The Vietnam War.

The war, and it's global impact.

Before the war.

What started the war in Vietnam was the repercussions of the Cold War. Before World War 2, Vietnam had apart of the French Empire. Then, during the war, Vietnam was overrun by the Japanese. Eventually after the Japanese retreated, Vietnam finally decided to establish its own government lead by Ho Chi Minh. Unfortunately, at the end of WW2, the Allies gave back south Vietnam to the French while the north was left to the Chinese.
The Chinese treated the citizens of North Vietnam very badly, causing support for Ho Chi Minh to rise. After the Chinese left North Vietnam, the political party of Ho Chi Minh took over the north. The world powers then got together to discuss what the should do about Vietnam. They proposed that they should split Vietnam in half with the 17th parallel. They were going to have an election, on who would run all of Vietnam later on but, that is when the war started to break out and no election could be held.

During the war.

The war started on November 1st 1955 and lasted until April 30th 1975. It was North Vietnam (Viet Cong) against South Vietnam and the United States. More than 3 million people were killed in the Vietnam war.
During the war, there were major protests in America. Many people were burning draft cards, or disrespecting soldiers when they arrived home. It all started on college campus's, kids who didn't want anymore fighting in Vietnam.
President Kennedy was also assassinated during this time period.
Many U.S. people were being drafted, and that caused more and more protests. Much money went into funding the war and it was a very busy and stressful time.