The California Herald

By Melody S.


Interview with Jenna Angeline Fox

PT: When you first woke from your coma, did you know what your parents had did to you?

Jenna: Oh, no. Gosh, I thought I was just any other person who had had brain surgery or something.

PT: How did you feel when you first found out?

Jenna: I was mad. Like mad, mad. I felt like all of the sudden, I went from a regular teenager to an uploaded, artificial, lab pet. I didn't feel like a human anymore. I was like, all, freakish. You know what I mean.

PT: What did you miss most about your old life?

Jenna: Mostly Kara and Locke, but Kayla has helped me get over that.

PT: What happened to Kara and Locke? Did they have brain scans like you?

Jenna: Oh, yeah. They had scans, but my parents didn't rebuild their bodies, so they were kept in a limbo. I freed them from that by destroying the environment.

PT: What do you think was your parents biggest mistake? Do you think they made one?

Jenna: I think that their biggest mistake was not telling me. I mean, if you do something to someone, you've got to tell them.


Locke Jenkins

Locke Jenkins died at the age of 16 years. He died from a tragic car accident that took also the life of Kara Manning and almost took that of Jenna Fox.

Kara Manning

Kara Manning, age 17, died a car accident. She had received severe head trauma and died three weeks after the accident when her parents removed life support.

National News

FSEB Changes Laws on Conservation of Human Life

Recently, due to the reports and life of Jenna A. Fox, FSEB has changed many laws. Around the country, people are now able to reproduce their bodies with only 10% of them (called the butterfly) left to sustain them. When asked, the leader of the FSEB board of directors said, "I'm only doing this for the lives of our people, so our geniuses can live on to tell us all what their work is." Currently, they are working on Albert Einstein and recreating him so he could tell us all what we can do.


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