Kitchen Design Trends in 2017

Kitchen Cabinets, Counter Top Design, Flooring Trends

Kitchen Remodeling Trends in 2017

The kitchen is the heart of the home. No matter what type of an event you have going on in your home, people always seem to flock to the kitchen. It is important that your kitchen look its absolute best. If you are an avid cook or love to cook for people and entertain, you also might want to have the best of the best when it comes to your kitchen so you can cook all of your food to perfection, try out a few new recipes, and serve as a professional. Whether you are doing a complete re-haul of your kitchen or you are building a brand new house with a brand new kitchen, below are a few things you should consider in terms of kitchen trends for 2017. If you you are ready to design a fabulous kitchen or you would like to consult with a kitchen design expert about the latest trends in kitchen design you should contact a top kitchen remodeling contractor. A contractor who specializes in kitchen design will be able to answer all of your questions.

The Kitchen is The Heart of The Home

Kitchen Design Trends for The Modern Woman

Redesign Cabinets; Add More Space

Kitchen Cabinet Trends

When it comes to kitchen cabinets, not much has really changed as much as the other parts of a kitchen – flooring for example, seems to change once a year! While most kitchen trends seem to go away and change after a few years, cabinets usually tend to stay about the same in terms of a few different designs that are popular. So here are the picks for the 2017 cabinet trends:

1- Personalized Cabinets: Trends are important. Especially if you plan to sell your home. But if you plan to live in it for a few years, what really IS important is that it fits your needs and wants. Over time, more and more kitchen cabinet companies have come up with various designs, colors and styles to fit your style. As a result, even people that can afford custom cabinets are brushing past them and instead going for the personalized look. These personalized options are more affordable, and yet still user-friendly in terms of design and custom options.

2- Shaker Style Cabinets: Classic black and white shaker cabinets are still in style, but certain variations have come into play as well. One of the first things you want to start with when it comes to a shaker style cabinet is quality wood. Because of the simple design, you need the wood or other material to do all the talking or else the cabinets just fade into the background and become quite boring.

3- White, Gray and Neutral Colored Cabinets: Neutral colors are important for a few different reasons. First off, they add a sense of warmth and earthiness to the room. Secondly, they allow you access to bring in other colors such as bolder or brighter colors. These neutral colors are becoming more and more popular and are especially popular this year in 2017, just ask any company that offers kitchen remodeling.

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Add a Kitchen Island!

Kitchen Island Trends

Kitchen islands are definitely in and they are trending in all sorts of materials, but wood in general seems to be the most popular material these days, so its no surprise that wood islands are trending now too.

1- Playful and Bright: This island has a wood base that is the usual rectangular shape, but then the top features an angled edge. Its very playful and fun, add in some bold paint like ocean blue to the base and white wooden stools, and you have a very playful and bright island to add to any kitchen.

2- Modern Touch: If playful isn’t what you are going for and you want something more modern and more refined, this is the one kitchen island for you. It uses a long hardwood kitchen island with hanging hooks underneath for hanging pots and pans. The wood itself is stained dark caramel brown that gives it the look of a high class pub. Add in your usual stainless steel fridge, exhaust, microwave and stove.

3- End Cap Recycled Materials: If you want a sort of artsy kitchen with a lot of feature plates in various patterns and designs, this is going to be a good island for you. It uses a plain white shaker style cabinet island with a granite top. The end caps also have broken up old colorful and artsy plates that have been glued to the sides, and then a finish goes over that to add extra durability.

4- Hand Carved Creations: Many sites online offer custom projects using wood and other materials. You can get a professional wood cutter and creator to cut a custom base for you and then a top for you. One idea is to use cherry wood which ultra strong, paint the base white and then the top and sides can be stained a natural tone to let the cherry wood shine.

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Counter Tops Come in Many Designs

Kitchen Counter top Trends

Over the last few years all sorts of materials have been trending, from marble and granite, to quartz and cement. So what is the popular trend for 2017? Two materials are trending right now:

1- Quartz: Quartz is a non-porous material, but it's also resistant to heat and stains, as well as scratches. It's a superb option for every household; single cooks, busy cooks, smart families and more. Quartz comes in a broad range of colors so surely you can find one that fits your style. The biggest negative to a material like this is that it is incredibly heavy which means this cannot be a do it yourself project. You will need to hire someone to come in and do the installation for you, which also adds on an extra cost for the installation.

2- Wood counters: When you think of wood in a kitchen, you tend to think about cabinets and flooring, but in 2017, wood counters are becoming incredibly popular – not just as wood blocks in one section of the counter, but for entire counter spaces. Wood is a cool option because depending on the style, type and color (stain) you can evoke all sorts of feels out of it; nostalgic, antiqued, whimsy, homey, even modern.

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A Backsplash Adds Elegance

Kitchen Back Splash Design Trends

Over the past 10 years, back splashes have become so much more than just an easy material to clean up. They have become focus points, accent walls, a way to brighten a kitchen up and add more color and layer to the space. If you've always wanted to do a back splash in your kitchen but couldn't come up with any ideas from scratch, here are a few to consider:

1- Recycled Glass Tiles: Recycled glass comes in all sorts of shapes and colors, but one option is to use earthy colors like greens and browns. This is especially good if you have other earthy tones in your kitchen like a tan counter top, mossy green cabinets or stainless steel and black appliances.

2- Tile Patterns: If the recycled glass doesn't sound right to you, another trend is patterned tiles. For example Grecian or Cuban Style themed tiles. You can use these for more than just behind the stove and sink, but also on the entire wall to add a certain sense of style.

3- Shimmering Tiles: If you have a smaller kitchen you can use smaller subway tiles that are shiny to help open the space up and keep it from feeling too boxed in and confined. These create a reflection in the room and make it seem larger.

4- Island Kitchen: If you live in the tropics, and you have a lot of greens, whites and blues in your kitchen like a wooden blue island with a white quartz top, white cabinets with glass door windows and blue backgrounds, you can also add those blues and greens to your back splash by using sea glass in a mini arabesque pattern.

5- Quilted Metal Back splash: if you think that back splashes are only made from tile or glass, you are wrong. They also come in cork, wood, and yes metal. This quilted metal pattern is cool, it’s reflective, and it can be used in a modern or transitional kitchen. It goes especially well with white cabinets and stainless steel appliances.

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Choose The Perfect Floor!

Kitchen Flooring Trends

Kitchen flooring depends on you, are you planning to be in the kitchen cooking a lot? If so, then you want something durable, easy to clean and easy to stand on. If you aren’t going to use it a lot and its all for show, you can use something that's pretty, but not necessarily “durable” regarding use and abuse. Below, are a few options for both types of people.

1- Wood Flooring: If you have a kitchen for show but you don't really use it, wood floors are fantastic and they are really “in” right now in terms of materials for flooring. Preferences are leaning more towards dark stains and hardwood, but gray tones are also becoming popular as well. If you want larger planks, look at hickory, cherry and walnut.

2- Bamboo: Bamboo an all for show material bit it is becoming very popular in kitchen flooring. It’s not a good choice for people that use their kitchen a lot though because like with regular wood, these floors don't do too well with moisture. Bamboo also comes in a variety of colors and styles to suit your decor style.

3- Large Format Tile: Tile is and probably always will be popular in kitchens, but large format tiles in the bathroom and kitchen are becoming super popular in 2017, just ask any home remodeling contractor. While these look fantastic, it also means the bigger the tiles, the fewer grout lines you have to clean! You will need someone to come in and install these for you since they can be pretty heavy. By the way, even though tile is used often in the kitchen, it should be noted that it can be fragile regarding dropping dishes or pots on them – they will break!

4- Luxury Vinyl: This super sexy material is not what it used to be. When most people think of vinyl, they think of that crappy peel and stick stuff. This is not that! This combines the look of hardwood, with the ease and durability of vinyl which makes it a perfect addition to busy cooks and people that love to cook! These are also pretty comfortable on your feet, knees, and back, a definite plus!

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Kitchen Range Hoods

In previous years wood range hoods were all the rage, but in 2017 the new popular material of choice is metal! Metal offers a more dominant role in the kitchen and can provide aesthetics that sometimes wood just can’t do on its own. If you like the look of wood, though, you can find wood and metal combination hoods available in some stores as well as at custom hood shops. Metal can introduce a pop of contrast in your kitchen!

Color Clad Appliances and Accessories

Other things that are making a big comeback and give a nod to the 60s modern style are appliances and other features in colors. For example, in 2017 popular color options include color sinks, color back splashes, even accent cabinets. Even tile flooring can be bold, like bright blue with black cabinetry or red sinks with wooden counter tops. It adds a certain sense of energy throughout the room and makes it feel more modern.

After reading this, hopefully, you have a few ideas rolling around your head now that you can incorporate into your kitchen. Just remember to use the materials that you need for your specific needs. As mentioned above earlier, wood is not exactly the best option for people that use their kitchens a lot, but it sure is pretty for show! So use the materials that you need or see fit for whatever you plan on using your kitchen for. And remember, trends will come and go, but it’s always important to create a comfortable, peaceful, functional space for yourself – no matter what is “in” these days.