Southern Colonies

Virginia, Maryland, North Carolina, South Carolina, Georgia


Virginia is the first permanent colony in the new world. It was founded in 1607. Virginia was originally a corporate colony which means that private investors funded the voyage. Later, after John Rolfe discovered tobacco grows well in Virginia the king stripped it from the investors and pronounces it as Royal Colony. Virginia was the first to have a form of government in the new world. Their government was a representative democracy.


Maryland was created by Lord Baltimore in 1634. It was given to him as a payment of debt from the king. This was known as a proprietary colony. Maryland was a tolerant colony of all christian religions. As a result many Catholics migrated to Maryland. Maryland's cash crop was tobacco.

North Carolina

North Carolina was the first attempt in forming a colony in the new world. It was formed in 1653. This colony was also a proprietary colony. At first North and South Carolina was one colony then later broke off. The religious group was the Anglicans. It's major "cash crops" was Naval Store which is tar from the inside of pine trees.

South Carolina

South Carolina was formed in 1653 but broke off from North Carolina approximately 10 years later. They felt as if they were supporting North Carolina. It was also a proprietary colony. It's major cash crops is rice and indigo. Its established religion is Anglican.


Georgia was established 125 years after Jamestown. It was a penitentiary colony. James Oglethorpe suggested to the king that debtors should be sent there to work in the plantations. Its major crop was rice and latter cotton. It's established religion was Anglican.