New Parent Newsletter Assignment

Maddie Ennis

Newborn Appearance

During birth, pressure is put onto the baby and causes the eyes to be temporarily swollen when it comes out. Your baby is going to be covered with a downy cover called lanugo, but it will go away within a couple of weeks. If you didn't have a C-section , then your baby is going to have a flat nose and a deformed head, these chacteristics will soon go away in a couple of weeks.

Bonding With Your Baby

There are so many ways to bond with your baby, creating that bond can help your baby grow and development. Here are some ways to bond with your baby...

  1. Taking a bath
  2. Reading to them
  3. Playing toys with them
  4. Rocking them to sleep
  5. Singing to them
  6. Feeding them

Appropriate Toys for Infants

A toy for an infant has to be produced of durable materials, tightly constructed, non toxic, rounded ages, and have no cords less than 12 inches. They should be colorful and age appropriate, so don't give them any thing small that they could choke on. Here are some examples...

  1. Rattle
  2. Teddy bear
  3. Blocks
  4. Plush books
  5. Toy mirror
  6. Toy lawn mower

Breast Feeding vs. Bottle Feeding

Breast feeding helps the baby in many good ways. It provides natural immunities that help the baby fight illnesses, and is a little easier to swallow. It's also good for the mom, such as reduce the risk of diabetes and breast cancer. Breast feeding is also an amazing bonding moment for the mom and child.

Bottle feeding is good because it allows others to feed the baby, creating bonds with the baby. But unlike breast feeding, it's expensive. It's pretty time consuming too, you have to clean and starilize the bottles before feeding them.

First Foods

The first real foods that should be introduced to your baby within the first 3 months, cereals that provide iron and b vitamins. In between 3-4 months you can now introduce hard cooked egg yolks. Month 4, puréed fruit and vegetables, in 7 months you baby is now able to eat small cut up breads and pastas. Later on they are going to eat strained and chopped adult foods.

Characteristics of a Healthy Baby

  • Sleeps soundly
  • Eats without coaxing
  • Gains weight steadily over the months
  • Teeth are in good condition
  • Few aches and pains
  • Enjoys both individual and group activities
  • Alert and active , and interested in what's happening

SIDS Prevention

To prevent SIDS from happening, then put your baby on its back when you put them to sleep. Do not have any pillows, blankets, or toys with them in the bed, doing so can increase the risk of the baby getting smothered.