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April 1 - April 13

Our Next Week...

Monday, April 1

Mya’s Coaching Day

Spike Visits 3rd-5th Grade Students!

Mya to attend iStation - TTMath Briefing (3:30pm-5:00pm)

Tuesday, April 2

STAAR Testing (Closed Campus)

  • 4th Grade Writing Day 1
  • 5th Grade Math

Wednesday, April 3

STAAR Testing (Closed Campus)

  • 4th Grade Writing Day 2
  • 5th Reading
Happy Birthday Julie Hudson!

    Thursday, April 4

    ARD Mtgs. (see separate schedule)

    STAAR Testing (Make-ups)

    SAC Mtg (Here at OTE!) 4:30pm

    Friday, April 5

    CAT Mtg 8:50am

    SST Grade 5

    STAAR Testing (Make-ups)

    Sunday, April 7

    Happy Birthday Eddy Piwetz!

    Why Do We Fall - Motivational Video

    Out & About...

    Star Gazing...

    Congratulations to Andrea Rummel, star Kindergarten teacher ...our STAR Teacher of the Week! We appreciate all you do for your students and our learning community! You are entitled to a five-day jeans pass and an opportunity to park in the space designated all next week! Thank you for all you do for our Star Texan community, Andrea!

    Congratulations to our Shining Star Staff:

    S- Ann Barlow

    T- Kelly Dorman

    A- Our amazing Custodians

    R- Leslie Long

    The Star Wand went to 4th grade for their amazing work in preparing their students for 5th grade and making Camp Write-A-Lot such a memorable learning experience for our star Texans!

    HUGE APPRECIATIONS to Minor, Kelly and Angela for all of your hard work and preparation for our both TELPAS and our 4th and 5th grade STAAR administrations next week!

    Thank each of you so much for your dedication, service and commitment to helping each of our students achieve academic success! You truly embody the district's motto of "Every student will learn...whatever it takes!" You are amazing!!!

    Remember to appreciate someone today!

    Hope you take time to do something for you this weekend! See you Monday!

    "The greatest sign of a success for a teacher...is to be able to say, "The children are now working as if I did not exist." -- Maria Montessori

    Enrichment Tips of the Week...

    If your students need an extra challenge or have passed the pretest/topic, have them create the next Power Math or daily math. Print out the template to have them create the questions on it. Then have them solve each question for the key. Last, put the template in their folder. They can type their questions on it. Last, use it as your next Power Math or put it in your challenge box. The student can grade it and help those who need it.


    Tech Tools...

    Check Out...


    Give voice to your presentations without having to record it! This program will create the audio from your typed information!

    Great article about ability grouping...


    Professional Library: Resource of the Week!

    The Week After...

    Monday, April 8

    Mya’s Coaching Day

    Happy Birthday Annie Durham!

    Tuesday, April 9

    Minor’s Coaching Day

    Progress reports due to go home

    PTA- Faculty Luncheon

    Mya off campus for Principal’s Mtg

    Wednesday, April 10

    Mya's Coaching Day

    5th grade Outdoor School Field Trip

    Thursday, April 11

    ARD Mtg. (see separate schedule)

    5th grade Outdoor School Field Trip

    Fire drill 8:15am

    SLT Mtg 3:00pm

    Friday, April 12

    CAT Mtg 8:50am

    RRISD 100 Year Celebration Parade 8:30am!

    Saturday, April 13

    Empty Bowl Festival @ Cedar Ridge HS 11:00-2:00

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    Old Town will be a positive place that challenges all students to achieve success through learning opportunities that promote critical, creative, and global thinking within a climate of mutual respect and high expectations.