Take a Peek Into Room 404

Week of January 13, 2013

Reading Benchmark

Please know that on Tuesday, all fourth graders will be participating in a reading benchmark test. This test will be formatted similarly to the state test we will take in April (STAAR). We hope that we can get some good data to continue to drive our instruction up until the test. It always helps to know what we are good at and what we need work on.

Make sure your child gets a good breakfast and has a pretty normal routine that morning if possible. This helps them be most prepared to think!

We want to keep it a low-stress as possible, but of course, encourage the students to always do their best. Thanks for your support!

Reader's Workshop

In reader's workshop this week we continue to work with non-fiction texts. We will focus on narrative non-fiction. This is an information book that is written in narrative format (like a story, in a sequence of events). Exploring this new genre should be fun!

Please remember that homework must be completed with a non-fiction text all week!

Writer's Workshop

In writer's workshop we will continue trying our hand at writing poetry! This week we will use items for inspiration. I hope you received the note sent home last Friday asking every student to bring a special item from home. These items will be used as inspiration for poetry. Your student will bring the item home when they are finished using it (probably by the end of the week or so).

I can't wait to see how they come up with imagery poems inspired by their objects. We will also learn how to incorporate similes, metaphors and personification to make our poems even stronger.

Important Information

  • Symphony field trip... it was great!
  • Chess/Scrabble at 2:30


  • Reading Benchmark for all of fourth grade


  • Dress up Dollar Day: Crazy hat and hair-Bring a dollar if you dress up. It will be donated to the PC scholarship fund.


  • UIL participants compete off campus

Next Monday, January 20th, is a holiday... enjoy!