Touching Spirit Bear

By: Fankie Koenig

Read Touching Spirit bear

This story is truly touching. You will never want to stop reading it when you finally decide to set the book down it will leave you on a cliff hanger. A boy who starts of as a average teenage boy with major anger issues who grows throughout the book. I loved this book!


The climax is when Cole tries to kill the bear. This is because Cole was angry at the bear because it wasn't scared of him so he tried tried to kill the bear when actually the bear almost killed him.

The main characters

Guarenteed to leave you on the edge of your seat

Frequent complaints

The most complaints about this book is the ending. It is more of a cliff hanger than the rest of the book. Though it leaves of on a good note they never say what happens after they get off the island. Yet there is another book they still could've given you more information for the next book.