Math and Science Night

March 7th, 5:15- 7:45

Join us for an exciting night dedicated to adventures in math, science and engineering. We will have the Reptile Man with his amazing creatures, engineering and building challenges, science experiments, and fun math games. It's a fantastic evening for the whole family! This event is put on by our amazing parents. Please consider volunteering.


5:15- 7:00 Dinner in the Gymnasium, purchase food before or in between activities

5:30 The Reptile Man -- 1st show -- Auditorium

6:45 The Reptile Man -- 2nd show-- Auditorium

Rm 8: Dental Health... Rotten teeth

Rm 9: Math Games

Rm 10: Better than a Paper Airplane

Rm11: Be an Engineer: Engineering Challenges

Rm12: Science Experiments