Wildcats Weekly

Week of 2/8


The annual Mills Madness fundraiser is just around he corner! If you attend Mills Madness night, you will be able to purchase a raffle ticket. Each team is responsible for filling and donating a basket that will be a for the raffle. Our Wildcats team has been assigned the 'Starbucks Basket'! Please help us fill our basket by donating something non-perishable from Starbucks. You may bring your donation to your homeroom teacher. All proceeds will go towards support MPMS PTSA. MPMS thanks you!


The scores for the Case21 Benchmarks in Language Arts and Math will be posted on PowerSchool. This is not a part of the student's grade in their class, but is posted for your information. Scores range from a 1- to a 5+. Students that scored a 3 or below may be working in an intervention group during working lunch or leopard time during the 2nd semester to improve comprehension of the 7th grade curriculum.


Next week, we will be creating commercials for the shelters that were created in science. Through these advertisements, we are practicing different types of persuasion strategies.

Our next unit is called "Waves of Change." We will be focusing on the Civil Rights Movement. A permission slip was sent home with the students earlier this week. Please sign and return these as soon as possible. Please email me if you are unable to purchase the novel (eeddy@wcpss.net).

1st, 2nd, and 7th Period: This weekend, students should spend some time working on their survival backpacks for their advertisements.

6th Period: There will be a test on The Giver on Tuesday, February 9th.


We are currently learning how to find percent of a number, and how to calculator discounts and markups when buying and selling. Next week will explore paying taxes, how to tip for goods or services, and why we sometimes need to pay a commission on something that is purchased.

The mid unit quiz for Unit 6 will be on Wednesday 2/10. To prepare, students should practice how to convert between a fraction, decimal, and percent, find the percent of a number, and compute tax, tip, discount, markup, and commission.


Next week we will be finishing up our unit on Probability with a Punnett Square mini project. Each student will create a person based off a genotype and phenotype of their choice. They will explore how their person's genotype and phenotype are passed on to their offspring using Area Models (or Punnett Sqaures, as Ms. Williams would call them).

The test for Unit 6: Probability will be on Thursday 2/11. A study guide will be given on out Friday 2/5 to prepare.


This week we are learning about microscopic life and protists. Students are creating a Protist comic strip to showcase their knowledge on the characteristics of life. We will be looking at drops of pond water under the microscope to see unicellular organisms on Friday. Next week we will begin learning about animal and plant cell parts and organelles. There will be a Protist and Cell Theory quiz next Friday.


This week we will focus on the period between World War I and World War II. We will be focusing on the Great Depression and how the leaders of World War II came to power.