Should You Do It?

Get Your Kids Vaccinated

Should you get your kids vaccinated? The answer is simple. Yes. Most people do agree that, "Yes, you should get your kids vaccinated." "Much of the debate in recent weeks has been about getting more children immunized. But now, there is talk about whether adults in schools should be checked as well. (Xia)" Children and adults should get vaccinated. Vaccines are important because it prevents so many diseases like the biggest one, Measles. "As long as this highly infectious disease is a threat in many places around the world, it remains a threat to all of us. (Gay)" Vaccines can prevent this disease for good. "The national measles outbreak that began two months ago at Disneyland has showed another side of the highly infectious disease--that it is a danger to people of all ages. (Xia)" These vaccinations do help to eradicate these contagious diseases easily. Considering that there has been a recent outbreak in measles, you should get your kid vaccinated. However, there are a select few that don't believe in this.

Other Reasons To Vaccinate

"Measles was once considered a childhood illness. (Xia)" Since the recent outbreak of Measles, doctor's were surprised about the patients they received. "Some health officials are surprised that so many of the patients are adults. (Xia)" This means that, not just your kids need to get vaccinated. You do too. Kids may be more prone to spread disease, but you are just as vulnerable now that it has been spread at a place that every age is at and that some parents believe that vaccinating is related to Autism (Which is not true). "Measles anywhere is measles everywhere, including the United States. An investment in global immunization can help prevent future importations of the virus and--even more significant--can help ensure that no child or adult anywhere dies of a preventable disease like measles. (Gay)" You should get yourself and your kids vaccinated immediately.
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The Other Side

There are of course some people that think vaccines are wrong. They have a few reasons why they believe this. One is that a child may have a disease that causes them to have too weak of an immune system that cause them to not be able to get vaccinated. "Vaccine risks are different for each child because we are not all the same, and doctors cannot predict which child will be harmed. (Perry)" That is probably the best reason. Another reason is that some families choose a religion where they don't believe in medicine, including vaccines. "Let parents make informed choices. (Perry)" The last reason is that some parents believe that vaccines are related to Autism (which is not correct.) "To a small group of parents, he’s a hero who won’t back down from his assertion that the measles, mumps and rubella (MMR) vaccine can cause autism. (Ziv)" That is the opposing side of what I believe.