin Fagan

August 11, 2022

Greetings Greystone Elementary School Families!

I hope your family has had a terrific summer! While I can’t believe how fast it goes, I’m excited to get another year underway. I’m reaching out to you today with some detailed information about the start of our school year. You can expect to hear from me regularly – just about every week or so – with updates (GES Newsletter) and our PTO will publish a newsletter as well (GES Membership Sign-Up).

Teacher assignments: District-wide finalized teacher assignments will be available in the Parent Portal by Monday afternoon (this is a change from the previously-published date of Thursday). Families will receive notification directly from the District Office. Barring enrollment fluctuations or unforeseen staffing issues, teacher assignments are final.

First day of school: Monday, August 29, 2022. Our school day begins at 9:05 and dismissal commences at 3:30.

Drop-off: Drop off begins at 8:30 AM at the drop-off circle and ends at 9:00. After 9:00, students will need to enter at the main entrance. Students arriving after 9:10 will be marked late. Please help us by dropping off your child prior to 9:00 at the drop off location. This map illustrates the drop-off route: GES Drop Off Route.

Pick-up: Student pick-up occurs in front of the school. For a variety of reasons, please do not come to campus prior to 3:20. Staff will be there to help direct traffic. In order for parents to readily communicate pick-up plans, we utilize a great system called Pick-up Patrol (PuP). Those parents with us last year are already familiar with PuP. Those new to us will be receiving information from Mrs. Mangasarian soon about how to set up this app on your phone. This map illustrates the pick-up route: GES Pick-up Route.

Orientation for students: The first day of school will be geared toward orienting all of our students in terms of procedures and expectations. Then over the course of the following weeks, teachers will regularly revisit these expectations.

Open House/Back to School Nights: Our staff looks forward to meeting you in person soon! Back to School nights are intended for parents only. Teachers will be in touch with more information.

  • Kindergarten and First Grade August 24th 6:30 to 7:30 PM

  • Second and Third Grade August 30th 6:30 to 7:30 PM

  • Fourth and Fifth Grade September 1st 6:30 to 7:30 PM

Lunch: Grade levels will eat together in the lunchroom. Students may bring or buy lunch. Please note that breakfast (served 8:30 to 9:00 each day) and lunch are no longer free. Students purchasing food will do so from their account (no cash transactions). Parents may load money to their child’s account through PayPal in Parent Portal Instructions for funding child's lunch acct. When making purchases, students will enter their student ID number (found in the Parent Portal) into the Lunchroom Keypad. It might be a good idea to practice that with your child prior to school starting. 2022/23 menus will be updated prior to the start of school at this site: WCASD Meal Menus. Visual of our keypad: Lunchroom Keypad for practice.

Snacks: Each teacher will designate a snack time, based in large part on when lunch is scheduled for each grade. Food allergies will be taken into consideration and teachers will communicate that information to families as needed.

Immunization and medications: Have questions about immunization requirements or medications? Please see this link for details: WCASD Immunization and Medications Info.

Recess: Weather permitting, we’ll go out for recess following lunch every day. It’s important that students dress appropriately for the weather. Shade is very limited in the playground area; hats and sunscreen are recommended. We plan to go out in light rain and even on cold winter days for fresh air.

School Supplies: Each grade level requirement can be found here GES School Supplies 22-23 and our PTO has provided an option to help make this easier for families: GES School Supplies Ordering Form.

Calendar of events for the school year: We’ll pack this school year not only with classroom learning, but with meaningful activities for the students. For a quick glance, check out our calendar (please note that dates are subject to change) GES Calendar of Events 22-23. WCASD Calendar 2022-23.

Parent Volunteers: Greystone provides regular opportunities for parents to volunteer. Volunteers will need current clearances. If you are interested, check out our PTO website: GES Parent Volunteer Information.

PTO: All parents are members of our PTO and welcome to attend our monthly meetings. We have a terrific PTO Board. To learn more and sign up for the PTO directory, access this link: GES Membership Toolkit.

Clubs/Activities: We offer a variety of opportunities for our students, some run by staff; others by parent volunteers. We’ll communicate these throughout the year.

Greystone Apparel: Interested in gearing up to show your school spirit? Check out our latest apparel line: GES Apparel, Fall 2022.

Communication between school and home: Your child’s teacher will maintain regular communication with you and should you have questions or concerns, he or she should be your first point of contact. You’ll hear from me often as well via email and our newsletter. Throughout the year, if questions or concerns arise on your end, please reach out to us directly. Social media platforms are fine for sharing information, but as the building principal, I don’t believe they are constructive for working through issues. Please, if there’s something that is causing you anxiety or stress, reach out to us directly.

Our K-2 teachers utilize Seesaw and our 3-5 teachers utilize Schoology. You’ll want to familiarize yourself with these applications.

Seesaw How To: Seesaw Tutorial.

Schoology How To: Schoology Tutorial.

Seesaw Parent How To

Upcoming PTO events:

  • The 2022 Summer Social is August 18th from 6:00 to 7:30 PM at the playground (weather permitting). Come enjoy cold treats, fun and games with friends old and new! The PTO is looking for volunteers to help that evening and bring lawn games. If you are interested: Volunteer to help with the summer social.

  • “Chalk the Walk” to welcome back the GES staff. Come join the fun on Sunday, August 21st from 1:00 to 3:00 PM. You can bring your own chalk or use the PTO’s. Kona Ice will be available for purchase, with 25% of sales going back to the PTO.

Still have questions? Check out this FAQ document that might help GES FAQ 22-23.

I am looking forward to working with you and your child(ren) this year! Please tell the kids “Hi” for me, enjoy every last bit of summer, and let them know we have another great school year in store for them.



Dr. Kevin Fagan


Greystone Elementary School

July 29, 2022

Good afternoon GES families,

In case you are wondering about local day cares for before and after care, I'm enclosing the attached: Daycare Facilities near GES.pdf.

If your child will be needing busing to or from a daycare or an address other than home, please access this link and complete the "Bus Stop Request for Child Care Form" and return that to Mrs. Weaver in our main office by August 8th. Her email address is This way, correct busing will be in place for day one of school. If this form is completed later than August 8th, there may be delays with setting up alternate bus transportation. This form must be completed on a yearly basis, so even if you completed it last year, we need it again.


Kevin Fagan

July 28, 2022

Good Afternoon Greystone Kindergarten Families!

I hope your summer is going great, as we get ready to begin a very exciting school year! I’m reaching out to you today with an invitation and some information you might find helpful.

First, I’d like to invite you and your Grizzly to a tour of Greystone ES on Wednesday, August 17 at 11:30 AM-12:00 PM. This will provide an opportunity for you and your child to be here at GES and get the “lay of the land” prior to our first day of school, which is August 29th. Teachers don’t report for in-service till the following week, so they may or may not be available on the 17th, but you’d have a chance to see classrooms and the rest of the school. Following our tour, the Greystone PTO has graciously offered cold treats for everyone out at the playground, where we’ll give the kids a chance to play and have some fun together till we wrap up around 12:45 (weather permitting).

For planning purposes, it would be great if you could let us know whether you plan to attend the tour and play time: Kindergarten tour and play time.

  • Teacher assignments will be in Parent Portal around mid-August. Notification will go out to alert parents at that time.

  • Prior to the school year starting, you’ll receive pertinent information from me. Don’t worry, you’ll know all about drop off, pick up, lunch, recess, etc.

  • Open House for Kindergarten and First Grade is August 24th 6:30 to 7:30, so if you can’t make it on the 17th, don’t stress. You’ll get to see the building and meet your child’s teacher at Open House.

If this is your second or third going through Kindergarten, you know the drill 😊, but if this is your first, you likely have some butterflies in your stomach. I get it. My wife and I live in here in WC and our two children attend Greystone. My youngest will be entering K this year. She’s super excited, while I just wonder where the heck time went! Don’t worry, all will be well. We have a great community here at Greystone, and we’ll work together to ensure our children have an awesome school year. I am excited to meet you and your children very soon!


Kevin Fagan

July 7, 2022

Good afternoon GES families,

I hope this email finds you well and enjoying the summer. Again this year, our PTO is helping to facilitate the purchase of student school supplies for the coming school year. Following is a message from Mrs. Petra Rose of our PTO, who is leading this initiative. You are by no means required to purchase school supplies via the School Tool Box portal, and you can find the complete list on our homepage But this process is intended to make things a little easier and more cost-effective for our families. And there's a rebate that'll go to our PTO, which helps to fund our many endeavors. That's it!

Please give my best to the kids!

Kevin Fagan

From Petra Rose ...

Thinking about school supplies for the coming school year? Look no further! We have again partnered with School Tool Box to make school supply shopping a breeze! Simply follow this link to, enter "Greystone Elementary" in the "Find your school" field and begin shopping. Flyer: STB2022flyer.pdf

A few exciting highlights for you:

1) Customize your box - don't need everything on the list? Remove the items you already have!

2) Discounted brand name supplies - since we have partnered with STB in the past, our school is enjoying a 13% discount on all boxes!

3) Effortless fundraising - that 13% discount has been added back to the boxes as a fundraiser for our PTO. Funds will be used to offset the cost of school supplies for students in need as well as many other fun events hosted by the PTO!

4) In need of other items - shop the STB store for any other school supplies you're in need of. A portion of your purchase will benefit the PTO.

Finally - the sale will run through the end of September. Skip the hassle of Staples or Target or getting many more supplies than needed from Amazon. Your STB will ship directly to your door.

Again, this is an option for obtaining school supplies. If you wish to purchase elsewhere, the list of requested items on STB matches the list available on the school website:

If you have any questions, please reach out to Petra Rose at



Summer Basketball Camp at WC East High School (see flier below)

June 7, 2022

June 7, 2022

Good afternoon GES families!

Well... it's almost that time to wrap up the school year, and what a year it has been! When you think back to where we started and consider where we are now, look at all we've accomplished together! Our students and staff -- all of whom came from different places -- gelled and became one unit. We assumed our identity as Grizzlies, and together with our Greystone ES families, made this year one for the ages!

Moving forward, we will look to build upon our successes and refine our practices further. I want to thank our families for their patience and support as we got our new school up and running and for sharing your children with us. I also want to wish everyone a terrific, much-needed summer break! I will be here this summer, preparing for the next school year, but first, my family will be enjoying a few days at Lake George in NY and hopefully some long weekends at the Jersey shore.

One last reminder: Wednesday through Friday of this week are half days, with a student dismissal of 12:05.

Have a great summer, everyone!

Kevin Fagan

Youth Basketball Camp at HHS this summer. (See link below)

May 23, 2022

Good afternoon GES families,

We are winding down the school but still have lots going on. It’ll be a busy three weeks, with some really fun activities for the students.

  1. Remaining events this school year: Classroom teachers will continue to inform parents about events specific to your child’s class. For a snapshot of what we have going on school-wide, check out our spring calendar:
  2. Teacher assignments for the fall: We’ll spend a good part of the summer working on student/teacher assignments for the fall. There are many factors that go into that decision making and our team works diligently to create the best possible classes, taking into account our staffing allotment and Board Policy regarding class size. Respectfully, parent requests/input for particular teachers and student pairings are not part of our process. I anticipate releasing class assignments around mid-August.
  3. Dressing for the weather: We’ll continue to get the students outside for recess and maybe for snack time or for lesson segments, making use of our courtyard and other areas. Please continue to keep an eye on the weather and consider sunscreen and hats for those hot, sunny days. We remind students often to stay hydrated, and they can refill at one our water stations throughout the building.
  4. Report Card timeline: Report Cards will be available in parent portal on June 10.
  5. Lost and Found: Our lost and found has grown (again!): Lost and found is in the lunchroom and I’ll remind students to look through it this week. Next week, we’ll send those items to Goodwill.

Thanks everyone.

Kevin Fagan

May 9, 2022

May 9, 2022

Good Afternoon GES Families,

We are excited to share that our first annual Field Day is fast approaching! This day will be focused on competitive fun for all of our Grizzlies in grade level bands. In order to help make this day a success, we are looking for some parent volunteers (with clearances), as well cases of bottled water.

Field Day is scheduled for Thursday, May 26, with a rain date of May 27. Despite the recent weather trends, we are anticipating warmer weather, hence our request for cases of water. You may also want to consider hats and sunscreen for your student that day (see schedule below).

If you have your clearances and would like to sign up to help us out, here’s a Sign up Genius

Questions? You can reach out to our gym teacher, Mr. Miller You can also email Ms. Vanessa Cosme at

Parents are also welcome to just come and watch Field Day events. We’ll be at the lower softball field, adjacent to our campus.

Schedule for Field Day

Grades 2 and 3 9:10-10:40

Grades 4 and 5 10:40 to 12:10

Grades 1 and K 1:25 to 3:05

Thanks, everyone!

Kevin Fagan

April 29, 2022

Greetings GES Families,

I hope you are doing well and planning to enjoy some decent weather this weekend. I have several updates for you today.

PSSAs: This week we administered the mandatory state tests to our students in grades 3-5 and they did great! Next week, they’ll complete the math portion on Tuesday and Wednesday. Grade 4 (only) will also complete the science test on Thursday and Friday. We've emphasized the importance of a good night's sleep, solid breakfast, and taking their time on the test.

Lunch and recess volunteer opportunities: In case you are interested in coming to help out with lunch and recess now through the end of the school year, here’s the form

5th Grade parent volunteer opportunities (from our PTO): With little less than 1.5 months left, the end of the year is rapidly approaching us. Below are 2 links with an upcoming deadline. The first link is if you would like to purchase a graduating yard sign and the second is if you would like to signup to assist (with clearances) for the 5th grade picnic. The yard sign link expires May 1 and that will be the only opportunity to purchase one.

Purchase a yard sign for your grad:

Sign up to assist with events:

Calendar of events: Classroom teachers will provide events specific to your student’s class, but here’s a calendar of school-wide events:

Square One Art project: Greystone is excited to partner with Square 1 Art to celebrate creativity and raise funds for the Art Department! The Square 1 Art art project provides the opportunity to purchase keepsakes and gifts featuring your child's artwork! For more detailed information please see the flyer. Square 1 Art - Flyer 1.pdf Start getting creative now! Deadline to upload artwork is May 16! This is an optional project

Take care, everyone!

Kevin Fagan

Speaker Series

Each year WCASD partners with West Chester Communities That Care to bring expert speakers on timely topics to parents in our community. This local non-profit is already planning for next year's line up of speakers and would like to learn what topics the WCASD community would most like to see covered. Please take two minutes to complete this brief survey. Together we will improve outcomes for youth.

April 20, 2022

Good Afternoon Greystone ES Families,

I’ve always believed that once we return from Spring Break, the rest of the school year goes by “like a slip and slide,” with all the activities planned in the spring, and the weather finally improving, and everyone anxiously awaiting summer time. I have a few updates for you today.

  1. Yearbook: We are planning a terrific yearbook, but the time to order is winding down. Ordering is easy! You can merely click this link: Or you can complete this form: Yearbook Order Form.pdf. But hurry! The sale ends Friday, April 22! Questions? Contact Melanie Olsen and/or Maia Skeete at
  2. PSSA’s next week: Students in grades 3-5 will participate in the ELA PSSA next week (the remainder are the following week). We’ll be testing in the morning, immediately following announcements and will be wrapped up by 11:00 at the latest, then continue with our day. On your end, there are some important ways you can help ensure your student is ready to go: good night’s sleep, solid breakfast, and encouraging them to do their best.
  3. Spring Musical: Our chorus students have been working diligently, getting ready for our Spring Musical production of Go West! I’ve had the opportunity to see them rehearse and they are so excited! The performance is Tuesday, April 26th at 7:00 here at Greystone. All are welcome.
  4. For you planning purposes, there is no school for students on Tuesday, May 17.

Thanks everyone,

Kevin Fagan

April 6, 2022

Good Afternoon GES Families,

I hope you are doing well. I have several items for you today, including a special request at the conclusion.

Spring Break: There is no school for students April 14 through April 18.

Spirit Week: Our Student Council is organizing a Spirit Week next week, with a theme unique to each day. Spirit Week 4.11.22.jpeg

Language and Culture Club: Language and Culture Club is back for a spring session for students who did not have a chance to participate in February! Through music, movement, and games, we will explore various cultures and traditions around the world while also learning basic greetings. We will focus on Ecuador, China & Kenya this session. See the attached flier for more information for students in Grades 2-5! Language & Culture Club Flyer April 2022.pdf

Elmwood Zoo is coming to GES next week! We are hosting Elmwood Zoo next week for their traveling zoo exhibit. Each grade will have a chance to participate and it should be great!

Field Trips, etc.: We have special events planned for each grade, including Pennsylvania Day for our 4th graders on May 25th. As each event approaches, you’ll receive additional information from your student’s teacher. The funds raised by our PTO and contributed by GES families subsidize these endeavors, so on behalf of our students, thank you!

Dress for our Celebration of Learning (graduation): I anticipate that at this month’s School Board meeting, our school calendar will be officially revised to reflect the two unused snow days (4 had been built into our calendar). If that happens, our last student day would become Friday, June 10. Graduation for our 5th graders would be that day. We are working on a great plan for our students and families! We are going to ask our fifth graders to “dress up for the occasion,” so I wanted to give 5th grade parents some lead time on preparing for that. Tentatively, we are planning the event for 10:00 on June 10, but I’ll confirm and share more details in the coming weeks.

Disengaging from work for spring break: As we’ve done for other breaks this year, I’m going to ask my staff to step away from their work for the entirety of spring break. Specifically, I’m going to encourage them not to check email and instead, to focus their attention on personal interests, be it family, friends or otherwise. We are approaching a very exciting time of the year, and it’s also a time that requires much energy and patience, so I want them to have this time to rejuvenate. I’m asking for your assistance. If there’s a matter you need to address with your student’s teacher, please try to do that by April 13 or let it wait till April 19.

Thanks everyone,

Kevin Fagan

March 28, 2022

Good afternoon GES families,

Looks like March is going to do that whole “lion and lamb” thing again this year! I imagine we are all looking forward to the warmer weather forecasted later this week. I have a few notes for you today.

Yearbook: (A message from our PTO parents organizing the yearbook)

If you have taken pictures at Greystone events this year, please share in my Google drive: If it is easier for you, you can also email your own share drive to There is no guarantee but the pictures may be used for the yearbook or future graduation videos.

ONLY A FEW DAYS LEFT for Yearbook Discount price!

The Greystone Yearbook is available for purchase online! To order online please visit the Barksdale Storefront. Visit

  • School Access Code/Password: 0044899YB
  • Yearbooks are discounted at $20 until March 31st!
  • The price will increase on April 1st to $25.
  • Yearbook Sales end on Wednesday, April 20th! So get those orders in NOW!

The yearbook will include all grades and of course highlights our first class of graduating 5th grade Grizzlies!

Evacuation drill next Tuesday morning. We’ll hold our monthly emergency drill on the morning of Tuesday, April 5 (weather permitting). Our rain date is Thursday, April 7.

School store: Our PTO will again host a "school store" for the students, beginning Friday, April 1. Anyone interested in helping out can visit the GES PTO page:

PSSAs (for grades 3-5): Look for information coming out from the district in the next day or two.

Thanks everyone,
Kevin Fagan, Principal

March 24, 2022

Greetings Future Greystone Kindergarten Families!

Before we know it, it’ll be summer time and then the start of a new school year. I image that you are both excited and anxious about this monumental moment. I can totally relate! I too will have a kindergartner here at Greystone next year, and I have a son currently in first grade here now. As you’ll come to find out, we have a caring and student-centered staff. You’ll be in good hands with us!

We’ve had a terrific first year here at Greystone! If you’d like to learn more about what we’ve been up to, check out our newsletter GES Newsletter, our homepage GES Homepage and check us out on Twitter, @GreystoneES.

Some of you already have students with us, but some of you do not. Regardless, I’d like to invite you to a tour of Greystone ES on Thursday, April 7th 6:30 to 7:30 PM. At that time, you’ll have an opportunity to take a tour with us, hear about our school, meet some staff and PTO representatives, and just get a feel for things. This is a family event, and you are encouraged to bring your children. Please let me know if you plan on coming by completing this very quick form: RSVP for April 7 Tour.

If you have a friend or neighbor who lives in our school boundary and is considering enrolling with us next year, please feel free to share this information and invitation with them as well. Perhaps you are wondering what to expect next year? Access this link for some great information about our full-day Kindergarten program: WCASD K-12 Curriculum.

I hope you can make it on April 7 and I look forward to meeting our new Grizzlies!


Kevin Fagan, Principal

March 22, 2022

Good afternoon Greystone Elementary School Families,

Happy Spring! I have several items for you today.

March is (still) Reading Month! This is our final week for our March is Reading bracket challenge. It’s not too late to join the fun. Check out the attached flyer for more info: Battle of the Books Parent Flyer (with links) (002).pdf

Report cards: Trimester two report cards will be available to families via Parent Portal on Thursday, March 24 sometime in the afternoon.

Clothing Drive this Saturday: Our local scout troupe is hosting a clothing and household goods drive this Saturday from 8:00 to 10:30 AM here at Greystone.

Spring Intramurals: Our final round of intramurals is beginning March 29. Fourth and Fifth grade girls and boys are welcome to join us. We can accommodate up to 25 students in each of the groups. Mr. Niedziejko sent permission slips home with the students yesterday. They need to be signed and returned ASAP.

Elmwood Zoo is coming to Greystone! We are scheduled to host a traveling zoo from Elmwood the week of April 11. Each grade will have a chance to take part. As the date gets closer, your student’s teacher will share specifics. The students are going to love this!

PSSA testing: Our 3rd, 4th and 5th grade students will participate in the state-required Pennsylvania System of Schools Assessment this spring. Testing dates are as follows:

ELA (3-5) April 26-28

Math (3-5) May 3-4

Science (4) May 5-6

We will share more specifics with you as we approach, including information about parent opt-out procedures.

Calendar items: Spring Break is April 14-18, and we still have two snow days built into the calendar. If they go unutilized (yes, please) then our end-of-year calendar will slide back two days, effectively making the last student half day Friday, June 10th. The official notice on this will come from district office soon. Stay tuned!

Take care!

Kevin Fagan

March 14, 2022

Good Morning Greystone ES Families,

I know that many of you were here for our carnival on Saturday. Thanks again to our PTO for organizing that, and to the many families who put together raffle prizes – they were terrific!

Special schedule this week: Students are here for half days on Wednesday and Thursday and do not have school on Friday so that we can hold parent conferences. Student dismissal on Wednesday and Thursday is around 12:10. Parents may line up for pick-up line at 12:00. We adapted our Specials schedule so that our K-2 students don’t miss out:

Wednesday, March 16 (Day 1)

9:15 to 10:00 Grade 5 Special

10:05 to 10:50 Grade 4

10:55 to 11:40 Grade 3

Thursday, March 17 (Day 2)

9:15 to 10:00 Grade 2 Special

10:05 to 10:50 Grade 1

10:55 to 11:40 Grade K

Lost and Found: Our Lost and Found collection grows … We are asking students to look closely at the items this week and take what’s theirs. It’ll all be out for parent conferences as well. After that, the remaining will be donated to Goodwill.

Running Club this spring: Is your student in grades 3-5 and interested in joining our Running Club? Some of our parents are volunteering their time. This was a big success in the fall. Check out the attached flier: GREYSTONE RUNNING CLUB FLYER - Spring 2022.pdf

Intramural Boys Basketball, grades 3-5: This league will again be run by our WCASD coaching staff and student players, like in the Fall. The high school students will coach, referee, and run the clocks at intramural-type games. High school students from throughout the district will be role models for the younger players. Interested? Check out the flier: Spring '22 WEST CHESTER NATION BB.pdf

Pick-up Patrol (PuP): Thank you to the many families using PuP, as it’s really helping to streamline our pick up and absentee procedures. If you are not currently signed up for PuP and would like more information, please contact Ms. Jackie Mangasarian

It’s going to be around 70 later this week! Enjoy!

Kevin Fagan, Principal

March 7, 2022

Good Morning GES Families,

I hope everyone is enjoying this beautiful, (very temporary) warm weather! I know we are all very much anticipating the spring time. Through the course of the school year, I’ve emailed our families at least weekly (sometimes twice weekly) in order to keep everyone up to speed on what’s happening at GES. I’ve attempted to keep those communications informative and concise and not flood your inbox. Again, if you ever need to find anything I may have previously sent, it’s all archived in our newsletter I have several news items for you today.

Intruder Drill on Tuesday, March 8: Each month, we practice an emergency drill. This will be our second intruder drill for the school year. I will talk the students through our procedures. I’ll be very deliberate with instructions. We do this so that in the event of a real emergency staff and students have a frame of reference for response.

Spring Carnival this Saturday. Come join the fun this Saturday from 3:00 PM to 6:00 PM here at GES. For more information, access this link: I want to give a BIG THANK YOU to the many families who contributed to the raffle baskets, those volunteering their time to help run events, and of course to our PTO for making it possible!

March Parent Conferences: Parent conferences are coming up on March 16, 17, and 18. Here’s the sign-up link in case you need it:

  1. The sign-up window will close March 11.
  2. Conferences will be limited to 20 minutes in length.
  3. Conferences will take place in person, unless you would prefer Zoom, which you can indicate when you sign up and/or email to the teacher directly.

If you have any difficulty signing up for a conference, please email your student’s homeroom teacher directly.


Changes coming to our lunchroom: I’m excited to share that beginning Monday, March 14, we will be adjusting our lunchroom to a more traditional setting. It’ll be a return to “normalcy” that I think will excite the students and staff.

Report Cards: The end of the 2nd trimester is March 9th. Report cards will be viewable on Parent Portal on March 23. If you’d like to know more about our report cards, check out this link:

Spring Book Fair: The Spring Book Fair is coming to Greystone ES! Preview days will be held March 10th & 11th, and shopping days will be March 14th-March 17th. A flier was sent home with your student(s) last week. If you would like to volunteer at the book fair, you can sign up here:

  • Preview Days: Thursday, 3/10 and Friday, 3/11
  • Shopping Days: Monday, 3/14 through Thursday, 3/17
  • Parent Shopping Hours: Thursday, 3/17 from 5 to 8 pm

Look for a wish list coming home with your child this week!

Payment options: Cash, check made out to “Greystone Elementary PTO”, or eWallet. Please note that any balance remaining in your child’s eWallet will be converted to a Scholastic gift card for future use or may be donated to the school. Teacher wish lists will also be available if you would like to donate a book to your child’s classroom.

Yearbook info: Breaking News: The Greystone Yearbook is available for Purchase online! To order online please visit the Barksdale Storefront. School Access Code/Password: 0044899YB. Yearbooks are discounted at $20 until March 31st! The price will increase on April 1st to $25. Yearbook Sales end on Wednesday, April 20th so get those orders in! The yearbook will include all grades and highlights our first class of graduating 5th grade Grizzlies!

Playground: The students are loving their new playground! Our playground is typically used by the ACP program each day after school and will be closed off hours, including weekends. In order to keep our playground as safe and clean as possible, it is not open to the public. We are fortunate to have so many terrific playgrounds in our area, several within just a couple miles of here.

Philly Pretzel Factory: Order from there Monday through Thursday and mention Greystone, they’ll donate 5% to our PTO.

We are on Twitter @GreystoneES. Find us to see cool highlights and give us those “likes!”

Thanks for working with us!

Kevin Fagan, principal

Softball Clinic hosted by Henderson HS on March 27, must register ahead

March 1, 2022

Playground: Today was an especially exciting day at GES, as we opened our new playground. The students had a blast! Thank you again to Kristen Buckler and Kate Cipriano, who initiated the Power of Play campaign to help make our playground a reality, and to all the parents who came today to help out. It was truly awesome seeing our 500 Grizzlies get so excited about their new playground.

Spring Carnival comes to Greystone ES: Our terrific PTO is hosting a carnival here on Saturday, March 12. THANK YOU to the many parents who have volunteered to make this a reality. It's going to be great! Here's some info...

Please pre-order Wristbands & Raffle Tickets before 3/5! Save $$ and avoid the lines! Wristbands are $15 purchased in advance and $20 at the event. Order online at

How can you help with the carnival? We're glad you asked...!

March is Reading! Together with our PTO, the Greystone staff is implementing something really cool for March is Reading, Battle of the Books! All families are encouraged to join in the fun. See the attached for more info: Battle of the Books Parent Flyer (with links) (002).pdf

Elmwood Zoo: I’m happy to announce that Elmwood Zoo will be coming here as part of their traveling zoo program! Each of our classes will have a chance to enjoy the show, April 11-13. I’ll share more specifics as the date draws nearer.

Winter and Spring Calendar of events: We may be new, but we got lots going on! I'll keep adding to this throughout the year, and of course our classroom teachers will continue to keep you posted on events specific to their classes:

Follow us on Twitter: @GreystoneES.

Thanks everyone!

Kevin Fagan, principal

February 23, 2022

Good Morning Greystone Elementary School Families,

Yesterday at school we celebrated “Super Tuesday” (2/22/2022). We also held a school spirit day to show our pride! Grizz stopped by and we got a class photo will all 22 classes! The students are looking forward to enjoying today’s warm weather.

Playground: I was informed yesterday that (weather permitting) installation should be completed in the next several days. In addition to completing the centerpiece, the cement will need time to cure. Once finished, our district will inspect and approve it for use, which I anticipate happening next week. Until I give notification, the playground is off limits. We are planning a small ribbon cutting ceremony for each of the grades next week so that all of our students can take part in the excitement of opening our playground!

Parent Conferences: As promised, here’s the link to sign up for a conference on March 16, 17, or 18.

  • The sign-up window will close March 11.
  • Conferences will be limited to 20 minutes in length.
  • Conferences will take place in person, unless you would prefer Zoom, which you can indicate when you sign up and/or email to the teacher directly.
  • If you have any difficulty signing up for a conference, please email your student’s homeroom teacher directly.

Read across America: Our teachers and the PTO are planning an event in conjunction with Read Across America called MARCH IS READING. The intention is to strengthen our school reading community as a whole through a BATTLE OF THE BOOKS, March Madness Style! Our teachers will share more information with families soon.

Thanks everyone,

Kevin Fagan, principal

Big picture
Big picture

February 22, 2022

Good afternoon Greystone ES families, here are some news items for you today.

March parent conferences: We are getting things set up for our families and on February 23, I’ll send detailed information about how to sign up. As a reminder, conferences are scheduled for March 16 (PM only), March 17 (PM and evening) and March 18 (AM only).

Dates to know

  • Monday, February 21: Presidents’ Day. No school for students
  • Wednesday, March 9: End of trimester 2
  • Wednesday, March 16: Half day for students, afternoon conferences
  • Thursday, March 17: Half day for students, afternoon and evening conferences
  • Friday, March 18: No school for elementary students, morning conferences
  • Wednesday, March 23: Report cards viewable in PowerSchool.

Greystone Apparel, last chance: Greystone apparel is now on sale! But don’t delay, the store will close on February 24. This will be our last swag sale this school year, so don't delay! (see attached) Spirit Wear Sale Last one of the year! Get your GES swag.png

WC Rotary Fruit Sale: The West Chester Rotary chose the GES Power of Play as this year’s Fruit Sale beneficiary! All proceeds will go toward more playground equipment for the Grizzlies. An order form was sent home yesterday (check that take-home folder) that you can complete and send to the GES office. You can also order online. There is an option to DONATE a fruit or vegetable basket to the WC Food Cupboard if you order online but not on the form ( Whether you purchase items for home or the food cupboard, we will still receive the proceeds. More sales = more equipment! Order deadline is February 21, 2022. Thank you for your continued support. Any questions, email

Family Night Out: We have two Family Day/Nights Out coming up:

Monday, February 21st 1:40-3:00

Power Play Rinks Ice Skating, Exton

Cost: $8 per skater including rentals ($3 to PTO-must mention GES) Power Play Rinks flyer.png


Thursday, February 24th 4:00-8:00

Panera Bread, 1115 West Chester Pike

20% of sales donated to PTO (must show digital or printed flyer) Panera flyer.pdf

Super Tuesday 2/22/2022 is School Spirit Day! We’ll celebrate by encouraging everyone to wear their GES spirit wear and/or grey and white. Who knows …? We may even have a visit from our mascot, Grizz!

I hope you find these weekly newsletters helpful. If you ever want to find something I’ve previously published, it will likely be in our S’mores newsletter If there is anything else you have questions about or think I can help with, please don’t hesitate to let me know directly

Thanks for your continued support of our school!

Kevin Fagan, principal

Update for our 5th grade families

February 10, 2022

Greetings GES 5th Grade Families,

It’s school day 102 and things are moving right along, especially for our 5th graders, who are winding up their elementary experience and getting ready for middle school. Collectively, they are doing a great job and have really come together as Grizzlies! I have a couple of additional items today that pertain primarily to our 5th grade families.

Course Recommendations for 6th grade: As you know, Greystone elementary splits off to both Fugett and Pierce. (This year, the vast majority of our students are headed to PMS. Soon, our teachers will reach out directly to the few families headed to FMS). As part of our transition process, the 5th grade team has been working together with the teachers of the middle schools on making course level recommendations for next year. Parents will have an opportunity to see those recommendations in the coming weeks, and I’ll keep you updated.

Wondering what to expect at middle school? The school district is hosting the Middle School 101 event on February 22 at 7:00 PM via Zoom. There’s a lot of information on this link: I encourage you to attend, especially if this is your first experience with a middle schooler.

Upcoming events this winter and spring: One of our goals this year has been to help ensure a fulfilling school year for our students, and I think that collectively, we’re doing that! For more information about what our fifth graders can expect over the coming months, click here: Some of the events, such as the Spring Fling, will be hosted by our PTO and will need parent support. The GES PTO page is a great place to see how you can get involved:

You’ll see that for the last couple events, we don’t have dates picked yet, as the school calendar can still adjust (weather events) but my plan for our end-of-year Celebration of Learning is to focus on the students, families, and making good memories. More info to follow later.

Thanks everyone,

Kevin Fagan

February 10, 2022

Good Afternoon GES Families,

I hope you are doing well and enjoying some of this much-needed sunshine! I have several items for you today.

  1. Playground update: We are expecting the final few pieces to be shipped this week and if all goes well, we’ll open in the next week or so. We are going to take a day to do some teaching with our younger students about how to use the playground safely. Together with our Power of Play campaign coordinators, Ms. Cipriano and Ms. Buckler, we are also planning on a small ribbon cutting ceremony for each grade, date is TBD. The students are super excited.
  1. Spring Carnival: Our first annual Spring Carnival is coming up on March 12 from 3:00 to 6:00 PM. Avoid the lines and save by purchasing early - $15 in advance or $20 at the door. Each wristband includes unlimited games, prizes, 1 Cake Walk Win, 1 Sand Art, 1 Face Painting, 1 Book Walk and 1 Fish Bowl win! Spring Carnival Flyer.pdf

We have Raffle Baskets! Save time and buy your Raffle Basket tickets in advance. Six tickets for $5 or $1 per ticket. Raffle Baskets will be on display from March 7th-11th and students can use their tickets to pick their favorites during lunch or at the event. Additional raffle tickets will be available on the day. The deadline for purchase of advance wristbands and tickets is March 3rd. Purchase online using this link or use the attached flyer. ​​​​​​​ Wristbands and tickets will be sent home with your child the week of the event.

Interested in helping? We need GAMES for our Spring Carnival. Please sign up below to create a game for us! Donors will receive 2 child wristbands as a token of our appreciation!

Are you creative? Calling all savvy shopping, creative parents! The PTO needs coordinators to create Class Raffle Baskets for our Spring Carnival on 3/12! Coordinators will receive 2 child wristbands and their class will have a chance to win Best Raffle Basket and receive a Class Pizza Party!

  1. March parent conferences will take place March 16 (PM only); March 17 (PM and evening) and March 18 (AM only). In the coming weeks, I’ll share additional information about how parents can sign up for conferences. It’ll be very similar to how we did this in the fall.
  1. Grizzlies of the week: Starting next week, we are going to recognize Grizzlies of the Week! Homeroom teachers will weekly submit names of two students who best exemplify the qualities of our four pillars: Responsibility, Respect, Kindness, and Safety. The students will be acknowledged each week. Our focus for the coming week will be Kindness.
  1. Afternoon pick up: If you have not had a chance to read my email from earlier today about afternoon pick-up, please take a moment to do so.

Thanks, everyone.

Kevin Fagan, principal

February 3, 2022

Good afternoon GES families! I hope this letter finds you well. I have several updates for you today.

  1. Playground: Things are moving right along. The weather this week has not helped, however, and we are told that we can anticipate opening around the middle of February, give or take. I’ll continue to keep you posted.
  2. Car pick-up line at the end of the day: I know you’re anxious to see the kids at the end of the day! I get it, but, please do not come to campus for the pick-up line prior to 3:15. We need to keep the driveway open for as long as possible in the event of an emergency. We begin dismissing students around 3:25-3:30. The pick-up line has been wrapped up by 3:50 consistently for some time now. We appreciate your help with this.
  3. Global Day of Play: Yesterday, our teachers set time aside solely for some fun and play. Students engaged in board games, playdough, fidgets, you name it! This was an opportunity for everyone to take a mental break and just have some fun together the classroom, and the students really enjoyed it.
  4. Tuesday is the 100th day of school! Believe it or not, this coming Tuesday will be the 100th day of the school year!
  5. Pinot Palette Fundraiser: Family Night Out on February 18: Pinot Palette Fundraiser (002).pdf
  6. New student teacher in physical education: We have a new intern with us. Click here to learn more about Ms. Kate Ott. Kate Ott Intro.png
  7. Little Mermaid at EHS: WC East's terrific Performing Arts department is hosting The Little Mermaid February 24-26, Great family show! For ticket info:
  8. Parent Conferences: We will host parent conferences March 16-18. I’ll share more information as the date draws nearer.

Thanks everyone,

Kevin Fagan

January 27, 2022

Good afternoon Greystone ES families,

I hope this letter finds you well. I have several items for you today.

  1. Playground: The crew is working away and making lots of progress every day. We anticipate full installation within a week or two (we are keeping an eye on that potential storm this weekend), and we’ll have a “ribbon cutting ceremony” with each class. Our Grizzlies are growing increasingly excited about their new playground!
  2. WC Rotary Fruit Sale: The West Chester Rotary chose the GES Power of Play as this year’s Fruit Sale beneficiary! All proceeds will go toward more playground equipment for the Grizzlies. An order form was sent home yesterday (check that take-home folder) that you can complete and send to the GES office. You can also order online. There is an option to DONATE a fruit or vegetable basket to the WC Food Cupboard if you order online but not on the form ( Whether you purchase items for home or the food cupboard, we will still receive the proceeds. More sales = more equipment! Order deadline is February 21, 2022. Thank you for your continued support. Any questions, email
  1. Lunch and recess volunteers: Sign up to help with lunch and recess. Instructions are on the form:
  1. PSSA Dates: The PSSA’s will take place on the following dates for the assigned grades. Classroom teachers will communicate with students and parents as the testing dates approach so that everyone knows what to expect. Students will have a regular school day on all testing days.
    1. ELA (Grades 3-5): April 26-28
    2. Math (Grades 3-5) May 3 and 4
    3. Science (Grade 4) May 5 and 6
  1. Rite Aid Rewards. Associate your Rite Aid account with Greystone Elementary School, and we’ll get a kick-back from Rite Aid that will benefit our programs here. It’s easy to set up.
  1. Camera access to lessons ending January 28: Tomorrow, Friday, January 28, is the final day that temporary access to classroom instruction will be offered. I want to thank you and our teachers for your patience and resilience over the last few weeks as we worked together to maintain in-person instruction and keep students connected to the classroom. We have seen COVID cases decline steadily in our school and throughout the WCASD in recent weeks and will continue to prioritize the health and safety of our students. If you have any remaining questions about this instruction option, please see the FAQ document. In an effort to provide clarity and information to our families regarding COVID cases, WCASD has updated its COVID dashboard to include additional data. The dashboard is now being updated twice each week and is available on our website at all times.

Thanks everyone!

Kevin Fagan, principal

January 21, 2022

January 21, 2022

Good morning Greystone ES Families,

I have a few items for you today, including good news about our playground …

  1. Playground: I’m happy to report that work is underway on our playground! We anticipate installation will take about 3 weeks, barring any unforeseen issues. For now, the students appear very interested in watching the workers do their thing, and once completed, they are going to have a terrific playground to enjoy! I appreciate everyone’s patience and want to again extend thanks to our many donors who helped make this a reality.
  2. Language & Culture Club: Calling all students in Grades 2-5, come join us for global fun as we visit a different country each week! Through music, movement, and games, we will explore various cultures and traditions around the world and learn basic greetings. See the attached flier for more information GES Language and Culture Club.pdf .
  3. Follow our newsletter: Here you can find many of my emails to families and other pertinent information.

Thanks for your support of Greystone ES!

Kevin Fagan, principal

January 11, 2022

Good Afternoon Greystone ES Community,

I hope you are doing well. I have several items for you today.

  1. Remote access to lessons January 18-28: By now, you’ve likely seen the email from Dr. Sokolowski about the next couple of weeks and the fact that Friday is a half day. On Friday, our parents will receive a correspondence from Greystone classroom teachers clarifying instructional procedures for absent students between January 18 and 28.
  2. Half-day Friday 1/14: Friday’s dismissal time is 12:05. Our teachers will spend the afternoon as outlined in today’s letter from the superintendent.
  3. Playground: I’m happy to report that our installation date has held steady since November, and we are still anticipating a late January install!
  4. Recess: With temps in the low to mid-teens these past couple days, I’ve kept the kids inside for recess. The forecast for the rest of the week is friendlier toward going outside and we plan to do so.
  5. Evacuation drill. We were scheduled for a monthly evacuation drill today, but I moved it because of the temps. Our drill will now take place on Thursday, when it’s forecasted to be a balmy 40 degrees.
  6. Pick up patrol (PuP): Thank you to the many families utilizing pick-up patrol to inform us of your pick-up plans, as well as early dismissal and absences. The system we have in place with PuP is really helping to streamline things for our front office and for the teachers. I think you are also finding it to be less work on your end.

The student energy in the building is elevated this week, but very positive! This school year has certainly presented its challenges, but I truly believe that our students are having a great experience. If we continue to work together – school and home – we will look back on this school year with tremendous pride. Thanks for all you are doing at home to support your school!


Kevin Fagan

January 3, 2022

Good afternoon GES Families and Happy New Year! I have a few items for you today.

  1. New COVID procedures: By now, you’ve likely seen the correspondence from the Superintendent’s office about new CCHD COVID procedures Of particular note is that the required quarantine time has been reduced in most cases, provided the student has been fever free for a minimum of 24 hours. Students coming to school should be symptom-free without the assistance of any cold/fever medicines. Families can help us by completing the daily home screening tool:
  2. Notifying us that your child is absent: The most efficient way to inform us of a student absence is via the Pick-up Patrol app. Each of our families has a unique log-in, and most of you are experts by this time! If you need any assistance with your account, please contact our secretary, Mrs. Jackie Mangasarian at It’s also a good idea to email your child’s teacher directly about absences and school work.
  3. Steps we are taking at school to help ensure health and safety: Our staff is doing all it can to ensure everyone’s health and wellness, including the following:
    1. Sitting in rows, facing the same direction, and spaced out at least 3 feet in the classrooms, if not more.
    2. Reminding students to wear their face masks properly.
    3. Regularly washing hands.
    4. Taking snack time outside, weather permitting, and keeping snack time to about 10 minutes when inside.
    5. Spacing students between 3 and 6 feet during lunch, in assigned seats, in case we need to contact trace.
  4. Dressing for the weather: We’ll continue to get the kids outside for recess whenever possible so they can get some exercise and fresh air. Winter coats, hats, and gloves are strongly suggested. I’d also advise labeling them with your child’s name.
  5. Young Rembrandt club: They’ll start the winter session on January 24. If you are interested, here’s the flier. WCASD-Greystone color Winter 22 (2).pdf .

Thanks everyone!

Kevin Fagan

December 21, 2021

Greetings Greystone Elementary School Families,

We have a shortened week this week, as school is closed don Friday. I have a few items for you today:

I know that everyone is anticipating a much-needed break for the holidays. I’ve asked my staff to “unplug” and enjoy this time away to re-energize and connect with family and friends. If you have a matter you need to address with your child’s teacher or someone at the school, please try to do that by Thursday or let it wait till the new year.

When and why do schools conduct close contact tracing? As I mentioned in last week’s newsletter, we take COVID contact tracing very seriously, as we know that quarantining your child can have a real impact to the family. According to the Chester County Health Department guidelines, we will conduct contact tracing for the 48 hours immediately preceding one of two criteria: A positive COVID test or the onset of COVID symptoms that subsequently tests positive. When those criteria are not met, we will not contact trace. In the event your child attends a social event and afterward, you learn of a positive COVID case present at that event, please contact your pediatrician and our school nurse, Ms. Jennifer McCulloch if you have concerns. Please note that fully vaccinated children do not have to quarantine after exposure if they are asymptomatic. We need to work together and follow the guidelines set forth in our WCASD Health and Safety plan, including the home check that should be conducted prior to school each morning

Young Rembrandts winter session: WCASD-Greystone color Winter 22.pdf

I want to wish you and your family the Happiest of Holidays!


Kevin Fagan, Principal

4th and 5th grade track meet this spring

December 17, 2021

Good morning families of 4th and 5th grade Grizzlies,

We are excited to share that the 4th and 5th District-Wide Track Meet is back! Our students will enjoy a day at the WCU track in a friendly competition against other WCASD elementary schools. WE WILL NEED YOUR HELP! The success of the track meet rests heavily on the parent volunteers. YOU WILL NEED YOUR CLEARANCES. You can visit this link on the district website for information for information about obtaining your clearances. We suggest you put in for your clearances now, as they do sometimes take a bit of time to process.

Save the Date to attend as a parent volunteer. More information will come later with specific times.

May 18, 2022 (rain date – 5/20): East Goshen, Hillsdale, Penn Wood, Glen Acres, and Westtown-Thornbury

May 19, 2022 (rain date – 5/23): East Bradford, Greystone, Starkweather, Exton, Fern Hill, Mary C. Howse


Kevin Fagan

December 17, 2021

Good Morning Greystone ES Families,

I’m writing to ask for everyone’s assistance with something.

It is important that students are kept home when they demonstrate COVID symptoms. Over the past several weeks, we’ve seen an increase in the number of students coming to school with symptoms. In the event those students subsequently test positive for COVID, contact tracing and quarantine are required, as per the Chester County Health Department. Quarantining students is no small matter. It means a loss of in-school time and can impact those families in significant ways. We need to work together to diminish close contacts, and we can better do that if we are conducting the student health screening each day at home prior to sending students to school. I’ve attached that screening here again in case you need it.

As a reminder: all families are allotted 15 parent absences, but doctor’s note-absences do not count against that allotment. If you need to keep your child home because he/she is exhibiting COVID symptoms, you can inform us via the Pickup Patrol app. If you like, you can also email your child’s teacher and our nurse, Ms. McCulloch.

The health and safety of our students and staff is our first priority. Thank you for your help in this endeavor.

Trimester One report cards will be available today on Parent Portal. I imagine by now you are familiar with accessing parent portal, but if you are not, here’s a link to the instructions: If you forgot your password, please access the “forgot password” link. Once you have accessed the portal, see the left-hand side for the icon titled “Reports.” That’s where you’ll find the report card.

I hope everyone has a great weekend. We have a shortened week next week, as we head into winter break!


Kevin Fagan

December 14, 2021

Good Morning Greystone Elementary School Families! I hope that you are and your family are doing well. I have several items for you today, including: a health reminder from our nurse, winter after school sports information, and report card reminder.

December evacuation drill today: We’ll hold our monthly evacuation drill today.

Update from our nurse, Ms. McCulloch: Parents – Please continue to keep your child home when they are sick. Please keep them home until they are fever free and symptom free for 24 hours prior to returning to school. A negative COVID test (Rapid or PCR) or a doctor’s note with an alternative diagnosis will be required before they return. If you have any questions, please contact our School Nurse, Jenn McCulloch at

Winter After School Sports: “My name is Mr. Altland, and I am currently a 5th grade teacher at Greystone. I am excited to let you know that the Winter After School Sports program will be starting in January. This winter, students participating in the after-school sports club will be learning how to play volleyball. If your child is interested in playing please complete this google form ( ) by Friday, December 31. Space is limited. Parents of students participating in our Winter Volley Ball league will be contacted by Friday, January 7th. If you have questions please send me an email at After School Sports.pdf

Report cards will be accessible in Parent Portal this Friday afternoon. If you have specific questions about your student’s grades, please contact his/her teacher directly.

Winter break is nearly here and keep in mind that there is no school on Friday, December 24.


Kevin Fagan

December 7, 2021

December 7, 2021

Good Afternoon Greystone Elementary School Families,

I hope this email finds you well. I have several items for you today, including information about reports cards, holiday gifts for Greystone families, GES spirit wear, and Grizzly Bucks.

  1. Report cards: Please look for a separate correspondence from me soon that will help clarify our report card process.
  2. Holiday gifts for GES Families: If you participated in our holiday Giving Tree, please deliver your unwrapped gifts and gift cards to the main office by Monday. Thank you to everyone who participated in this!
  3. GES Spirit wear: Orders are in! If you ordered spirit wear recently, it’ll be sent home with your child, unless you identified that order as a gift, in which case you’ll need to come to school to pick it up. Any questions, email Gina at
  4. Grizzly Bucks: At home, you may hear talk of “Grizzly Bucks.” Greystone is in the midst of becoming a Pennsylvania PBIS-certified school. PBIS stands for Positive Behavioral Intervention and Supports. Since the summer, our staff has been working on implementing this program and beginning our three-year journey toward full program implementation. Our overall focus is building a sense of belonging for all students at Greystone ES. Recently, we implemented the incentives element of our plan. That phase is based on a Matrix of behavior expectations that we have for all students. Those students whose actions demonstrate Safe, Respectful, Responsible, or Kind behavior can earn Grizzly Bucks, which are then accumulated as a classroom to earn rewards. The students get really into it!

That’s it for now. I look forward to seeing our orchestra and chorus families at next week’s Winter Concert!

Be well,

Kevin Fagan

December 2, 2021

December 2, 2021

Good Morning Greystone Elementary School Families,

I hope that everyone had a great Thanksgiving Break. In just a few weeks, we’ll have winter break (the winter weather sure was anxious to get here!). I have several items for you today.

  1. Parent conferences last week were a big success! We had a great turnout and the teachers appreciated the opportunity to talk with so many parents.
  2. End of the first trimester is this Friday and parents will be able to see grades in Parent Portal on December 17. I previously shared information about report cards and that can be found on our newsletter, along with lots of other helpful information:
  3. Greystone ES is on Twitter. Check our highlights and follow us if you like: @GreystoneES.
  4. Our Winter Music Concert is December 15th at 7:00 PM. Those students performing in the concert will invite their families to come enjoy, and we are creating an opportunity for all of our students to see a preview during the school day as well.
  5. Holiday parties are December 23. HR teachers will reach out to HR parents for support as needed.
  6. Gaga Pit: Mr. Miller has been providing a tutorial to each class this week so that everyone is on the same page with respect to the rules. We anticipate opening the Pit to students on Friday.
  7. Monkey Fish Toys fundraiser: If you are still looking for holiday gift ideas, shop Monkey Fish Toys Dec 4-10th and families will get a 10% discount and Greystone PTO will earn 10% on all purchases. You must mention Greystone or show the flyer in store and use the code listed for online purchases. 10 10 FLYER 2021 GREYSTONE ELEMENTARY .pdf.
  8. Interested in volunteering for lunch or recess? There are plenty of openings. Access this link to sign up:
  9. Aunt Annie’s pretzels: Interested in ordering Auntie Anne’s soft pretzels, sponsored through our PTO? There’s still time, but orders are due Friday. To place an order, use this link: Questions, email
  10. Family night out: Help support Greystone Elementary and enjoy a delicious meal during out next Family Night Out Event!

Join us at Meatball U on December 8th!

15% of ALL food sales for the ENTIRE DAY (11am-9pm) will be donated to Greystone, including sales not generated by our school community!

Includes eat in or take-out orders.

This will be a great fundraiser for our school!

Located at 30 S High Street

11. Playground update: As of today, we are still expecting a winter installation of our playground. I'll continue to keep everyone posted.

12. Greystone is closed on Friday, December 24 till January 3 for winter break.

That's all for now.

Take care, Kevin Fagan

Greystone Staff Visits the Building for the First Time!

On Tuesday, May 18, the newly-assembled Greystone Elementary Staff had the opportunity to visit the site together for the first time. We had a tour of the building and took a quick pic together. The staff at Greystone is unique, consisting of staff from all 16 schools in our district. That construct was intentional, and their experience and perspective will be an asset for our students. We are very excited to kick off our first school year in August!
Big picture
Big picture


Hello Greystone Elementary Families,

Thank you for attending last month's meeting. It was a pleasure seeing all of your faces! We look forward to embarking on our adventure at our new school with all of you. Attached are the April meeting minutes.

We have over 35 potential committee opportunities for you to make an impact. Please refer to the committee descriptions and sign up on the Google form today.

Committee Descriptions

Greystone Elementary PTO Executive Board Descriptions

Google Committee Form:

If you are interested in becoming a member of our board please fill out the application below. Elections will take place at our May 4th meeting.

Google Board Application Form:

Don’t forget to join our FB page!

Greystone Elementary PTO

We look forward to working with all of you!


The Greystone PTO

GES Construction Video Archive

I'll update you once a month so that you can see the progress of our new school. The videos are arranged chronologically, with the most recent first.
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